Review: Hiveswap: Act 2

Man, it’s a shame that recently the only media I’ve singled out for review lately are ones that filled me with enough ragedisappointment to complain about it in a blog post. Hm, maybe next post should be me loveposting about Barbie & The Magic of Pegasus or something. We’ll see.

Anyways, Homestuck‘s had quite the muddy track record, hasn’t it? This is really only the latest mediocre disappointment in a decade-long media franchise. So, this post will go into the overall history with Homestuck and its related media, what I liked about the game, the glaring issues with the game, and finally just my minor nitpicky grievances that are annoying but basically nothing compared to the major problems. So, here we go. Be warned, most of the review will contain light spoilers for what little plot the game has.

Hiveswap: Act 2 by What Pumpkin studios

Official Rating: Mature 17+ | Personal Rating: Teen

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Review: Interspecies Reviewers (異種族レビュアーズ)

It has come to my attention that I overlooked an anime during my last seasonal review, one that has since gained quite a bit of notoriety. It’s quite embarrassing that I overlooked such a hit!! As such, I am now quickly rectifying the situation before I release my Spring 2020 reviews in the following weeks.

Here we go!

Interspecies Reviewers by Passione

Official Rating: Unavailable | Personal Rating: Adult

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Review: Harley Quinn – Quit while you’re ahead.

So… Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel. Fan favorite ever since she appeared on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. This last year they announced she was getting her own TV series, and it looked promising. And it was enjoyable for a time! And then suddenly… it wasn’t.

…Well, let’s get into it.

Harley Quinn by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey

Official Rating: TV-MA | Personal Rating: Adult

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Review: Staying in bed for 16 hours like an idiot reading comics and then being shaky and then having to have your bff come over to make you eat a pasta so you don’t die and then watch Shazam together


Anyways um not sure when the LEGO viddy game review will come out because I killed all my free time with that genius move. Peace out

Review: The Evillious Chronicles – Come, Kneel to Me!

Hatsune Miku, and by extension VOCALOID, is a cultural phenomenon. Almost everyone has seen or heard the twin-tailed virtual diva, whether its in concert, in anime, or in poorly translated YouTube music videos. While many consider her the first VOCALOID, this is false, and while I could go into the expansive history of the VOCALOID product, I’ll spare you the trouble. What’s important for this interview is that one man saw this wave of hype when the product was first released over a decade ago in 2007, and chose to buy the succeeding VOCALOID product released by Crypton Future Media, Kagamine Rin & Len, and start using them for vocals, leading to his two most famous works being released in April 2008: “The Daughter of Evil” and “The Servant of Evil”, becoming the keystone for his expansive multimedia series entitled The Evillious Chronicles.

The Evillious Chronicles (エヴィリオス年代記) by mothy_Akuno-P

Personal Rating: Teen

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Pokémon Moon Review: I’m seeing Hamilton today so uhhh yeah that’s a thing

Hey guys!

It’s been over a month, but it’s finally time! Time for me to review Pokémon Moon! Huzzah!

Usually I’d make some sort of personal update here, but that’s for scrubs. If you really wanna know what’s going on in my day to day life, check out my Discord! Unshameful plugs are for the real winners.

At any rate, let’s go! Review is after the break.

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The Lego Batman Movie Review: I am slightly less bad at MarioKart then my parents (look, guys, I love you, but you’re really bad, we both know that, we played it today)

I am. Extremely bad at keeping a blog. I am extremely bad at a lot of things. I’m just really goshdarn lazy.

Uhhhh so what on EARTH have I been up to since my last (serious) blog post?? Well, I had to work for a big exhibition my school had. That was cool. And now my professionally-printed art is hanging in my house! Baller. I also continued rehearsals for a little 45 minute play and performed that four times in two days. I like to believe I did an excellent job. Oh, and I got my hair cut. And I saw Rent. Then we went up to Oregon to meet my sister at college, then we went up to Seattle to tour two colleges before flying back home. Then I saw The Lego Batman Movie, which was so amazing oh my gosh??? So if you couldn’t tell this is going to be a review of The Lego Batman Movie.

So first off, backstory of me going to the movie. So basically if you didn’t know I’m kind of bad at making friends, so I’ve been trying harder this calendar year. Which meant that I invited a friend I made to come to the movie with me! First time in a long time I’ve invited a person to do something, hah. After a bit of scheduling mishaps we managed to decide on Thursday in the afternoon. We met up at the theatre, got snacks, sat down and watched this masterpiece of a movie, then hung out afterwards to finish off the free refill we got on popcorn. And we’re probably going to do this again in September when The Lego Ninjago Movie comes out! Oh, and I put on a special outfit for this momentous occasion.

So first off: spoiler-free review. If you’ve seen The Lego Movie, it’s pretty much as good as that one! And if you haven’t seen The Lego Movie, you’re fine. There isn’t anything in there you can’t understand – there are like 2 references to it in there, tops. There are definitely some jokes that are specific to Batman lore, but I think you can enjoy it without extensive knowledge of Batman’s history – I mean, as long as you understand Batman’s basic premise (guy dresses up as bat and fights crime along with various youngsters in halloween costumes) you can certainly get most of them!

Honestly? This movie was a breath of fresh air when it came to superhero flicks. I’m sure everyone and their mother has told you by now that superhero movies have been ridiculously serious and gritty recently, and boy howdy that is true. I mean we don’t need it to be ridiculously campy like the Batman 60’s show, but we can have a serious movie without making everything boring grays! And this certainly shows it. There is a serious conflict and sense of urgency in this film, but it still manages to be light-hearted and funny.

I just realized last time I tried to divide this review up into categories or something?? LOL that’s for scrubs, real reviewers just barf out their feelings without any sense of structure.

Alright let’s go into the SPOILER ZONE!! Below the cut.

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Disneyland 2k17 Day 3: I wish this cold sore would just GO AWAY

So uh, looks like I slipped, again, yesterday, that was the day I slipped. My excuse is that it was a long day of Disneyland’ing and traveling. But I’m here to post now so yippee!

Alright, so yesterday morning I woke up feeling mostly better – turns out my father and sister had gotten sick as well though! Bleh. At any rate I continued getting up – got myself some juice, took some painkillers, went to head over to eat cereal and then suddenly I was lying on the bed. Wasn’t quite as ready as I thought. So after a bit more of that and a bit more of playing my 3DS, I did get up in time for me to eat breakfast and the like before we had to evacuate the hotel room (my sister and mom were staying for a few more days, so we just needed to shove the luggage over there and then bring it with us on the airplane later).

I then went out into the park to do the last event I really needed to do by during this trip: meet Moana. So I headed over to Adventureland where she hung out, but I had to wait for a bit because my mom wanted to be my photographer and she wasn’t out yet. So I sat out for a while, enjoying the rain (I was still kinda sick, still got that fever, so I was actually sweating in the cold rainy weather, believe it or don’t) and just sitting there. Eventually it got a bit too much so I hid in a nearby shop.

My mom completed her ride on Snow White, Moana arrived, and we were in line to meet her! Huzzah!

Pictured: An awkward teenager and a girl who lost her grandmother.

She said she liked my shirt because it reminded her of the flowers on her island – she said I should visit (trust me, I’d love to!). Surprised she didn’t comment on my hair though.

Seriously though, Moana is gorgeous! So glad I got to meet her!

After that we headed over to Starbucks to have a snack and take refuge from the rain (if it wasn’t raining we would’ve gone to Jolly!). It was hecka crowded, we were lucky to find any table at all, heh. I enjoyed a nice apple juice beverage while my brother got a hot chocolate (it’s a good thing I didn’t get it, probably wouldn’t have tasted good to me with the then-current state of my taste buds).

I then went with my dad to hit a bunch of the dark rides. Dark rides is a term used to refer to four rides behind Sleeping Beauty Castle that have been there since the park opened and all take place in the dark, consist mostly of practical effects, run single cars rather than long trains, and are all short rides (about 2 minutes long). The four dark rides are Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Peter Pan’s Flight. My brother also likes to refer to Alice in Wonderland as a dark ride, but it… technically isn’t. Uh wait I just looked it up and it turns out I’m a LIAR! Pinocchio’s Daring Journey wasn’t there the day the park opened! All the other three were though. So I guess it’s a dark ride since it’s just right there next to the others? But so is Alice… Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on this.

Anyways, we went on Snow White’s Scary Adventures, or as I like to call it, Snow White and the Seven Hags. Seriously. There are SO many hags on that ride! And by “so many” I mean five. That’s still a ludicrous amount! That’s more times than any other character shows up! What’s the big deal with her anyways?! Anyways, it’s a ride, can be a little spooky for young’uns (all of those HAGS, also the forest is SUPER creepy, no wonder my sister was scarred as a kid), but it’s fun enough. Also has a turtle, so that automatically makes it awesome. Fun fact: The apple the queen holds is a hologram! Not because they wanted to use new technology or update the ride, oh no – it’s because it was the most popular free souvenir to take from the park! Kids please don’t steal it’s illegal.

We then went on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. This one is also a little spooky, but also just a lot more weird in my brain-mind memory database thing. I dunno. Might just be because the movie’s kinda weird to me. This ride uses holograms too, actually – it’s how they do the blue fairy trick at the end! Less significant since this ride was added later, heh. Keep an eye out for the Hidden Mickey by the popcorn cart.

Next up was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! This one is much more wild and fast than the other two. The other two are creepy, this one is, well, a wild ride! You even end up going to hell! It has some hard-to-spot Hidden Mickeys and it’s really fun. Unless you’re afraid of getting hit by trains. This ride has the second-longest line of the dark rides (Pinocchio and Snow White are usually about the same length) – when I went on the wait was about 30 minutes, which is about average (as long as you’re not going when it’s super crowded).

We then went to parkhop since my mom got my dad a pass for Soarin’ over California, since he wanted to try it again. So I called up my ol’ buddy my pal my brother to be my partner on Midway Mania as I used up the Universal Fastpass I got yesterday. Midway Mania is really fun. The games are challenging, the designs are neat, and it’s not impossible to aim like Astro Blasters! Ha! There’s also a really clever Hidden Mickey in one of the levels. In the end we both got Beaver level with both of us landing between 100k and 130k points (he beat me, both in points and accuracy) and he headed off to California Screamin’ and I headed off to do a round of Radiator Springs Racers.

I also highly recommend Radiator Springs Racers – the ride does a really good job of getting the feel of Radiator Springs down, the animatronics are great, and the end racing part is really fun! Doesn’t hurt that I won the race this round. >:3c Uh, but if you are going to do it, and you’re okay with being split up from your party, do single rider. The stand-by wait line is waaay too long to bother with.

Uh, I suppose you could now use that number to purchase this photo of me on the ride. If… if you really want to spend your money on that, go ahead. It’s kinda creepy but… I can’t really stop you.

I then parkhopped back over to the Magic Kingdom and entered the Alice in Wonderland ride. My mom joined me in line, and soon we were on a caterpillar heading into Wonderland.

A few years ago they added little updates here and there to the ride, and boy do they add up! It’s mostly just a lot of little screens everywhere to add some animations, but they don’t feel tacky or out of place – heck, they often blend right in! It just makes the ride look that much better. As a sidenote, near the end of the ride I mentioned that the ride broke down when I was right in front of the whistling teapots near the end to my mom – and then the ride seemed to slow down for a bit, right in front of the whistling teapots. I almost thought history was going to repeat itself and I was going to have to walk through the mad tea party again! It didn’t though, thank goodness.

The two of us then went over to the ride with the worst wait-time to ride-length ratio: Peter Pan’s Flight. The line is consistently around 40 minutes, while the ride is only about 2. It’s definitely the most popular out of the dark rides. So after waiting for a while and my brother joining the two of us, we rode a flying pirate ship and we went to Neverland.

Like Alice in Wonderland, they also updated this ride a fair amount. It also helps a lot here, but the change I personally dislike is the new London-flying layout, since the Big Ben Hidden Mickey is a little less hidden now. Oh well. The ride continues to look amazing, even though it is short. I recommend it if you have a large chunk of time to wait in line or if you’re prepared to gate-crash.

After that my brother and I each got a popcorn container from our mom (thank you for indulging our bad habits), left the park, had dinner, packed up our belongings, got in an Uber, spent two hours doing nothing at the airport (we’re much more used to the constant busy stream SFO is – meanwhile, this ride was more of a “walk-on”), rode the airplane, took another Uber home, said hello to our cats, and went to sleep.

Then I had to get up today to get to school. Bleh!

So that’s pretty much what happened. My sister and mom are still in Disneyland (my sister was actually so sick that she threw up last night – hope you get well soon sis!), but my dad, my brother, and I are back home and back into the swing of things. Going back to civilization after Disneyland can be rough, man.

Anyways that’s about it from me! We’ll see what I talk about tomorrow, heh. (I mean, it’s probably going to be about the BIG THING that happened in the Poptropica fandom, but hey you never know!)


Disneyland 2k17 Day 1: I didn’t drink enough water today or yesterday but I’m fine, I swear

Alright, time for a play by play of my first day in the park, with some reviews in there! Let’s go!

So I woke up around 8 – already missed the Magic Morning thing. Didn’t want to go anyways. Got up, dinked around a bit, had food, and then went off towards the park!

So they’ve been bulking up security around Disneyland lately. By now they’ve moved the security checkpoint all the way to the edge of Downtown Disney, which would be fine on its own, but they prevented guests of other Disneyland Resort Hotels from using the entrance to DCA from the Grand Californinan!

Well there goes that shortcut. So I have to walk longer to get in and out of the park. Bleh.

I entered the park with my younger brother and we eventually met up with my mom, who was already in the park, and we headed off for the Jingle Cruise!

Important note: Today is the last day of most of the holiday decorations for the park, sans It’s A Small World, which is staying around for another week or so. So today was our only chance to go on most of the holiday versions of rides before they closed for refurbishment. So we had a bit of a deadline to make, heh.

Jingle Cruise was punny and silly just like Jungle Cruise, but with more Christmas. We rode the Jingle Belle and got a skipper who was terrified of fruitcake. It’s too bad his gunshots don’t seem to make them run away.

Next we went on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye via single rider (told ya it comes in handy!) Nothing new, same old ride as always – it’s a good one too! A few years back they updated it with some new effects, mostly when it comes to the beginning when you choose the door. I got to see the future… I saw a dismal presidential career for a certain someone. Unsurprising.

Mom and I then decided “hey, we should do Small World”. After a few minutes of waiting in line we realized that the line was way too long, we could go on it another day when it’s not Sunday (the MOST CROWDED day of the week!) and the sun was blaring on us. So we abandoned and went and met my sister to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. My brother joined us in the line later.

Again, nothing new for Pirates. Same ol’ ride. My one update complaint is probably the screen for Davy Jones’ face, which doesn’t really help him be visible and also makes the port suuuper foggy. But what I DO have is some complaints from my grandparents who went a few months ago!

  • Ride seemed too outdated and “rinky-dink” – when asked what they wanted updated, they kind of shrugged and said stuff like “maybe make the cannons shoot actual cannonballs? That would be cool”. Nobody in my family agrees with them.
  • The skeletons looked too fake. My mom (and now me!) had the pleasure of telling them that every single skeleton was 100% real, purchased from UCLA when the ride was first built since all of the fake skeletons looked too fake.
  • There wasn’t anything in there from the movie. Clearly they haven’t watched the movies or forgot who Captain Jack Sparrow is, who is in there three times.

Moral of this is that my grandparents have weird opinions that I don’t understand and they also might be a bit senile.

After that it was time for my brother to redeem the Christmas present I gave to him: since I had no idea what else to get him, I gave him the promise of him dragging me onto either Big Thunder OR Matterhorn (two rides I hadn’t been on) along with me purchasing the treat of either popcorn, pretzel, or churro. So the whole family went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the wildest ride in the wilderness.

I think I declared this yesterday, but it still rings true: I am a wimpazoid. I definitely yelled in fear a lot. …But it wasn’t that terrible, and the theme was well-done. Maybe I’ll go on it again sometime.

Then it was time for us to go to the Corner Café, which we colloquially refer to as the “Jolly Holiday” since it’s often where Mary and Bert hang out and they used to let you know your order was ready by holding up a sign with one of the animated penguins from the movie.

After having my chocolate muffin and ice cold water (I am the epitome of health), I was off to go on Star Tours using a fastpass my dad snagged as the rest of the family went over to Grizzly River Run.

I mentioned Hidden Mickeys the other day, so fun fact: My name’s in the “Hidden Mickey” book! You can see “Ylimegirl” among the list of people he thanks at the end. I pointed out one of the shadow Hidden Mickeys in there; this one you can spot among the right wall made by a couple of droid parts. I’m famous!

I managed to get on extra speedily because they wanted a single rider to fill in an extra spot, and here I was! A bunch of people clapped for me as I went towards ship D.

Since the Season of the Force event was over by now, you were no longer stuck with a set amount of routes – the ones during that event are still in there though, making this dang ride even more anachronistic and angry-making for the Star Wars geek inside of me. This ride I had a droid interrogate us, crashed through the wookie planet of Kashyyyk, had BB8 tell us our mission, and then ended by crashing down onto Coruscant. (I was not the rebel spy.)

After that I dashed over to our usual parade viewing spot to view the Christmas Fantasy parade! Our family’s preferred spot is over on the raised section by It’s a Small World. So I watched it all by myself.

The parade goes something like this: We get a storybook with a teddy bear and a ballerina on it, see a bunch of Disney characters hanging around Santa’s workshop, see a bunch of toy soldiers marching along along with a few dancing elves. Then we see some snowmen dance, some “skiers” go back and forth (I want those rollerblade skis, please give me them), saw Winnie the Pooh & gang along with a big tree, and saw some “ice skaters” along with the (sigh) Frozen float. Then there was a bunch of Gingerbread men and decoraters along with Goofy and company – Max is no longer there, he got booted off due to a series of rearrangings that start and end with Frozen’s existence. Basically Mickey and Minnie used to be on a wintery float in the middle, but got booted to the workshop. Donald then had to move to the roof, kicking Pluto off, and Pluto was moved to Goofy’s roof, so Max was out of the picture. Wah-wah. Mrs. Claus also got the boot with Chip & Dale taking her place – Chip & Dale no longer drive the car, Jesse and an Army Man do. I’ll get to them later though. Then we get Cinderella’s stepsister & stepmother being their ridiculous selves before the princess float which featured Snow White & Prince Charming I, Tiana & Naveen, Cinderella & Prince Charming II, Aurora and Prince Philip, Belle & Beast, and Ariel and Prince Eric. Nice group of members. Then we get to the huuuge Toy Story section – first we have Jesse and an Army Man in a jeep, then we get Woody on a rocking horse, then we get the Army men making a bunch of toys, then we get Buzz in a spaceship. Yeehaw! Then we end with a bunch of people in Dickinsonian outfits, another tree, and then of course Santa at the end of the parade. Ending the parade was a bunch of women in Sexy Santa costumes holding a rope, along with some other cast members behind them making sure nobody tried to, uh, do anything to them I guess.

So my opinions of on the parade is that it’s enjoyable, I like it, don’t like that they gave Frozen their own float and kicked out Max & Mrs. Claus, I miss when Genie used to drive in the parade back in the day, and I wonder why it still has to be just Christmas after all of these years. I mean really. What’s stopping you from including some other holidays in there? I’m pretty sure there’s exactly one spot in the park with Hanukkah decorations – a window somewhere on Main Street with a fake Jewish-sounding name put on it so they could put up Hanukkah decorations.


Also why did they have to end it with Sexy Santas?? That’s just weird, man. Weird.

Then I went over to It’s A Small World again, juuust beating the post-parade crowd. Got on fast enough and enjoyed the cruise around the world. Only complaints is I miss when they had Rudolph as one of the reindeer, and the fact that again it’s only Christmas. Also it’s very possible that this ride could be culturally insensitive and/or racist in some ways. Can’t say for certain since I’m not part of the majority of groups represented, so uh look up what your region of the ride looks like and let me know if it seems bad or something.

I then went on the Haunted Mansion for the first time since I was seven years old. The line was long, but I was entertained by Flow Free and also a sweet little toddler who really enjoyed playing with the pins on my purse. He mostly twirled them around a bunch. He also liked batting my purse to make it swing back and forth and pointing at the cats on my shoes. What a nice kid. Hope he goes far in life and enjoys pin trading in the future.

Best toy EVER! (Pins, left to right: Rufus the naked mole rat, Hiro Hamada, Jasmine, Tiana, and Snow White)

Ride was spooky, though the CGI Jack Skellington on the elevator roof looked really bad. So, so bad. Also while on the ride I finally confirmed that something in my memories actually happened and wasn’t a dream! Basically I remember near the doombuggy enter/exit area there was this dude who was pulling his face on and off. Nobody I talked to remembered it! But then when I went to get on a doombuggy, BAM there he was. Guess nobody else had seen him since he’s just part of the Christmas décor, heh.

I also spotted all but one of the Hidden Mickeys on the ride. Awesome.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: when going past the ballroom, look out for the spider chilling on the glass. It’s there to cover up a hole caused by some twerp who went on the ride with a BB gun and shot a hole in the glass. The reason they covered it up instead of replacing the glass? The piece of glass is SO BIG they’d need to lift off the roof of the mansion to take it out! So now there’s a spider there.

I then went over to Astro Blasters where I scored up to Level 3 and was incredibly photogenic.

Don’t hate because I’m beautiful.

I then went over to join my sister for parade round number two. Nothing new to say here.

I then parkhopped to meet my brother and dad over at the Smokejumpers Grill in DCA, where I at the meal my mother packed (What can I say? I’m a picky eater) and they ate burgers. The lights were busted on the sign for DCA, so we enjoyed our time in “FESHO AYA”.

Sorry dude whose head I got in the shot!

My mom and sister joined us later, and then all of us sans Mom went to use our fastpasses for Soarin’ Around the World.

So uh… prepare for a long rant below. Because this ride SUCKS!! SO MUCH!! IT’S SO BAD!!

Before we went on the ride, my mom said something along the lines of this: “You can keep an open mind and that it’s okay to like it, but just know that eventually you’re going to hate it.” SHE WASN’T WRONG.

The waiting line is the same, which my sister was grateful for. Then we got into the waiting area before we boarded the ride.

The map had been replaced with some stupid Indiana Jones-esque thing. The worst thing about it was probably the fact that they crossfaded away to some clouds whenever the line had to cross a really long ocean before crossfading back to show it already crossed. Really lazy and kind of dumb. My brother said it reminded him of the scene in The Room when it randomly cuts away to shots of the city during the middle of a conversation before just… cutting back to the conversation. (Note: I have never watched the movie, but know it’s a) a horrible piece of garbage and b) probably not safe for kids.)

The pre-show video was EXACTLY THE SAME. Except for one minor thing at the beginning: they recut it so Patrick (Warburton) said “Welcome to Soarin'” instead of “Welcome to Soarin’ over California”. It was a clean cut but it was obvious to everyone who had been on the other ride what they had done. My sister said they shouldn’t have bothered and just pulled a Whoosh the Astronaut job of cutting it, like have a cartoon airplane fly over his mouth. I just disliked it since the pause between “Soarin'” and “My name is Patrick” was way too obviously long.

We then went to board the ride. This was the moment my sister lost all hope for the ride: they had dumped the boarding music! Instead (as my brother pointed out) we just get to hear… some wind whooshing noises. Why even bother?!

We then got ready to fly. And here was another snafu: they started the video before we even got in the air. Like??? The the way the original was so dramatic was because we were up against the blank screen and then BAM, we were flying over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Basically the video is boring, there’s no story, there’s no build-up to anything, there’s no humans in most of the scenes (in contrast, approximately 100% of the scenes in the original had humans SOMEWHERE), the CGI transitions are gimicky and not interesting, the Taj Mahal looks 100% CGI, the Eiffel Tower is awkwardly warped and curved on the screen, and in the end it barely feels like a finale or that we went anywhere. Also they used CGI transitions for every transition BUT one: they go from the ocean somewhere to a waterfall somewhere by just crossfading. Look, if you’re going to use bad CGI transitions, go all out man! Don’t just not bother on one of them! That’s just weird. Also the ride mostly consisted of the thing staying in place. We swayed from side to side like twice. In the original it felt like you were THERE because you were weaving left and right through the landscape and actually moving. Here it felt like you were being suspended in front of a movie screen.

Alright that’s enough of that. We then met up with my mom near a store, where I pointed out the Flynn Riders Disneyland Gang.

I suppose I should explain the concept of Disneyland Gangs: Basically they’re a group of people in the Anaheim region who all band together under a name and then plan trips to the park together. That’s it! They also look super metal with leather or denim jackets just COVERED in pins and a big patch showing their allegiance on the back. Today there was a lot of Disneyland Gangs in the park, and my sister fell in love with this idea (she really really really really really likes Flynn Rider). Later my mom talked to them and obtained their official pin and Instagram from a member. Sweet.

We then all (sans Mom) went on Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, which was the same as always. In the first year or so of the attraction being around though, Ariel’s hair in “Under the Sea” was a lot more wild. They changed it at some point, which we don’t like. Aw. There’s also a hidden Mr. Limpet from MOVIE in the same scene – look out for him!

They then went to single ride California Screamin’ while I went on King Triton’s carousel. Look, what do you want me to say about it, it’s a flippin’ carousel. I did ride on a blue dolphin while the eyes of the purple otter next to me stared into my soul, no big deal.

We then met up again and stopped by the Ghiradelli and Panera stores at the Pacific Wharf and picked up free samples from them before walking through Cars Land. I then made good on the other half of my present to my brother and bought him and myself a churro. They then all went off to go on Haunted Mansion (my sister and dad hadn’t been on it yet) while I sat on a bench and finished the churro before beginning the long trek back to the hotel.

I arrived, groaned a bit, used the foot massager we brought (s/out to my sister for reminding my mom to bring it, love ya sis) and then lay down on my bed, exhausted, and typed out this post.

At the end of the day, my feet are sore, my legs are exhausted, and I’m pretty much all Disney-ed out.

I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

Alright time for some BONUS CONTENT before we go. Yesterday on my adventures I took two (2) pictures of my travels: one of my butterbeer (someone on the PHC asked for proof that I was there, heh) and one of this poor pancake at Denny’s. Wah-wah.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for you. As I’m typing this the wifi isn’t working for some reason and this draft hasn’t been saved for an hour. Let’s hope I don’t have to retype this!


P.S. In case you were wondering how I remembered all of my adventures throughout the 12-hour day… I didn’t. I took notes on my iPhone. 😛

Moana Review: Why do I have to go to school tomorrow?

Uh, so I didn’t post yesterday. The thing is, usually we go out to the theatre in the morning or afternoon, so even though I knew we were going at 7 PM, I thought I could definitely post after the movie!

I was wrong. Pbbt.

Anyways, time for a review of Moana, I guess! I’ll try to be spoiler-free at first, then I’ll add a cut and go into the SPOILER ZONE. (Terrifying!)

Plot: Well, the basic plot is certainly nothing new, but that can definitely be argued about pretty much everything. The way it’s executed is certainly a wild ride though!

Setting: It was really refreshing to see an animated movie set in a place that isn’t Europe or America. As far as I know they tried to make sure everything’s pretty accurate to pacific islander culture, and it seems to be that way to me! I’ve been to Hawaii thrice by now and it felt like I was actually there. Basically it has a nice amount of scenery porn for my sister to enjoy.

Animation: The animation is GORGEOUS. Everything is a nice combination of realistic and cartoony, and it was beautiful to watch. The water looked super realistic, and the way characters moved seemed super realistic. I also really enjoyed the hand-drawn animation of Maui’s tattoos – it was the first time hand-drawn animation has appeared in a Disney movie since 2011’s Winnie the Pooh! Also the characters were super diverse! They had skinny people and large people and tall people and short people, it was amazing. It’s funny how diverse bodies can be without changing the race, wonder if we’ll ever see that in all-white movies. But I digress.

Music: The music was mostly composed by Hamilton star/director/author/everything else Manuel Lin-Miranda, and it sounds gorgeous! The songs are obnoxiously catchy honestly, and the instrumentals are beautiful.

Alright, so that’s about all I can say without going into spoiler territory. Hit the “read more” or whatever below if you’ve seen the movie or you just don’t care about spoilers.

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