Periods, Presidents, and Dreams, Oh My!: A big long rant post about various topics

So, I was writing a post, it was totally awesome and wowing everyone, I was so glad I was finally getting my shiznit together and actually making another post, and then I realized I dreamed the whole thing up. Pbbbt.

Which leads me to the topic of today’s post: why I fricking hate dreams. Also various rants about other things happening in my life right now, like politics and menstruation, which will be put below a “read more” so that little kids don’t get scarred by opinions on the Head Cheeto and the completely natural thing about 50% of the population goes through at least once in their life.

So, dreams. For most of my young life, I didn’t experience dreams so much. And by this I mean I didn’t remember my dreams. Everybody dreams, I just don’t like remembering them. Why? For me, they’re too realistic. Now, of course, I don’t mean they make sense, really – once I wake up I often look back and kind of wonder how I could’ve possibly thought it was real. Regardless of the content, the scenarios I find myself in are just realistic enough to confuse me – for example, as in the recent dream I had, I was writing a blog post for this very blog.

I think now is a fine time to note that I am able to read in my dreams. The first time I observed this phenomenon personally was a few years ago when I was in middle school, but in the dream I was at the elementary school with a DS that had a sticker that said “This is the property of Emily and Adam”. Now, it didn’t actually say “Adam” – it had a different name – but that’s not important here. I have talked to my family members about this, and they say they cannot read in their dreams no matter how hard they try. Meanwhile, I dream and find myself browsing the Internet, using Discord, and watching Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. (Look, I told you they were realistic, right?) I also saw an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where he (Batman) figured out he was in a dream because he couldn’t read in it. My casual Google searching on the matter has yielded no results, so I’m curious: can you read in your dreams? Or am I just a Special Snowflake?

Anyways, back to why I hate dreams. The thing is, once I wake up, I’m not sure what actually happened and what was in my weird dreamscape, like say, the blog post I wrote in the dream. (I have absolutely no idea what I was writing it about, but I definitely wrote it.) Of course, details may be tweaked in a dream – like the layout of Disneyland when I dream I’m there and trying to help two lovely tourists find a ride only to find I don’t know where the ride is even though I’ve been going to the park for 15 years and should definitely know this by now.

Quite possibly the worst instance of this was a few years ago. Remember how I mentioned the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse episode? At this point in time, BLITD was kind of… sporadic with when the episodes were released, and we hadn’t had one in months. I was also the only active admin on the wiki. Thus when I dreamed there was a new episode, I recall getting excited in the dream about having to update the wiki. A little while later while I was conscious I realized it was a dream and instantly became depressed that there wasn’t a new episode.

So while my brother is trying to get lucid dreams (he got really close the other day, apparently – he became aware he was in a dream seconds before he woke up), I’m trying to get my dreams to go away. Maybe if I had a better sleep schedule that would help? Or would that be detrimental? Hmm…

Alright, that’s enough of that. Time for me to rant about periods and politics after the read-more.

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Witty Title: Vague description of things that might be in the post

So, today I tried streaming Barbie in A Christmas Carol over on my It was a bit of a mess to say the least.

First of all I started it almost an hour late because I decided to embody the white girl *comes in five minutes late with Starbucks* stereotype and go out to have Starbucks with my brother and mom at the local Starbucks. That is entirely my fault and why you shouldn’t trust me to do things.

When we did start, my computer crashed shortly after starting, causing the stream to stop and most of the people who joined to leave since I couldn’t boot it back up for another 5 minutes. Throughout the rest of the stream I never had more than 2 people watching with me and I had to reboot my computer about every 5 minutes to stop it from freezing, but at least I figured out how to keep the stream going.

So basically what I learned is to never stream on my Chromebook ever again. Hope my other laptop is a little less bad at it, maybe. Ah well. Maybe next time will be better?

Uh, what else to talk about. Well, it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and also Hanukkah Eve I think? Hanukkah starts tomorrow, right? Let me check yes I’m right. So that’s cool, I’m wearing a Santa hat right now and slightly panicking since I still need to wrap my siblings’ gifts. Very bad job me, very bad job.

Still don’t know what I’m doing, still don’t know why I made this blog, maybe I’ll talk about more interesting things tomorrow, my mom’s making zucchini loaf and it smells good, bye


P.S. This blog has a server on Discord now, like all the cool kids are doing! Check it out over here:

The Lion King Experience: There’s an important announcement in here, so read the first paragraph at least

Alright, before we get into the bulk of this post, which is going to be me talking about The Lion King musical, first I have a special announcement, oh boy! Tomorrow, Friday the 23rd, I’m going to be streaming Barbie in a Christmas Carol over on my at 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastern. I’m sure there’s nothing else important happening at that time, so feel free to pop over as we enjoy a holiday classic. The movie’s about an hour and a half, so it’s going to last until like 4:30 PM Pacific / 7:30 PM Eastern, unless I decide to pop in another Barbie holiday movie. We’ll see.

Anyways, time for me to start reviewing this musical I saw. As an important sidenote, I’m not much of a critic and tend to be extremely biased, so here goes.

Alright, time to start off with an Unpopular Opinion of mine: I don’t enjoy The Lion King movie. Well, it’s more like I watched it once as a kid and haven’t been interested enough to watch it ever again. I mean, I played a video game version of it a bunch of times, but I never watched it again. So, I didn’t really have high hopes for the stage version.

I was… kind of right in my assumption. The costumes are impressive, the acting and dancing is incredible, the sets are amazing, but the plot… I was kind of lost. I mean, it hit all of the beats of the original, but it didn’t quite work. The songs don’t help advance the plot, they’re just kind of… there. A lot of the time, they actually slow down the plot! For the entr’acte (the overture of a musical but after the intermission), they randomly have the entire ensemble going around in traditional African clothing while singing and dancing. I mean, it looked cool, but aren’t we focusing on the animals? It has literally nothing to do with the rest of the plot, other than they put those costumes back on again at some point in the second act for again, no discernible reason at all.

As I said, the costumes were pretty good. The way they did animals was really impressive, and I enjoyed it a lot. Until we got to Timon and Pumbaa. They… they were terrifying. Especially the Timon puppet. Oh wow. To me, it seems like they don’t know whether they want to go with humanoid with animal-esque features or full on animal puppets for the characters – we’ve got the lions with lion heads on top of their heads and some lion clothing, but then we’ve got Zazu who’s a full-on puppet. What are you guys going for?

The actors weren’t bad, they were great. The kids who played young Simba and young Nala were a little weak, but they’re kids, so I can’t really blame them. It doesn’t help that I just hate the character of young Simba. He’s a twerp.

Oh, back on the sidenote of weird musical numbers. “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” or whatever it’s called makes absolutely no sense with it’s staging or setup. It’s just kind of like a weird sugar-high-induced dream.

More on costumes – most of the lions have the lion heads remaining on top of their heads, except for Scar and Mufasa for some reason – those move down to dangle in front of their heads sometimes for some weird reason. I don’t know why, but they do. That’s kind of weird.

This really hasn’t been a cohesive review. I’m sorry, I’m not much of a critic.

Well, plot-wise, it turns out I just hate kid Simba’s personality. A lot. He’s a brat. A complete and utter brat. Once we got into the second act it was a little more tolerable. He was still a bit of a twat though.

I feel like I should talk about staging – they do some pretty cool things for staging scenes. It’s all pretty impressive. The climax is a little poorly executed, but it works, I suppose.

Oh, another thing! The first act just kind of… ends. Usually at the end of the first act there’s some sort of big number to close it out on a bang. Here we get adult Simba swinging onstage from a vine to show he’s aged up (that was not well done honestly), and them singing Hakuna Matata as the curtains close. Not much of a show-stopper there.

Also, I feel really bad, but all throughout the opening number all I could think of was The Book of Mormon. (Kiddos, don’t watch that show. It’s from the creators of South Park. Don’t watch it.)

My sister pointed out during intermission that most people refer to Disney musicals as being less of a story and more of an experience, but she sees this one as the only one that fits that description. Granted, the only Disney musicals I’ve seen are Beauty and the Beast and Newsies, but I think they carried a plot much better and didn’t just try to wow the audience with cool puppets and effects.

So basically, if you want to see some cool costumes and a POC cast performing Lion King, feel free to see it! Just don’t expect much of a flowing story here.

Usually most reviewers would go put a number here, but I have a lot of trouble summarizing qualitative data into a quantitative value. So I’ll just rate this an “eh”.

Anyways, now that we’re done with that, again, tomorrow, on Friday the 23rd, I’m going to be streaming Barbie in a Christmas Carol over on my at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern. I’d love to see you all there!


Planes, Trains, and Snowmobiles: A peek at our family’s movie collection

Alright guys, my family’s arguing about when to see Moana and if we should go in the hot tub this year, so it’s clearly time for me to go through all of the holiday-esque movies we own and talk about each one.

Alright, I’ve got a stack of 14 movies here, but actually 13 since one of them isn’t really suitable for kids, so let’s do this, yeehaw

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