Review: Harley Quinn – Quit while you’re ahead.

So… Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel. Fan favorite ever since she appeared on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. This last year they announced she was getting her own TV series, and it looked promising. And it was enjoyable for a time! And then suddenly… it wasn’t.

…Well, let’s get into it.

Harley Quinn by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey

Official Rating: TV-MA | Personal Rating: Adult

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Christmas Swag List: What even is boxing day

Yesterday’s post was non-existent and this one is super late. I’m on a roll here!

Anyways, I think most of you can surmise why yesterday’s post didn’t happen, but if you can’t figure it out, the answer is I was too busy celebrating Christmas by waking up at 6 AM, staring at the tree for an hour, going back to sleep, waking up an hour later, opening stockings, having breakfast, opening presents, and playing games with my family for the next few hours until I went off to my grandparents’ house at 4-ish. We stayed there until 10. So it was quite the jam-packed day.

Oh BTW happy Kwanzaa to those of you who celebrate, it starts today, trust me I googled it.

Anyways here’s some HI-LITES from my Christmas:

  • Getting a bunch of Rubik’s cubes
  • Watching my brother get the Ultimate Rickroll as revenge for rickrolling every single family member with his Christmas list (he got a Rick Astley CD)
  • Getting a bunch of DCSHG swag
  • Learning how to play Kaboo (Cabo? Caboo? Kabo? I dunno how to spell it but it’s a card game)
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon
  • Being able to solve the new Rubik’s Cubes
  • Disney Magical World 2
  • Dropping a Rubik’s cube on the concrete outside our grandparents’ house at 10 PM causing us to have to yank out flashlights to find the pieces that came off while it’s freezing and I’m not wearing leggings
  • Gravity Falls Journal 3

Oh and I also got an iPhone. Eh. Need to activate it first, probably before I head off to Disneyland in about two weeks.

And then today’s post is super late because I had to go off to see my grandfather, who lives two hours away. We left at 11 AM and just got back. It’s always kind of awkward talking to him? I never know what to say. At least we were able to dodge all politics, phew.

Read most of Journal 3 on the car ride there. Now I need to decode a bunch of the text in there. I’ll probably work on transcribing it somewhere since that’s the kind of stupid nerdy shiznit I do. I also started playing Disney Magical World 2 on my old cracked-screen 3DS. I have feelings on it; will probably make a quasi-review for tomorrow’s post. BTW I need to buy myself a new 3DS as a Christmas present to myself ASAP. Probably that nice purple space one. It’s a pun for myself to enjoy, also it’s really pretty!

Uh, I don’t think I have much else to say here other than expect some blathering about some of those gifts I got up there in the near future, especially me screaming about Pokémon Sun and Moon eventually. I’m kind of waiting for the future new 3DS to play it on since I don’t want to ruin my experience with this stupid big crack on the screen. Hang on I’m going to take a picture so y’all understand what I’m talking about.

‘Twas a tag-team effort by me and my brother, in case you were wondering. Equal parts our faults. Possibly more so mine.

Yeah, that’s what I have to deal with. Like none of the pixels are dead tho? I think it’s just a crack on the secondary batch of pixels used for 3D effects. I can kind of see the pixels underneath if I look at the screen from an angle. It’s too bad, this is a nice nerdy 3DS that’s got Xerneas and Yveltal on it.

Okay now I really have nothing else to say.

Except for this really nice picture of me looking menacing in a Santa hat.

Someone said I was a villain because of my pink hair. So of COURSE I had to take this.


DC Super Hero Girls: A post that’s me getting really excited over a franchise

Last night, while going through my friend list, I saw something that made me very happy. It was a LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Advertisement! Buckle up kids, since I’m going to be screaming about this for a while today.

Featuring BT, Joshua, Taitoki, Fishy, Slippery, Syd, and my friend who hasn’t played since 2011.

Alright, let’s talk comics and superheroes real quick. Spoiler alert: I really love superheroes. I especially love teenage superheroes. Like, seriously. Most of the cartoons I watch is all superhero stuff. The DCAU is my jam, I’m so pumped for the LEGO Batman movie, and I need more Static Shock in my life. Sidenote: I’ve tried to read some of the comics, but I have mostly no idea where to start since there’s like almost a century of comics, ahahahahah, help.

Alright so I was planning to do a thing where I went through the most popular female characters in comics based off of their category set up, but it turns out they deactivated that for the DC wiki, weak. (Interesting note: why do we have to have subcategories for love interests? It’s almost like the females are just there to… oh. That’s some unfortunate implications.) It’s there on the Marvel wiki though, so I’m gonna real quick go through the top 8 characters there. Let’s see…


So we’ve got Elizabeth Allen, which, according to the first paragraph of her page, her character is that she’s a “love interest”. Nice. Then there’s Daisy Johnson. Pretty sure she’s up there because of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then we’ve got Hope Summers, adoptive daughter of an X-Man, Wanda Wilson, the genderbent version of Deadpool, Raven Darkholme (Mystique), whose page image is a pinup, Doreen Green, whose Squirrel Girl and therefore perfect, Satana Hellstrom, who’s got one heck of a chest window, and Lorna Dane, who seems to exist. At any rate, my point is this: looking at these characters, at least half of them all seem to exist for some sort of male gaze and not for their own merit. I mean, you’re welcome to disagree with me, but there’s absolutely no reason for that picture to be Mystique’s page image. I mean really. If you feel like comparing with the Male Characters category, you get six superheroes, a villain, and some guy.

Hang on, gotta back up this argument more! Time to search google images for “female superhero”.


Alright. Let’s tally it up: five boob shots and ten needlessly pin-upy images. So, if you haven’t gathered by now, the trend seems to be female superheroes tend to be needlessly, erm, “sexy-ified” and tend to be completely useless if you want to actually fight bad guys without having a wardrobe malfunction. Shoutout to those images of Captain Marvel I’m seeing up there though. Dishonorable mention to that image of Power Girl though. I mean, really. Trust me, the next few pages of this don’t get any better.

Alright, let’s take a look at the DC Super Hero Girls. Hey, there’s an image of them in the search! Awesome.


Let’s take a look at the costumes. See any midriffs? Nah. See any boob shots? Nah. Any needlessly tight spandex outfits? Heck nah. Pin-upy poses? No way! See, for so long, boys have had Batman to look up to, and girls have had a woman in an armored bathing suit to look up to (I’m sorry, I mean Wonder Woman. My bad.) Basically, DC Super Hero Girls is a cute new reboot of the series aimed for younger girls, where everyone’s going through hero training in high school, heroes and villains. Notably, Batman and Superman are out of the picture – they graduated years ago. The episodes just consist of them goofing around with powers, and the TV specials that air are based on them fighting villains. All of the characters are so much more than just “oh hey, here’s a girl for the boy to fall in love with”. Not to mention they’re releasing tons of awesome merchandise for this, with both dolls and action figures being released. I’ve already got a Batgirl action figure, look at how awesome it is!

Look, our hoods match and everything. Hee.

They’re super articulated and designed to be played with, like really played with. Like the toys boys get, the ones that you can throw across the room and bring outside in the rain and into the pool and not worry about the hair being frazzled beyond all reason now.

Anyways, back to the advertisement, let’s look at what’s available for LEGO DC Super Hero Girls!


Look at them. They’re gorgeous and beautiful and they made a custom mold for Harley Quinn’s legs and they look like they’re ready to kick Lex Luthor’s butt and then go out for smoothies, because hey who doesn’t like smoothies.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to the site yet. The sets they have ready for release look amazing, though, and it’s too bad my Christmas List is already set in stone, I’d totally love to get these under the tree. I think I know what store I’m headed to after Christmas, though. 😛

I’d like to mention that in the webisodes, they got the voice actors for Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire from the original Teen Titans show, so if you want to see them not horribly slandered like they are in other recent media, check out some of the episodes. And feel free to explore the website, or the wiki I work on. Support this endeavor by a major company to try and add some good representation for young girls, we need more of this. I know I would have loved this when I was a kid because I still am a kid at heart and I love them now. If you know any young girls or heck if you are a young girl feel free to look into getting these for the holidays or your birthday or just whenever, they’re just the best.

(#NotSponsored, in case you were worried. I just really love things a lot)

I think I was going to talk about other things today, but I feel like this is enough of a post on it’s own. Guess I’ll talk about popularity and holidays tomorrow, whoops.