Is Poptropica too un-American?

We all know Poptropica is a game played world-wide. The leader of the PHB is from East Asia, after all. Even so, there are Poptropicans in America as well, and the creators sure know this. Or do they? Is Poptropica too un-American?

You may not agree with this, but let’s look at all the evidence…

  • Poptropica is working on making itself available in languages other than English.
  • Over half of the events in Time Tangled don’t take place in America.
  • Arabian Knights, period. Oh, and Nabooti Island, period.
  • Sure, it may seem like a ton of islands are based off of places in America, and that is true. But look closer…



(Pictures from the Poptropica Help Blog)

  • The whole beachwear advertisement on the home page: what about the people who live in the Northern hemisphere? It’s winter for them…
  • The Poptropica flag in Lunar Colony sort of references the European flag, with the stars representing the islands/countries.
  • In Reality TV, it claims that Bucky Lucas solves Global Warming. What about American Warming?
  • Astro-Knights takes place in medieval Europe. What about medieval America?
  • Some of the more recent contests have been available to people not in the US!
  • On the World Champions map for SUIs, they have a map for the entire rest of the world, not just the US!
  • Etc, etc, etc…

As you can see, Pop could possibly be just a little too global, and I seriously hope that Pop Worlds is a more American game. Will that actually happen? I have no clue.

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy late Valentine’s Day! ❤


(P.S. This is a joke post, if you can’t tell.)

Poptropica Worlds Leaks: TFW you try to take a shower but the hot water’s not working, rip in pieces

Alright gang, it’s been a few days, but hey if the Head Cheeto can take the weekend off then SO CAN I.

(Look I don’t want this to be a politics blog but if you didn’t know I’m very anti-Trump. So… if you don’t want that hit the “unsubscribe” button.)

Alright so not a ton has been happening on my end, other than a whole lot of rain and playing Disney Magical World 2 / Pokémon Moon / watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. So pretty much the usual.

What IS exciting is that there have just been some leaks for Poptropica Worlds! Yowza!

Shaky Skunk posted it first on the Poptropica Skunk blog, but let’s do a quick recap over here.

We’ve got a remastered Binary Bard, a crazy-looking drill (Crisis Caverns anyone?), and Challenges of the Day! Wow!


Well this is certainly making me excited for Poptropica Worlds. Remastering of old islands, Crisis Caverns coming back, and an incentive to come back to Poptropica daily to do things other than spin a wheel! I’m certainly looking forward to Poptropica Worlds. Now if only I could get a Unity-compatible browser on my Chromebook…

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Back to more DUEL MONSTERS ON D-WHEELS!


Life Update: “Tomorrow” means “A week plus a day”, right?

Uh… so it’s been over a week since my last post.


Okay, let’s see what I have to talk about… On Thursday I went to volunteer at the Rubik’s Cube Club. Pretty much same ol’ same ol’ stuff: teaching kids how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Most of my cubes – some are not my cubes, some of my cubes aren’t pictured. It works out to be about even, I think. And yes I took that one apart to demonstrate how the cube worked, nbd.

On Friday… huh. What did I do on Friday? Well, according to the calendar, nothing happened. So forget Friday!

On Saturday I went to a hockey game with my Dad. Specifically the game between the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues. … The Sharks lost. It was fun, even though it was a terrible idea since we were both still recovering from fevers at the time and we were in a cold arena. 0/10 would recommend, 2/2 would do.

On Sunday nothing much happened, but I saw the crazy (PG13-rated) film Moulin Rouge! It was…. it was something. Thanks sis, for having me watch that crazy fest.

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr Day. Nothing much happened then either. Hmm, I lead a boring life.

Tuesday was back to school, and my first Tuesday at school of the year. Still have yet to go to school on a Monday. Again nothing… nothing much happened. Other than my cat being adorable, as shown in the following pictures.


He really likes that blanket. And I really like him! Love my cats, 17/10

Nothing much happened on Wednesday, other than a lot of technical difficulties at school, and me successfully catching up on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V dub. Next!

And today was more rain and more technical difficulties! Yay! Not only did I go to a new club today at school, I also went and helped string pennants of “warm wishes” over at the library. I saw a looot of pennants, but here are some of my personal favorites!


And that brings us to the present! Fandom-wise, over the last week, not a ton of new news or changes to things I continue to plan to do, but I started playing Pokémon Sun & Moon! You can check out my occassional comments on it over on Ylime’s Mess of a Server.

Oh, and you’ve probably heard this from literally everyone else by now if you’re into Poptropica, but a Poptropica Worlds trailer was released over a week ago! Huzzah!

So… I think it looks alright. The animation is a little choppy. So that makes me a little annoyed, as someone who’s currently doing some animation attempts.

I think it’s neat what they’re trying to do! The characters look really dynamic and uniquely designed. If the animation improves to be nice and fluid (like it is in the current Poptropica), I think it could be really fun!

Alright I think that’s everything for today. If you thought that a week with no content would have me make a longer post, haha you’re wrong.

Expect me to be yelling tomorrow, about things and stuff.


Disney Magical World 2 Review, Part Three: I need to learn how to DODGE!

Okay I’m super winded right now and I think my current goal is to be able to like, properly do the knee twist touch thing or whatever it’s called on the Wii. And to get Rhythm Parade to acknowledge I’m stepping. Or Rhythm Boxing to acknowledge I’m dodging. (DODGE!!! (I was going to link to a DBZA video here but it has swears so nah, look it up on yer own time)) (On the plus side, I’ve apparently lost 3 pounds? Not sure if I can trust but that’s what the machine says.)

Sidenote: Episodes I watch are 22 mins long, free step is 30 minutes long, thus I watched HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA about 4 more times than I already had earlier today when I was trying to explain He-Man to somebody. So, I’ve watched it about 15 times. Well, I’m watching it again right now, so… assume the counter goes up by 5 by the time this post is done. I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for antique memes.

Right, so today I’m going to talk about some other general changes and nitpicks with the game, here goes.

So if you couldn’t surmise from the world list yesterday, Cinderella and Aladdin’s worlds are gone. Bye! Also most of the content that was available only as DLC in the last game is now available without having to download it. I also like that they allow you to make the entire outfit at once instead of piece by piece, that certainly saves time and resources. Also I really like Clarice’s shop thingy to make alternate clothing (Clarice is the female chipmunk whose name I forgot in the last few posts).

Handheld accessories/items is a neat concept, and helps get you Nice! points. Speaking of which, those have bigger roles and the shop contains a lot more neat things such as recipes for a lot of different kinds of furniture, clothing, and foods, which I find a useful resource. The best way to get Nice! points is definitely by doing those weird Magical Dreams, which continue to be hecking weird but earn me Nice! points so I deal with them.

The fact that you don’t need to make multiple of any one thing is super helpful. Also there’s this feature in the café I think I’ve failed to mention, which is that they can place down all of the furniture of a given theme for you. I certainly use this feature, certainly makes the placement of the furniture look way nicer than when I do it.

Okay time for the NITPICKS. Most of there are really little things, which is probably a good thing.

  • When exiting Snow White’s World – and ONLY when exiting through the portal (not the Wishing Well) – you can hear the Heigh-Ho song. What’s up with that? Why is it only when you exit? Why is it there? It’s just weird and kind of annoying.
  • Speaking of portals, they only activate when you get close to them, as in you can’t see beyond them before going to them. Also some of them have things surrounding it, like a tree around Wonderland’s portal, but others don’t, like Snow White’s portal. All I’m asking for is a little consistency!
  • Getting to Arendelle is obnoxious and slow. Why do I have to sit through cutscenes to get there instead of just walking through a portal? I mean I know I can skip them but that’s beyond the point.
  • When you enter Atlantica’s portal the fish reset to a certain point as they spin around. You thought we wouldn’t notice, huh? WELL I DID.
  • Look, if you can return us back to normal clothing after quests, why can’t you do that for surfing? I’m sick of being stuck in a sarong after surfing for a ridiculously long time because I fail to notice that I didn’t change back. JUST SOME CONSISTENCY, PLEASE.
  • Where’s Daisy’s house? Literally everyone else of the big six (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, & Pluto) has one. Where’s hers? Well Pluto doesn’t have one either but he has a doghouse outside of Mickey’s house, because he’s a dog, not like the Goofy kind of dog but the kind of dog that walks around on all fours.
  • I mentioned this last time, but did you really have to make Sleepy’s mining patterns so much slower? It’s obnoxious.
  • Loading screens, loading screens, loading screens! They’re not long, but they’re always there. (Granted, I’ve been playing on my old 3DS up until like 3 hours ago when I got my new one (it looks awesome and I love it), so this might be a moot point.) Even in cutscene series! Like they show one thing, and then they show another thing, but before we get to that, it’s time for a 2 second loading screen! Can’t you just like… load that in the background, since you clearly know you’re going to need to play that one next? I don’t know a ton about game design but I’m sure you could do that, right?
  • Flower picking / treasure hunting is awesome, but why aren’t there any girls who treasure hunt? Some men do some flower picking (but only if they’re animals in the 100 Acre Wood), but I have not encountered a single girl who has asked me to do a treasure hunt. What’s up with that? I mean, in this game where men can wear dresses, I feel like this is kind of weird.
  • So the favors and stock in stores updates four times a day: at 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM. Which… is kind of a pain. I don’t know about you, but I’m not usually awake between 12 and 6 AM. Which bugs me eternally since it means I miss out on a cycle of favors and stock.

So that’s about everything I have to say! I enjoy this game, I recommend it to those of you who kind of like to dink around and be completionists. Or y’know if you just like Disney characters. Or rhythm games! There’s a lot of rhythm games in this, probably because it was originally a Japanese game and I think I read somewhere that those tend to be pretty popular in Japan. I dunno though.

Well, this one has seemed to be much shorter than the last few, as it’s only at 1k words so far. Good job me?

I’m still tired from all of that dang exercise. Ppbbtgfgtg.

Hey wanna see some funny videos? MissEligon made some funny drawings to go with some of ProZD’s voice acting skillz. Poptropica-themed, of course.

Well now that I’ve left you with some high quality content, I think I can be done now. Alley-oop!


Maturity, Communication, and “Fake Fans”: What do you mean this is a fandom blog?

Second day of vacation, I’m almost done with 4th grade on Khan Academy, and I’m going to my grandmother’s house later today. Let’s talk about absolutely none of that.

So, I sit with my younger brother at lunch since I’m bad at socializing. He sits with a bunch of other freshman, one of them – let’s call him Tyrone – he’s a real Debbie Downer. I donated blood for the first time? He replies with “You know that’s a scam, right?” I get myself an ice cream cup from the cafeteria? “You know ice cream’s bad for you, right?” I play Poptropica on the computer while sitting near him? “Isn’t that game for kids, why are you playing it?” Tyrone’s just… Boy do I hate Tyrone. Don’t know why my brother’s friends with him. Go away Tyrone

But there’s something here to be said about people’s obsession with maturity. Why is it such a big deal if somebody enjoys something aimed at a younger demographic? It’s not like it’s hurting you. Personally, I tend to enjoy entertainment for a younger demographic because they’re a heck of a lot more lighthearted than what’s aimed for my age group, and I could stand to have a little bit of cheerfulness in these times, heh. Also, it’s because I like to play games that aren’t too hard to figure out or again, too dark. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not play any video game that mostly revolves around killing people. Not my jam.

Basically, there’s a few reasons I’ll dislike a show. Either it’s a) not engaging enough, b) too gory/violent, or c) insulting to me on a personal level. Believe it or not, I’ve used the last reason with both shows aimed at children and shows aimed at teenagers. Basically, if a show’s trying too hard to be all “hip” and “cool”, or if a show’s clearly created to help children learn simple morals and lessons, or if a show’s focusing more on fanservice then plot, they all go into this last category. I never judge a show based solely on the target demographic, just on it’s content. If it sounds interesting, I’ll give it a shot! Then I’ll decide whether or not to continue based on the first episode. So many people seem to think that the older the demographic, the better a show will be. That is almost definitely not going to be the case, ever. Also the rating system is terrible and makes no sense but that’s for another post/day/whatever.

Basically, shut up Tyrone for thinking you’re so much better than me for playing games with a “T” rating on them. Never liked him anyways, always knew he was bad news, especially when I saw him ring the doorbell like 10 billion times when someone wasn’t coming to the door “quickly enough” for him on Halloween. Jerkface.

Segway into next topic! Communication. It’s important. And it’s something I’ve seen people complain about a lot when it comes to corporations. Let’s see… YouTube, Poptropica, NSA, and What Pumpkin, to name a few off of the top of my head. Well, one of those isn’t like the others. (No Such Agency, please don’t put me on your watchlist. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.) Basically, when you don’t explain what you’re doing, it can get aggravating to people to understand what’s going on! Ordinary consumers are completely at your mercy, wondering when you’re going to let them know about the next update of whatever you’re working on. It might even be worse if it’s a platform one actively uses that suddenly changes how it works without any kind of notice. It’s basically just a terrible way to deal with things. I’ve experienced this sort of things on both sides, honestly. I’ve watched as Andrew Hussie explains nothing about whatever’s going on with his website (warning: MSPA isn’t safe for kids, as in it contains things like memes and swears), and what’s especially aggravating is when MSPA Forums just. Died a few months ago, and he never made a public statement about it. It just died. Completely. It’s been “Offline for Maintenance” for months now. He just stranded an entire userbase because he didn’t feel like explaining what happened, leaving us to just speculate about this mess. And then there’s Poptropica, which has been allegedly been working on Poptropica 2.0 for a while now, but has given us nothing but bits and scraps of what they’re doing. Would it hurt that much just to give us a progress report or an update or something? I also feel like a recent fangame could fall into this category when it comes to lack of communication, but I think I’ve talked enough about this. Basically, just explain what’s happening so the fanbase doesn’t go completely crazy and eventually disenfranchised because nothing new is happening.

Oh wow that was a long paragraph. Huh. Anyways, onto another topic, this idea of “Fake Fans”. Of pretty much anything. First off, shows. You clearly don’t really enjoy it if you watch the dub, or don’t have the merchandise, or don’t keep up with the latest news on everything. And you clearly don’t really like a video game if you only play it casually from time to time and aren’t a completionist or are a girl, because come on girls only play video games to pick up dudes. And you don’t really like this book series if you haven’t read all of the side stories and author’s commentary and have all 3 boxed sets.

Basically: who cares? If they think it’s fun to enjoy, who cares how much they’re into it? It’s fun for them, isn’t it? Why do we have to quantify how much they love something? That’s really weird and messed up. And on the whole “dubbed vs. subbed” thing? Yell at me all you want, but I tend to watch dubs if they’re available. Simply because I enjoy doing other things while watching shows, and it’s easier for me to listen than read dialogue. And unless a dub has a bunch of weird censoring (looking @ you Yu-Gi-Oh and Sailor Moon), there usually isn’t too much lost. Call me a fake fan all you want, but it won’t stop me from enjoying the things I like.

Think I hit everything I planned to talk about today, ha. Better get ready to go to my grandmother’s house for our pre-holiday casual holiday-ish meetup!


Poptropica, Sameface Syndrome, and Gray Ethics: I don’t think these posts will ever get any shorter for a long time

Art is hard. Anybody who does art is sure to tell you this. Honestly, I’m still having trouble with drawing and art-style. Anyways, today I’m going to be talking about my entries into the Poptropica Costume Contest, why Adobe Illustrator is hard to use, and why I have trouble with “Sameface Syndrome”. We’ll see if I actually cover all of these topics or not, I tend to lose track of my posts easily. 😛

First off, #MyPoptropicaCostume contest entries! I decided to base them all off of my own characters, since I think outfits for most of them are cool. I started off with 22(!) ideas for the contest, but ended up whittling it down to drawing only 10, and I’m going to have to enter only three. Welp.


First off is my entry “Future Soldier”. It’s a gender-neutral costume that has the most parts out of all of these costumes: it has separate parts for the bangs, the ponytails, the backpack, the black shirt, the gray armor plate, the white battle skirt, the gray belt and blue decoration, and the three scars on the face. The mouth would just default to whatever the Poptropican’s wearing. It’s based off of my character Liam Koshe with part of the hair coming from Anna Johnson – suffice to say they live in something that’s roughly equivalent to the bad future of Time Tangled Island.


Next is my entry “Futuristic Alien”. It’s a female costume that consists of a fair amount of parts: there’s the ponytail, the swept-over bangs, the ears with earrings, the tube top, the skirt, and the silver hoop belt. The lips is just the basic mouth with lipstick option. It’s based off of my Poptropican OC Urodets, who almost definitely has some alien DNA in there.


The next is costume “Modern Chill”. It’s a female costume that has the hair (which is white, no matter what), the bangs (which is the Poptropican’s hair color), mouth with blue lipstick, the silver looped choker, the shirt and overshirt, the black skirt (which can just be one of those default skirts), and the silver loop belt. It’s based off of another Poptropica OC, Sylvia, who covers up that eye for a very specific reason.


“Scheming Gambler” is my next entry. It’s a female costume that has the parts of the hair, the shirt and tie, the green jacket the goes on top, black shorts (that again can be one of those default parts), and a green cape that serves as the coattails of the jacket and is not supposed to resemble a mustache but does anyways. The mouth can again be one of those basic mouths. This costume is based off of my character Lydia Strong, who’s certainly got Lady Luck on her side.


Halfway there! Next is “Feisty Woman”, which is kind of a vague name, but I never said I was good at naming things, heh. It’s a female costume that consists of the ponytail, the bangs (with the tips always being blue), the blue shirt with lighter blue undershirt, the short light blue skirt, and a frown with blue lipstick on it. In hindsight, this costume might have gotten a nicer effect if I’d changed the eyes to lidded – she looks more concerned than apathetic/bored in this. Oh well. This costume is based off of my character Sasha Small, who certainly doesn’t like the cards she’s been dealt in life.


This one seems to have been a favorite based on the comments it’s gotten, heh. This one is “Modern Look”, which is probably the most unique of all of the costumes. It’s a female costume with hair which is supposed to look like it’s partially shaved, a black tank top, the red-orange overshirt with star, a pair of blue jeans (again, can be a basic piece already in the database), and a smile with orange lipstick. This one is based off of my Poptropica OC Ariel, who isn’t a little mermaid but is probably one of my favorite in terms of appearance.


I like the way this one looks, in general I like this character’s design. This is “Steampunk Woman”, which is a female costume inspired by, well, steampunk. It consists of a long ponytail, bangs with the silver clips, a green pendant, a brown and gold corset, a silver belt, a brown layered skirt, and a smile with golden lipstick. This one is based off of another Poptropica OC, Eleonora. You can probably guess where she fits into the story, but she proves more important than you’d expect. At any rate, this is the last costume based off of any Poptropica OCs.


“Modern Flame” came out a little differently than I planned simply due to the fact that I’m very bad at using Illustrator properly, I think. This is a gender-neutral costume with flamey hair, black crop-top, an orange overshirt, and jean shorts. The mouth can be the basic smile seen in lots of places. The hair was originally going to be a mohawk, then I realized I had no idea how to do that, so I didn’t. It’s based off of my character Yoshi Nix, who has nothing to do with the green dinosaur (I think).


Penultimate costume, let’s go! “Retro Dress” is a female costume that consists of the hair, the top part of the dress, the bottom part of the dress, the belt, and a mouth with pink lipstick. It’s based off of my character Abigail deBois, whom in hindsight kind of resembles Daphne from Scooby Doo. Let’s just say Abigail has some regrets about her physiology.


Final costume I made, and the most simple. “Simple Elegance” consists of a ponytail, a black top, a white skirt, and a smile with pale pink lipstick. That’s it. I mean, I could have added the wings present in the original character’s design, but the fact of the matter is wings are hard and I barely understand Adobe Illustrator as it is. Based off of my character Ella Sus, a shy girl with no legs but has wings.

Whoof, finished with that. Just lied to my teacher and said I was studying for the final. Sorry, I’m a disappointment, but I’m sure I’ll pass the final. ANYWAYS, study for your final and possibly answer this survey to help me pick which outfits to submit? Thanks!

What else was I going to talk about today? Man, this is already a pretty long post. Can’t wait until the inevitable future when I run out of ideas and my posts will just be like five words that mostly consist of “I feel like dabbing today”.

Ah yes, complaining about Adobe Illustrator! Basically, Adobe Illustrator can be a pain. Moving the endpoints of lines around 3/10 would recommend, it’s very hard and annoying. Basically I spend far too much time making sure the curves look good. Mostly it just takes a long time to do, hah. But hey, since Poptropica use vector graphics, better work with a vector program to make the costumes, right? Also these costumes are all very simplistic because holy carp I’m lazy, so so lazy, also as previously mentioned Adobe Illustrator is a little hard to use.

Alright, let’s talk about “Sameface Syndrome”. Known on TV Tropes as Only Six Faces, it’s when the faces of characters tend to look… exactly… the same. This tends to be a large critique against many artists, and I’m certainly not immune from this. But in my defense, when I look at people, I see the same basic features: two eyes, two ears, two eyebrows, a nose, and a mouth, all located in the same order atop a face. Sure, there are differences, but ones I don’t know how to translate to paper/screen when drawing. It probably doesn’t hurt that so much media that I’ve been exposed to has this same sort of idea. I mean, for starters, let’s look at Poptropica, for starters. I know it’s a video game, but if you’re trying to emulate styles, not much to go off on here. Basically, when I design characters, I focus a whole lot more and the colors, hair style, and clothing in my mind rather than the shape of the face. This is because I see most faces as the same – oval. And at the end of the day, I’m not trying to be the next Michelangelo, I’m just trying to express all of these crazy character ideas and stories to the world. I forget where I’m going with this.

Anyways: Yes, I suffer from “Sameface Syndrome”; I don’t know how to fix it without changing my style like crazy; and I’m not trying to be the next great artist. On a somewhat related note, I’m happy with my body and don’t feel the need to lose any weight, so your words mean nothing to me.

I think that’s it for today. Wish me luck getting up earlier tomorrow for finals, ha.

– Ylimegirl

Early Islands Make Me Annoyed: Another long one about anachronism and problems

Yesterday was a fine start to this mediocre blog! Good job me! Too bad I wasn’t sure what to do next. I’m a professional, I have no idea what I’m doing. Anyways, today I decided to go too far in and decide to try and figure out time periods for islands. Time to pull up ye olde island list from the Poptropica Wikia Wiki and dive in!

Let’s start from newest island first because those earlier ones, oh wow those are going to be hard. Monkey Wrench Island, Escape From Pelican Rock, and Timmy Failure all take place in modern times, with MW taking place somewhere in the tropics, EFPR taking place near San Francisco Bay, and TF someplace in the US. Better check the wiki. Oh wow, we’ve got Joey Nigro on there. Wonderful! Let’s see if I can figure this out anyways. … Nope, this wiki’s woefully empty. A shame. Well, it’s an advertisement island anyways, so whatever.

Mystery of the Map features kids from the present going to the time of Erik the Red, which according to Wikipedia (don’t cite it for homework) was in the 900s, or the 10th century, AKA a really long time ago. Like, a millennium ago. Yowzers. Our band of three kids seem to come from somewhere in the US, and Erik the Red came from Norway and established the first Viking settlement in Greenland. So, one of those two places works.

Galactic Hot Dogs… is a mess. At any rate, based on the Galactic Hot Dogs books (I read the first two for free on the GHD website, not worth it), takes place in present times, but in space.

Arabian Nights is loosely based off of the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, specifically the tales of Ali Baba. The stories take place a lo-ong time ago as well, and seem to have first been written down in around the 10th century.

PoptropiCon, Mission Atlantis, and Survival all take place in modern times as well. PoptropiCon takes place in Poptropica’s version of Hollywood, as you can see the back of a Queequeg’s sign seen in Back Lot Island in Episode 1. Mission Atlantis takes place somewhere on the ocean near the mythical city of Atlantis, which has often been said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean, among other locations. Look, it’s a (probably) fake city, we don’t actually know. Survival probably takes place in the American Northwest. Probably. I mean I’m not a wildlife expert but I think those kinds of wildlife live there, right?

Monster Carnival likely takes place in the mid-20th century. I want to say it’s around the 1960’s, based on the clothing the citizens wear and the weird messages about reverse-racism and whatever. Honestly, I’m with Criaha on this: give Ringmaster Raven a happy ending

Mocktropica is definitely takes place in modern times, with it taking place around Poptropica headquarters, which I’m 87% sure is somewhere in California. Virus Hunter Island also takes place in modern times, but I don’t really know where but it’s in a city in the US somewhere, I dunno. I’m very bad at remembering stuff from this island since I spent more time trying to fix all the glitches then enjoy the atmosphere. Also it kind of blurs with Zomberry in my mind a little for some reason, I’m not really sure why.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island takes place in England somewhere, probably in the 1960’s (when the book was published). This is another island I forget easily. I have no idea why.

Super Villain Island takes place in modern times, I think? Look, there’s a lot of anachronisms in this island with how the villains get here and there and what is Zeus doing and BLEH, why am I doing this mess again I don’t know what I’m doing what was the point of this Send Help

Lunar Colony definitely takes place in modern times, with it being both in Florida and on the moon. Wimpy Boardwalk takes place somewhere on a beach in modern times that nobody cares about, and Poptropolis Games takes place in modern times after it comes up again after 1000 years. Twisted Thicket takes place in modern times as well, somewhere on the Scandinavian peninsula. Not sure what language those signs on main street are, but if I did know or bothered to figure it out I’m sure we could solve that mystery. But I’m too lazy to do that so here we are

Vampire’s Curse Island takes place in eastern Europe, probably during the middle ages. S.O.S Island takes place during modern times somewhere in the northern Atlantic, which I assume is the case since it’s based on the real life Titanic which sank somewhere around there. Ghost Story Island’s timeframe is a mess, check out my screaming about it over on yesterday’s post, but it definitely takes place in New England.

Game Show Island takes place during the future after the inventor messed up in modern times, and it takes place all over the world, dawg. I don’t know why I just used dawg, it seemed appropriate. Mystery Train takes place before the first Chicago World’s Fair, which took place in 1893, and, well, in Chicago.

I just realized I’m about halfway there. I can do this, I’m awesome, let’s not mess this up! Shrink Ray Island takes place in modern times, and I want to say somewhere on the east coast. Red Dragon Island takes place in Pennsylvania at the beginning and Japan in the Edo period (1603 – 1868) for the rest of it. Sometimes I forget this one is an sponsored island, it’s a pretty fun ride. I love trying to ninja. Try being the operative word.

Wimpy Wonderland takes place in modern times somewhere else we don’t care about, and Wild West Island takes place in the midwestern United States in the, well, wild west, which according to Wikipedia (again don’t cite this for class) took place during the latter half of the 19th century (1800’s).

Cryptids Island takes place during modern times, with Main Street being somewhere on the east coast (I think) and the rest taking place at various places around the globe. Great Pumpkin Island takes place during modern times or a little before that, whenever the Peanuts comic strips take place. I’m pretty sure it’s also on the east coast.

In case you weren’t sure by now I mostly have no idea what I’m saying.

Steamworks Island is based off of the Steampunk subgenre, which typically takes place in the 19th century. I personally like to believe that it takes place on an artificial island, but it probably takes place somewhere in Europe. Skullduggery Island takes place during the “golden age” of piracy, which takes place at some point between the 1650’s and 1730’s, and takes place probably around eastern Asia, based off of the different smaller islands based off of different cultures.

Mythology Island takes place during ancient Greece, which was around a while ago, aka 5th century BCE to 7th century CE. And, of course, it takes place in Greece. Reality TV Island is another modern island taking place in some poor run-down town that I want to say is in the midwest. Counterfeit Island takes place in modern times as well, but in France.

Astro Knights Island takes place at some point during a (highly-fictionalized) version of the medieval era, which lasted from the 5th to 15th century. Big Nate Island takes place during modern times, and based off of the various Big Nate comic books/strips I’ve read, definitely is somewhere in New England.

Nabooti Island, and island I almost often completely forget is a sponsored island, takes place all over Africa in modern times. And now we get to the harder ones! Spy Island takes place during modern times in some weird place where it’s always night, but likely somewhere in the US. Super Power Island is also another modern-day one that takes place somewhere vague, probably also the United States.

24 Carrot Island… oh boy. Um. Huh. I’m not really sure. Probably during the 20th century, probably somewhere in the midwest. Time Tangled Island, well, it’s time period and location is Yes. Shark Tooth Island is probably another modern one, probably somewhere in the tropics. And Early Poptropica… Um. Wow I hate these earlier islands. Can we just ignore this island? I don’t even want to get started on the “first settlers” or whatever. It’s just a mess.

Well, I’m not sure what the point of that post was. All I know is that it was something to do during brunch when I was bored. Maybe I’ll set up a timeline later? Not today though. Today, I need to end this post and put more announcements down here!

So, I’m thinking of maybe holding a party or livestream or something in the near future? Who knows. I might stream me dinking around on the earlier islands as fast as quickly, or we can look at how stupid the latest Barbie Puppy Movie is, since I’m inevitably getting it for Christmas, or we can all watch a holiday special together. All sorts of ideas! I like you guys, I want to interact with you guys. You’re nice people! (Except for you. I don’t like you. You know who you are.) Anyways, on Thursday I’ll be home for most of the day, so feel free to bother me that day. Also, should I make a separate server for this blog? I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing, ha. I ramble a lot, mostly.

Anyways, I’m very bad at coming up with post ideas, so if you guys ever have ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I won’t mind. I’m a nice girl. Unless it’s been an hour and I haven’t been able to fall asleep even though it’s nighttime. Why would you do this to me, body. (Last night was rough.)

I think that’s everything? Yeah, that’s probably everything.


We Are Post Number One: A rambling post that has something to do with Ghost Story Island in the end

You might be saying it’s the wrong time of year to make this kind of post. You might think I wish it was Halloween for making this post. Joke’s on you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I’m happy with what time of year it is, and I saw A Christmas Carol twice in the last two days, so I’m in the spooky spirit anyways. And hey, it was released in four days five years ago today to Poptropica members, so it’s actually kind of appropriate!

I played this island when it first came out years ago. Pretty sure I couldn’t quite figure it out and I’m impatient, so I went to my only source of Poptropica help at the time, Poptropica Secrets with Fierce Moon. Of course I read a little ahead in that walkthrough, so I knew about the Fiona jumpscare, but since I always had my computer muted… I just kind of saw my Poptropican randomly jump backwards at one point. Anyways, I digress.

I’m looking at the Poptropica Wikia Wiki right now since I don’t really want to touch the Poptropica Gamepedia Wiki for various reasons, but wow look at that trivia! I love me some redundant counting trivia. Anyways I’m getting off-track again! Wait, what is the point of this post? I’m not sure what I wanted to say, but I asked a group of people about what to post here and somebody suggested that my first post be about Ghost Story Island, so here we are.

(And if you’re wondering, I saw A Christmas Carol twice because I was supporting my brother, who was playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in the 40 minute production. He was very good. Of course, now he’s getting the post-show blues, but he’ll be fine. He’s got another show coming up at the high school.)

This island was really fun when I played it the first time and when I played it again, with the hardest part probably being going up the lighthouse stairs. Why do you have to do this to me, jumping is hard! Looking back on it now, of course, the island had a really good (if somewhat dark) plot. Five people who all died as a result of one man’s jealousy over another woman. I always think the way different people are connected is fascinating, and the mystery behind makes a very good story. You know what I’m very bad at critiquing things and expressing my feelings on things I think are good, it seems. But anyways I like this island’s story a lot!

What really trips me up is when the island is supposed to take place. At first glance it’s got to be in the 20th century (1900’s), but what really confuses me is the cameo by Abe. When you go into the bakery, there’s a group of pictures of people talking about their love for Jane the Baker’s sweets. Among them is the late warden, two random characters (who apparently deserve their own wiki pages), and Abe the Gamer Guy from Zomberry Island. And Zomberry Island clearly takes place in modern times, with smartphones and modern cameras and video games. So either Hemlock Harbor likes being retro and old-timey (like that city near me that doesn’t have sidewalks or street lights), Abe has a case of Identical Grandson syndrome with his family, or I’m thinking too hard about the anachronisms of a children’s game.

That’s all I’ve got to say about Ghost Story Island. You know why today’s an important day though? Today Stefan, the actor for Robbie Rotten, will perform We Are Number One LIVE with the other Robbie Rotten doppelgangers. I know I’ll be watching, so I’d suggest tuning in.

You may also notice that this blog is kind of bare-bones. This is because I don’t have a lot of graphics and I’m very lazy at making them. If any of you feel like helping me out in that matter, I certainly won’t object.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got to say. Cheers! (Looks like I’m still stuck in Victorian England thanks to A Christmas Carol, heh.)