Seasonal Review: Fall 2019 (Part 2)

Hello and welcome back! Not much to say here, let’s get right into it. This Seasonal Review entry covers anime released from October 6th to October 13th.

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Seasonal Review: Fall 2019 (Part 1)

No, that Lego video game review hasn’t come out. Oops.

Here we go, the beginning of a new anime season and the beginning of my career as a college sophomore! Hopefully this time I won’t fail half my classes. Well, I definitely won’t, because I’m taking an odd number, so failing half would be impossible. Yes, I’m safe! I’ll be doing something a little bit different this time–instead of forcing myself to watch an entire episode if I’m not enjoying it, I’ll stop and I will, of course, make a note of such in the review. I’ll also be splitting the season up a little differently, due to the heavy skew of anime released during the first week of the month compared to the second week.

This Seasonal Review entry will cover anime released from October 2nd to October 5th, as well as Cannon Busters, which was released in its entirety on August 15th.

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