I Forgot The Title Again: I need to remember to type this out before I hit publish goshdarnit

I almost went TWO WHOLE DAYS without updating y’all on this blog. How horrible!

Anyways, happy new year folks! 2016, at long last, is finally dead. Let’s just hope 2017 is somewhat better…

At any rate, my New Year’s Eve wasn’t terribly exciting. I played some Monopoly Deal, ate some “triple-threat” brownies, and finished an anime. I did come on voice chat on the PHC for a little bit around midnight though. Sidenote, I stayed in bed until after noon today. I think the rest of my family members’ New Years Eves were a little more exciting – my brother was in Palm Springs with our cousin and grandparents, my mom and dad both got a little buzzed, and my sister woke up to find a classmate of hers drunk texted a nude to a group chat. (She deleted it.) Fun times.

Uh, New Years Resolutions! That’s a thing people do, right? Haven’t really made an official list before, so now you can dangle these over my head in the future when I inevitably fail them.

  • Do more Wii Fit Plus / try and be active at some point daily.
  • Be able to do a jackknife, or a push-up, or some other exercise I can’t properly do at the moment.
  • Do well in school.
  • Eat less sweets.
  • Make some friends.
  • Catch up on my various shows.
  • Draw more.
  • Write more.
  • Smile more.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Be nicer.
  • Play the new Pokémon games.
  • Clean out my closet.
  • Play more Poptropica.

And one more secret one for myself alone to know 👀.

I think that’s about it for today? I’m. I’m very bad at keeping a schedule for this blog, aren’t I? Hah. Uh, so tomorrow I’m seeing Moana? Guess I can talk about that. Maybe I’ll start playing Pokémon eventually soon probably, and also start going through Journal 3 again. And I’m going to Disneyland this Saturday (school? why should I have to go to that) so there’s that. And I also still need to teach y’all K/Cabo(o) some time!

Oh, last thing! PHB did a recap thing-a-ma-doohicker, and I got a nice little tribute!

There are only two words to describe Ylime as an author overall: simple & cool. Her nickname may be tricky to pronounce (ee-lime; ye-lime?), but that doesn’t matter. Ylimegirl has made a decent legacy for herself, and besides blogging, she is known for standing up for what she believes in and even making it humorous at times. She is always on the PHC ready to chat, and is now blogging on her own site.

Thanks Slip (and whoever else inevitably contributed to the post), I appreciate it! And if you ever need a pronunciation guide for my nickname, I have the most basic and simple one right over here on my Gravatar! Makes perfect sense, right?

Uh, see you tomorrow when I’ll probably review Moana!



Author: Ylimegirl

Heyo, I'm Ylime/Emily, a wiki-editor and ex-author for the PHB. I enjoy watching cartoons and playing Pokéfarm Q, among other things. How to pronounce Ylime: • /i.laɪm/ (ee-lime): My preference • /waɪ.laɪm/ (why-lime): UiPE's, SF, and PC's preference • /i.lɪm.i/ (ee-lim-ee): BT's preference • /jʌ.laɪm/ (yuh-lime): Andrew's preference • /jʌ.laɪm.i/ (yuh-lime-ee): Lucky Joker's preference • /i.lɪm.ɛ/ (ee-lim-eh): True backwards™ • /waɪ ɛl aɪ ɛm i/ (why el aye em ee): True pronounciation™ • /jaɪm.li/ (yime-lee): Someone on the PHC's preference • /jɒr.laɪm/ (your-lime): TylerMaster's preference • /jɑː.laɪm/(ya-lime): Ashtonirwin's preference • /laɪm/ (lime): Red Burger's preference; TTS generated • /i.lim/ (ee-leem): Perfect Sky's preference; TTS generated • /aɪ.lɪm/ (aye-lim): TTS generated • /i.lɪm/ (ee-lim): TTS generated • /ɛ.laɪm/ (eh-lime): TTS generated (Maybe more!) I might be a robot. My profile picture is by the lovely Noveen!

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