Seasonal Review: Fall 2020 (Part 2)

Welcome back gang! I did an attic crawl and decorated up the house, and also bought candy at CVS yesterday. It’s spooky season! Celebrate responsibly. Trick or treating is probably a bad idea. Cosplaying at home is fine. Anyways, this post covers anime that initially aired from October 5th through October 13th.

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Review: Staying in bed for 16 hours like an idiot reading comics and then being shaky and then having to have your bff come over to make you eat a pasta so you don’t die and then watch Shazam together


Anyways um not sure when the LEGO viddy game review will come out because I killed all my free time with that genius move. Peace out

Welcome back.

So… this blog has just been sitting here for like, two years now, unused. I’m honestly surprised if any of you got this in your subscription email box or whatever. I doubt I have any non-spam subscribers here.

Anyways, I got this idea to start trying a review blog of some sort, as my brother does informally on rollercoaster reddit for rollercoasters and my sister does for novels and movies privately and publicly. So I decided to repurpose this old thing. And then didn’t get around to doing it for six months.

But here we are now. I will try to get posts out well, as often as I see fit. I do have an actual job this summer that leaves me fairly busy throughout the week, but maybe I’ll get a post out once a week? We’ll see. Also I used to bill this as a PG blog, but that probably won’t remain the case since I um, enjoy things that are not PG. Sometimes even R! I’ll make sure to put any official ratings (if available) and my personal rating for any media I’ll review.

As it’s been two years, a lot has happened. I went to a specialized track at my high school. I graduated high school. I got a twitter. I made new friends. I lost friends. I started college. I made a bunch of more story concepts. I got YouTube subscribers somehow. And I absorbed a lot more media content all the while.

I’m not sure what I’ll review first, but it’s probably going to be something fairly dumb. Maybe the latest LEGO video game. Probably The Evillious Chronicles. Eventually the summer anime season when it rolls around. Get hype?

See you um, eventually, but hopefully fairly soon.

Cars, Driving, and Golf Carts: Vroom vroom I’m in me car

Alright, today’s post is just going to be a big long list of personal anecdotes all about a specific theme: cars. Why? Because I like talking about myself, I need to write something, and whatever the heck man it’s my blog I can do what I want.

Okay, so first segment, childhood. Some of these might be a little wrong since my memory is bad, and some of these aren’t about me, but they’re about my family so whatever man they count.

As kids we watched Schoolhouse Rock! a lot. At one point, my mom got us a video game for it – I rather enjoyed it, there were some cool games on there. Forget the name of it. It was one of those really old video games, a CD-ROM for playing on the computer. Which was also an old computer. I think at that point in time we still had dial-up connection. Look, I’m old, okay? At any rate, my brother didn’t play this game, but he enjoyed watching me play the game. He especially enjoyed the player character, which was the bunny from the “Lucky Number Seven” song, who bounced around the screen as you went from game to game. He thought that was super funny. (What can I say, he was like, 4.)  At any rate, we were playing this video game just before we were heading out in the car to go… somewhere. (As sidenote, he also had an annoying habit of forgetting his shoes when we went into the car. Just weird little brother things I guess.) He was short enough at this point to be able to stand up in the car. So he went into the car (I was seated at this point) and decided to tell me “Hey, isn’t it funny how the bunny goes-” and at this point he decided to try to jump like the bunny. Thing is, he was short enough to stand up in the car, but not short enough to be able to jump up and down in the car. So he hit his head. Wah-wah. Of course, it was all terrible at the time and he was in huge pain, but in hindsight I find it freaking hilarious.

Also when we were young, we always rode in the minivan, and next to the sliding door there’s those little handles next to the doors, right? Well, my sister (who was four at the time (I was like two, I can’t remember this incident I heard it from my parents)) decided to try and swing on them like they were monkey bars. Well, suffice to say the handle remains broken to this day. It’s not really designed to support the weight of a four year old.

Speaking of my sister, we have two cars that she decided to name as a kid – the minivan is named Rosalie and the CRV is named Adelaide. Another nickname we’ve given to the CRV is the Barkmobile, since my dad used to pick up tanbark in it all the time for our yard – so it would constantly smell like bark whenever my dad took us anywhere, one of the places being gymnastics followed by going to Jamba Juice. Or, as we called it, Gym Juice and Jambanastics. (I can’t remember which was which now.) Along with the blends we got from Jamba Juice (I always got (and still get) Citrus Squeeze), we also picked up tortilla chips that had the brand name of Corazonas. And because we’re very creative, we decided to name a little pink flamingo that was also kept in the Barkmobile Corazonas. We enjoyed messing around with him a bunch – we’d stick him out the car window, roll up the window and have him stick out it. We were certainly safe kids. (Maybe that story my sister tells me about how I once lost a doll out a car window isn’t a lie…) Sometimes my dad decided to let Corazonas “drive” as well, by putting him on the steering wheel and swerving a bit while on the road. He’s certainly a safe driver. (Note: this is sarcasm, please be a safer driver than my dad, don’t do this unless you’re a professional). Speaking of my dad and good ideas, he also decided that the best thing to do while driving next to a big patch of cows would be to roll down the windows for some “fresh air”. Worst idea ever Dad, 0/10, we were stuck with the smell of cows for far too long.

So that last paragraph was nothing in particular, just a bunch of little nonsense. Whatever. Let’s have some more of that, but vacation-related! So to get to vacation destinations, we’d ride in one of those vans with four rows of seats that always smell bad, right? Well, I actually have a different problem with the vans, which is a very specific part of the seat. It’s not the bottom of the seat where your butt goes, it’s the part below that, where the back of your legs rub up against. That part. The vans we always got in… those part was always really scratchy. And I almost never wear pants/skirts that cover up my lower legs (and definitely not in the summer, which was when these vacations were), meaning I always had to deal with it. Ugh. By the time I figured out to bring a little cloth diaper (it’s just a little soft piece of fabric I don’t think we ever used them as actual diapers) to cover up the scratchy part, we started using a different service that didn’t have the scratchy leg-parts. Wah-wah.

Another time when we were heading up to our grandparents house in NorCal, my parents put a movie into a little DVD player for the car since we were little babies who couldn’t handle doing nothing for two hours. Weak. (I think the movie was High School Musical, if y’all care.) At any rate, after the movie was over, the DVD player did this weird thing where it had its logo alternate between red and green and bounce around the screen. So at one point I fell asleep and groggily woke up to see this to think “oh it’s the bouncy ball show they have on TV”. …I have no idea what I was thinking.

Last up is some golf cart shenanigans we got into when we visited Lake Tahoe! A few times when I was young my Dad let me “drive” the golf cart on two different occassions – one time I got to control the gas, and another time I got to control the steering wheel. Never both at the same time. However, this is about the time my brother and I drove a golf cart on accident. So basically we were bored while waiting for our family to finish up at the local hang-out, so went to the golf cart early for some reason. And I guess the keys were left in the car, since we unlocked the parking brake or something and the car started moving. I think it moved less than two yards, tops, but it scared the crap out of us little kids, who were both under ten at the time.

Alright, next segment is present or recent-ish. Most of which deal with me driving, but on purpose and not by accident!

So when I was on a driving instructing lesson (where ya get in car with trained instructor and dink around driving for two hours), we were going down a busy street when this. this complete BUTTHEAD cuts right the frick in front of me. I almost got dinged! My instructor said that was a case I should’ve honked my horn. Dang right it was! …But I didn’t, since I didn’t think of it / I’m too nice.

Another time I should’ve honked at somebody was when I was driving down a street with a 25 mph speed limit, with only one lane going each way. Now, as you may know, Californian drivers don’t really like going the speed limit, but rather about 10 mph above it. So there was this guy tailgating me a lot, not really liking my speed at all. And then, when there were no cars going the other direction… he cuts the frick in front of me. As in, he goes into the other goshdarn lane, OVER THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINE, AND GOES AROUND ME. If you didn’t know, this is super duper hecka illegal. My mom who was in the car with me agreed: that guy was a butthead.

Another time I was in the car recently with my mom I wasn’t actually driving – she was. But it was a bit of a struggle since we were going to the recycling center to drop off cans and bottles (in California and a few other states, you get money for it – start collecting folks!), as well as to drop off some recyclable plastics they don’t pick up curbside. But my parents had missed a round and we didn’t have the minivan available to drive since someone else had taken it, so we had to fit tons and tons and tons of cans into our little CRV. It was so full we could barely see out the rearview mirror. (Kids please don’t do this it’s a very bad idea.) At any rate we managed to get there without incident and dropped off all of our stuff so huzzah!

So, about three years ago, we got another car – a Nissan Leaf. It’s the car I drive in the most since it’s nice and easy. It’s my friend. I drove it to school today. My sister, like she named the other two cars, at the age of 16 named this car again – Shannon Wilson Belle, from the movie Cannibal which you probably shouldn’t watch since it’s from the creators of South Park. But I digress. So it was earlier this year, actually, when this occurred – it was the end of the Homecoming Picnic and we had some leftover stuff, as in banners and napkins and a handful of cupcakes. Since I biked to school that day, my plan was to put them in the locker and pick up everything later. I discovered something bad had happened when I reached my brother’s our locker, however – the lock was missing. I opened up to discover that the one thing we’d been keeping in there – a little silver pouch – had been opened up. Now, this would’ve been the most disappointed locker robber in the world – you want to know what I kept in that pouch? It wasn’t lunch money or credit cards, it was pads. For periods. We placed them in a fancy silver pouch in case my brother had to open the locker around his friends and didn’t want to get embarrassed or whatever if there were pads in there. At any rate, this freaked me out – what if someone stole the cupcakes or the napkins?? So I ut the stuff in the locker and proceeded to bike home the fastest I have ever biked in my entire life. My plan was simple – bike home, take Shannon Wilson Belle back to school, bring back the stuff, done. However, I discovered that when I came home that the Leaf had been taken out by my mom and brother to go to an appointment or something. Now, up to this point I had only driven the van once and it didn’t go so well. So after deliberating for a bit, I decided to take the van. Getting to school was easy enough, even thought it was a little weird. I couldn’t park in the parking lot since it was before 3, but it was after 2 so I could park on the street. Thank goodness! I then discovered something – I couldn’t get the key out. Took a little fumbling but I finally managed to get it out – think I forgot to put it in park or something, heh. I managed to get the cupcakes and stuff into the car no problem, but my mom and my brother had come back from the appointment to discover the van was missing. Oops. So she went out in the Leaf to try and find me (I wasn’t answering my phone since my phone was dead.) So once I got home I had to calm down Mom and that’s when I learned I should never presume my mom won’t come home before I do because when I presume I make a pres out of you and me. Wait, I think that’s wrong.

We got a new lock later, and we haven’t gotten locker robbed since, phew.

Next thing was before I got my learner’s permit – this is up at Lake Tahoe again. Basically our family came up with the best idea ever – to have our Golf Cart be named Cartman. Haha get it, like Eric Cartman and a Golf Cart! So we printed out a picture of Eric Cartman and put it on the windshield. That’s about all we did, but it was the best thing we’ve ever done. My brother’s going to get to drive Cartman this Summer. Wish him luck guys!

So that’s about it for this post! I also have another fun car-related story that I can’t really talk about here since it has a lot of swears involved, but feel free to DM me or ask on #mature about “the gift”.

So… I guess upcoming posts will have to be a review of Pokémon Moon, some other reviews of some TV shows I’ve started watching recently, and maybe I’ll finally do something involving Journal 3.


Periods, Presidents, and Dreams, Oh My!: A big long rant post about various topics

So, I was writing a post, it was totally awesome and wowing everyone, I was so glad I was finally getting my shiznit together and actually making another post, and then I realized I dreamed the whole thing up. Pbbbt.

Which leads me to the topic of today’s post: why I fricking hate dreams. Also various rants about other things happening in my life right now, like politics and menstruation, which will be put below a “read more” so that little kids don’t get scarred by opinions on the Head Cheeto and the completely natural thing about 50% of the population goes through at least once in their life.

So, dreams. For most of my young life, I didn’t experience dreams so much. And by this I mean I didn’t remember my dreams. Everybody dreams, I just don’t like remembering them. Why? For me, they’re too realistic. Now, of course, I don’t mean they make sense, really – once I wake up I often look back and kind of wonder how I could’ve possibly thought it was real. Regardless of the content, the scenarios I find myself in are just realistic enough to confuse me – for example, as in the recent dream I had, I was writing a blog post for this very blog.

I think now is a fine time to note that I am able to read in my dreams. The first time I observed this phenomenon personally was a few years ago when I was in middle school, but in the dream I was at the elementary school with a DS that had a sticker that said “This is the property of Emily and Adam”. Now, it didn’t actually say “Adam” – it had a different name – but that’s not important here. I have talked to my family members about this, and they say they cannot read in their dreams no matter how hard they try. Meanwhile, I dream and find myself browsing the Internet, using Discord, and watching Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. (Look, I told you they were realistic, right?) I also saw an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where he (Batman) figured out he was in a dream because he couldn’t read in it. My casual Google searching on the matter has yielded no results, so I’m curious: can you read in your dreams? Or am I just a Special Snowflake?

Anyways, back to why I hate dreams. The thing is, once I wake up, I’m not sure what actually happened and what was in my weird dreamscape, like say, the blog post I wrote in the dream. (I have absolutely no idea what I was writing it about, but I definitely wrote it.) Of course, details may be tweaked in a dream – like the layout of Disneyland when I dream I’m there and trying to help two lovely tourists find a ride only to find I don’t know where the ride is even though I’ve been going to the park for 15 years and should definitely know this by now.

Quite possibly the worst instance of this was a few years ago. Remember how I mentioned the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse episode? At this point in time, BLITD was kind of… sporadic with when the episodes were released, and we hadn’t had one in months. I was also the only active admin on the wiki. Thus when I dreamed there was a new episode, I recall getting excited in the dream about having to update the wiki. A little while later while I was conscious I realized it was a dream and instantly became depressed that there wasn’t a new episode.

So while my brother is trying to get lucid dreams (he got really close the other day, apparently – he became aware he was in a dream seconds before he woke up), I’m trying to get my dreams to go away. Maybe if I had a better sleep schedule that would help? Or would that be detrimental? Hmm…

Alright, that’s enough of that. Time for me to rant about periods and politics after the read-more.

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Life Update: “Tomorrow” means “A week plus a day”, right?

Uh… so it’s been over a week since my last post.


Okay, let’s see what I have to talk about… On Thursday I went to volunteer at the Rubik’s Cube Club. Pretty much same ol’ same ol’ stuff: teaching kids how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Most of my cubes – some are not my cubes, some of my cubes aren’t pictured. It works out to be about even, I think. And yes I took that one apart to demonstrate how the cube worked, nbd.

On Friday… huh. What did I do on Friday? Well, according to the calendar, nothing happened. So forget Friday!

On Saturday I went to a hockey game with my Dad. Specifically the game between the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues. … The Sharks lost. It was fun, even though it was a terrible idea since we were both still recovering from fevers at the time and we were in a cold arena. 0/10 would recommend, 2/2 would do.

On Sunday nothing much happened, but I saw the crazy (PG13-rated) film Moulin Rouge! It was…. it was something. Thanks sis, for having me watch that crazy fest.

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr Day. Nothing much happened then either. Hmm, I lead a boring life.

Tuesday was back to school, and my first Tuesday at school of the year. Still have yet to go to school on a Monday. Again nothing… nothing much happened. Other than my cat being adorable, as shown in the following pictures.


He really likes that blanket. And I really like him! Love my cats, 17/10

Nothing much happened on Wednesday, other than a lot of technical difficulties at school, and me successfully catching up on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V dub. Next!

And today was more rain and more technical difficulties! Yay! Not only did I go to a new club today at school, I also went and helped string pennants of “warm wishes” over at the library. I saw a looot of pennants, but here are some of my personal favorites!


And that brings us to the present! Fandom-wise, over the last week, not a ton of new news or changes to things I continue to plan to do, but I started playing Pokémon Sun & Moon! You can check out my occassional comments on it over on Ylime’s Mess of a Server.

Oh, and you’ve probably heard this from literally everyone else by now if you’re into Poptropica, but a Poptropica Worlds trailer was released over a week ago! Huzzah!

So… I think it looks alright. The animation is a little choppy. So that makes me a little annoyed, as someone who’s currently doing some animation attempts.

I think it’s neat what they’re trying to do! The characters look really dynamic and uniquely designed. If the animation improves to be nice and fluid (like it is in the current Poptropica), I think it could be really fun!

Alright I think that’s everything for today. If you thought that a week with no content would have me make a longer post, haha you’re wrong.

Expect me to be yelling tomorrow, about things and stuff.


Universal Studios: I’m never going on that Minion ride, ever

Alright so first of all I have edited two of my prior posts! On “Disneyland Tips” I added another tip, and on “Q’bu Tutorial” I added a rule I forgot, heh. Quotes of what I added below!

  • When you get a fastpass it will often tell you you can’t get a fastpass until an hour has passed – this only applies to one park, though! Meaning you can get a fastpass for California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom at the same time. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin in Toon Town and Radiator Springs Racers are also not part of these systems either, so you can actually get four fastpasses all at once! Not sure why you’d want to, but that’s a possibility.

In addition, you can burn a card for someone else if you know their card matches the one just discarded. In turn, you can take one of your cards and add it to their hand. It’s kind of like burning one of your own cards, but also probably making their hand worse.

Alright into the meat of the post! Time to talk about my adventures on the first day of the trip to SoCal.

So as has been the norm for the last few years, we woke up at 4-ish to leave at around 5 am to try and avoid as much traffic as possible. So I woke up at like 4:03, slapped myself silly, and dragged myself out of bed and got some food in me before dinking around on the PHC for a bit and then getting in the car and feeling super out of it for the next few hours, trying to do various things but not focusing at all and kinda dozing off. Basically it was terrible.

We then stopped at a Starbucks near a Bravo Farms, I had a poppy seed muffin and a caramel frappuccino (I am the epitome of health), and then we continued on our way. Played a bunch of games, dinked around a lot, etc. Then we arrived at Universal Studios! And in we went.

So beforehand my mom said that someone told her that Universal Studios was more of a half-day thing, not even a full-day thing. After being there, I’d have to agree.

So we started off in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, of course. It looked amazing. Like we were really in Hogsmeade! We went on the two rides – the first one was Flight of the Hippogriff. It’s kind of short, tame roller-coaster, which is fine with me since I’m a wimp, but might be a little “meh” for people who like more intense things. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, on the other hand? Oh wow, that was amazing. The waiting line alone was immersive and super accurate to the movies. And the ride – oh wow, the ride! It was a rush and we got to go all over Hogwarts, which was super fun! It was a nice mix between animatronics and filmed sequences. It was also nice seeing younger versions of the cast (the bits for the ride were filmed during the sixth movie production). While the line is long, I recommend going through it at least once to experience everything – once you get into the castle part of the waiting line it looks particularly incredible! Single rider for every other time, I suppose.

We then got ourselves some butterbeer, which was delicious! Very good. We considered getting a wand, but decided not to – heck, just seeing them on display and getting to handle them was cool enough. We also stopped inside Honeyduke’s and other stores, where we decided that the pygmypuff stuffed animals have ridiculously soft fur.

After that I went off to see the Shrek 4D presentation. Nothing spectacular about it, though the pre-show presentation was pretty cool. My sister then went off to meet Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona – he sang to her, it was really nice. Too bad Donkey looks really freaky and reminds me of a FNAF animatronic.

We couldn’t think of anything else to do in the upper lot, so we headed down to the lower lot. When you go to the lower lot, be sure you get everything you want done there in one go, because you don’t want to have to go through all of those sets of escalators more than twice.

We went on Transformers: The Ride 3D. Let’s say it’s as violent and confusing as one of the actual movies. (ba-dum tish!) It doesn’t help that I don’t know too much about Transformers other than some rudimentary basics. My dad basically described his thoughts on the ride as “rock-em sock-em robots”, which was pretty accurate – the ride was move along, go to a screen, watch robots punch each other, have some jolting around to simulate movement, next screen. Confusing, not very exciting, and an easy way to get motion-sick. Good thing I don’t!

I’d talk about more rides here, but as I mentioned earlier I’m a wimp so I didn’t go on anything else in the lower lot, and I didn’t care for anything else in the upper lot. As a sidenote my sister asked how much she’d have to pay me to take a picture with a minion. I informed her that it would be a lot more than she’d be willing to pay.

Overall, it’s not much of an exciting park. I don’t really see the need to go more than once, and certainly not for more than one day. There’s not a lot oftheming other than the kiddy stuff seems to be in the upper lot and the adult stuff seems to be in the lower lot but even that isn’t really true if I think about it too hard. They put attractions of the same theme together, but that’s not really theming, that’s just convenience. Harry Potter Land is probably the best part of the park honestly.

While going throughout the park I noticed a lot of sound-bleeding, in that I’d hear sounds from one attraction when at another – while over by the Jurassic Park ride, I kept hearing noises of the Transformer animatronics. It kind of ruins the mood when you hear music outside of the areas it’s supposed to be in! I also heard some Harry Potter when waiting in line for Shrek 4D, that was a little weird.

Outside the park their version of Downtown Disney is called “Universal Citywalk”. It’s got a lot more shops with a lot more variation, but is a lot more… cluttered? Everything’s kind of shoved together without much room to breathe.

While leaving the park I saw Beetlejuice dancing to cha-cha slide. That was certainly something. All-Star by Smash Mouth also started playing as we exited the park. A pretty nice way to end the day.

So my basic review of the park is that there’s not a ton there, I wouldn’t suggest making a trip that consists solely of going to this park. You really only need half a day to hit pretty much everything. Harry Potter World is amazing, but nothing else is too spectacular – it’s entertaining, but not great.

Oh! Parking was terrible. They were really controlling with where to go to park and pretty much made their own traffic jam. They also had the entire first floor empty for like, clean air vehicles or something. The spaces weren’t being used! At all! Couldn’t you just… open them up to everyone at some point? So parking’s bad, not because it’s crowded, but because of its setup.

Anyways, after finishing up at the park, we drove over to a Denny’s, had food, drove to the hotel, and I’m now sitting on the bed typing this up, feeling tired since I’ve been awake for 18 hours. Whoof.

Into Disneyland tomorrow!


Q’bu Tutorial: The game of indeterminate spelling

Today marks a week since I started doing Wii Fit Plus, and also the first time I tried to do a plank on it. Suffice to say after 8 seconds I started screaming “NOPE ABORT” and started panicking and trying to figure out how to exit the activity. Anyways.

IT’S TIME. It’s time for y’all to learn the game that’s pronounced like “kəbuː” but I’m not sure how to spel (Ceboo? Caboo? Keboo? Kaboo? Cabu? Kabu? Cebu? Kabu?), so I’m going to go full-on Gorgl’psi and just call it Q’bu.

To play Q’bu you need a standard 52 card deck along with 2 jokers. The goal of the game is to have your hand add up to 3 or less points. 2-10 are worth the value on the card, aces are worth one point, face cards are worth 10 points, jokers are worth 0 points, and red kings are worth -1 points.

You start the game by dealing out four cards to each player facedown, two a row. The player may look at the bottom two cards only and are not allowed to look at them again unless they get a special card. (A player gets 5 if they lost the last round as part of their top row.) Play goes around by picking up cards from the deck and then choosing whether to put it in the discard pile or swap with a card in your hand and put that card in the discard pile. If you discard certain cards directly from the deck, you can perform special actions:

  • 7 & 8: Look at one of your own cards
  • 9 & 10: Look at somebody else’s card
  • Jack & Queen: Blind swap (swap two cards without looking at them)
  • Black King: Smart swap (look at two cards and decide whether or not to swap them)

If a player discards a card, one player can then discard or “burn” any cards they have that have the same rank. If someone burns a card that doesn’t match, they have to pick up an extra card to add to their hand.

In addition, you can burn a card for someone else if you know their card matches the one just discarded. In turn, you can take one of your cards and add it to their hand. It’s kind of like burning one of your own cards, but also probably making their hand worse.

And in case you were wondering, you’re not allowed to take notes on the cards around the table – ya gotta keep it in your head. My brother remembers it by tapping out a rhythm, I personally use the tactic of rhythmically clicking my tongue.

When a player has 3 or less points in their hand and think they can win, instead of picking up a card they say “Q’bu”. This player’s hand gets “locked” and they are now the only player at the table who can win or lose; every other player gets one more turn to try and beat their hand. After everyone else has played, everyone reveals their hand. If the person who said “Q’bu” has the best hand, they win. If anyone else at the table has a better hand, they lose.

If you’re playing competitively, each time someone wins they get a point and each time someone loses they lose a point; rounds of play continue until someone reaches 5 points (or was it 3? I forget pick your own number).

So that’s how to play Q’bu!

In other news, I published a poetry today! If you didn’t know I’ve written a lot of poetry. It’s called “Lamp” and explains some things and probably makes people more confused for anyone who tries to follow along with whatever’s happening in this crazy multiverse of stories I’ve made up.

Boy howdy I hope this explanation of gameplay made sense. That’s all for today!


I Forgot The Title Again: I need to remember to type this out before I hit publish goshdarnit

I almost went TWO WHOLE DAYS without updating y’all on this blog. How horrible!

Anyways, happy new year folks! 2016, at long last, is finally dead. Let’s just hope 2017 is somewhat better…

At any rate, my New Year’s Eve wasn’t terribly exciting. I played some Monopoly Deal, ate some “triple-threat” brownies, and finished an anime. I did come on voice chat on the PHC for a little bit around midnight though. Sidenote, I stayed in bed until after noon today. I think the rest of my family members’ New Years Eves were a little more exciting – my brother was in Palm Springs with our cousin and grandparents, my mom and dad both got a little buzzed, and my sister woke up to find a classmate of hers drunk texted a nude to a group chat. (She deleted it.) Fun times.

Uh, New Years Resolutions! That’s a thing people do, right? Haven’t really made an official list before, so now you can dangle these over my head in the future when I inevitably fail them.

  • Do more Wii Fit Plus / try and be active at some point daily.
  • Be able to do a jackknife, or a push-up, or some other exercise I can’t properly do at the moment.
  • Do well in school.
  • Eat less sweets.
  • Make some friends.
  • Catch up on my various shows.
  • Draw more.
  • Write more.
  • Smile more.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Be nicer.
  • Play the new Pokémon games.
  • Clean out my closet.
  • Play more Poptropica.

And one more secret one for myself alone to know 👀.

I think that’s about it for today? I’m. I’m very bad at keeping a schedule for this blog, aren’t I? Hah. Uh, so tomorrow I’m seeing Moana? Guess I can talk about that. Maybe I’ll start playing Pokémon eventually soon probably, and also start going through Journal 3 again. And I’m going to Disneyland this Saturday (school? why should I have to go to that) so there’s that. And I also still need to teach y’all K/Cabo(o) some time!

Oh, last thing! PHB did a recap thing-a-ma-doohicker, and I got a nice little tribute!

There are only two words to describe Ylime as an author overall: simple & cool. Her nickname may be tricky to pronounce (ee-lime; ye-lime?), but that doesn’t matter. Ylimegirl has made a decent legacy for herself, and besides blogging, she is known for standing up for what she believes in and even making it humorous at times. She is always on the PHC ready to chat, and is now blogging on her own site.

Thanks Slip (and whoever else inevitably contributed to the post), I appreciate it! And if you ever need a pronunciation guide for my nickname, I have the most basic and simple one right over here on my Gravatar! Makes perfect sense, right?

Uh, see you tomorrow when I’ll probably review Moana!


Disney Magical World 2 Review, Part Two: I cannot properly do a jackknife and I’m sorry for disappointing you artificial Wii Fit Plus trainer whose mouth doesn’t move

Today I started doing Wii Fit Plus, after 800+ days of not doing it (that’s like 2 years). I’m… I’m still a little tired from the whole 50 min ordeal. Whoof. Anyways, what are my reasons for doing this? Basically I tend to live a sedentary life of me sitting on my butt and never leaving the house. So I’m trying to get myself fit again!

I feel like now is an important time to discuss something about body weight: Being plus-size is a symptom of a poor lifestyle, but losing weight isn’t a cure. Anyways, to clarify that, it’s not so much that “overweight” people need to lose weight, there’s simply a possibility that they aren’t being as active as they should. Losing weight alone doesn’t cure poor nutrition or sedentary lifestyles – sure, some things done to lose weight certainly help fix those other problems, but it isn’t the weight alone that was the problem in the first place! So tl;dr the problem isn’t body weight but lifestyle, and I’m exercising not to lose weight but to be more active in general.

Okay that was kind of preachy, sorry ’bout that. Anyways, Wii Fit Plus! Did some rhythm kung fu, rhythm boxing, and rhythm parade (I like rhythm games, can you tell), along with a 30-minute free-step (while watching LazyTown, of course) and the workout designed to lose weight around the tummy, allegedly. (I’m not very good at jackknives, it seems.)

So it was tiring but this is what I plan to be my plan for the rest of break every day, and then whenever I have time during the school year? We’ll see. Don’t think I’ll be able to do it at Disneyland in January (Oh BTW I’m going to Disneyland in like a week), but I think walking all around the park will make up for it. I mean, if my feet are sore by the end of the day, I’m probably walking a fair amount, right?

Anyways, I said yesterday that today was going to be part 2 of that review I started yesterday, so here we go. Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m a liar and a failure. Uh, I claimed that Daisy had a house. She does not. Whoops. Also I realized I completely failed at explaining a fair amount of the core mechanics of the game! So I’m going to see and go through those really quick. Also I discovered another mechanic that takes place in Castleton (the hub) yesterday after the post, so I’m going to touch on that yesterday. And after all that maybe we’ll get to discussing each of the worlds. Maybe.

To make sure I cover all of the core game mechanics I’ll go through the tutorials to double-check. Let’s go!

Oh gosh there’s. There’s a lot of tutorials. Why are there so many tutorials

Okay, let’s go in order. By pressing the L and R buttons at the same time, you can take a screenshot of the top screen at any point in time. At the top of the bottom screen there’s a little hint/walkthrough thingy to help you figure out what to do next. I already explained about Happy Stickers in the last post… Greetings can be obtained by talking to the King, they’re just little actions you can do by pressing the arrows on the arrow pad thingy. You can use them to collect puzzle pieces from characters by greeting them. There’s a star pin put on the map to show you where to go next based on the hint, I already explained about gathering, you can put furniture in your room if you want (I haven’t decorated it at all), and of course you can change your clothes.

Nice points! Better talk about those now. You earn Nice! points by wearing Ace Ensembles, which is bascially a collection of clothes that all match. When you go near characters while wearing one, they’ll give you Nice! points. Nice! points can be redeemed at the Shop of Wonder for recipes, fishing rods, puzzle pieces, and good luck charms.

Clothing and furniture is made by collecting the necessary materials along with a certain amount of money, which are then used to make clothing at Daisy’s boutique or furniture at Chip and Dale’s. Unlike the last game, all pieces of an Ace Ensemble are made at once now rather than one at a time, thank goodness.

I think I covered most of the battle mechanics last post? Eh, not too important. Onwards!

Food at the café is made like furniture or clothing, but you only have to pay coins the first time you make an item. After that, all you need are the ingredients!

Think I covered almost everything else about the café and magical dreams… Ah yes, the Notice Board! A useful thing to help you organize your things. Thing. Has six subsections. The Castleton Chronicle tells you basic things like when the next seasonal holidays start, if there’s seasonal goods at McDuck’s, and how many new greetings from the King are available. There’s also Target Stickers, which shows what stickers are easy to obtain next. Unlocked is a section showing you what was recently unlocked by collecting Happy Stickers. News Flashes tell you when the café sells out and when new pickaxes are ready (for Snow White’s world I’ll talk about it later probably). The last two are Café Requests and Favors, which show which of each are available at the moment. It’s a good edition to the menu.

Okay, time to talk about the new mechanic I discovered later than I was intended to and kind of accidentally. So after inviting Cinderella to a party at the café I got an invitation from Letita (Letta) to go to a ball. So that’s how I discovered that you can go to balls at the castle! Who knew? I didn’t. There was literally no way for me to discern how to unlock going to balls. That’s some kind of bullcrap honestly. Every other big event in-game was signaled to you on how to unlock it. Here I just stumbled upon it!

So anyways, unlock balls by inviting Cinderella to the café. Then you can unlock character-specific balls by inviting certain characters to the café. Not sure which ones, but I’ve gotten ones for Cinderella, Tangled, and Frozen at the moment.

Balls were a mechanic in the last game just for Cinderella’s world, but they’ve certainly improved it. It’s a rhythm game where you press buttons in time as the pointer rotates around a circle. When it hits the point on the circle, ya gotta press the right buttons. Sometimes you have to hold it down for a while. It’s all in rhythm with the music so that makes it easier. Also at some points you have to just push a bunch of specific buttons in order in a certain amount of time.

The balls are pretty fun, but a little challenging for me personally because that aforementioned crack on the upper screen just blocks out some of the cues, so I have to tilt the 3DS away from me at the right angle to be able to discern what I’m supposed to do for that sector. Despite that, I’m able to get a gold rating on my balls so there.

Well I’m at about 1k words so let’s take a little breather before I get into each of the individual worlds. So let’s talk about how I cried last night over an anime finale!

So the anime is rated PG-13 according to and is called Charlotte. It’s basically about people who get superpowers when they’re teenagers and lose them when they become adults. It gets kind of messed up at times, but boy howdy did I cry like a baby at the ending. I historically don’t cry at a lot of things so it was kind of strange, but it’s probably due to one or more of the following factors: it was late at night, I was sick, and my hormones were out of whack because of, well, I’m a cisgendered woman take a guess. At any rate, it’s a good anime and that’s why I started watching LazyTown last night since I needed a joyous pick-me-up afterwards. And, of course, to balance out this depressing anime, I have started watching another PG-13 anime, K, which also seems to be start getting into some crazy things goshdarnit why do I keep doing this to myself.

Uh, okay, that’s enough of an interlude. Time to talk about each of the worlds!

So after you complete the tutorial you encounter the first world, which is Hawaii / Lilo and Stitch. I. I freaking love Lilo and Stitch. It’s a very good movie, everyone should watch it, please watch it. So I guess I’m going to talk about what makes each region unique? In Hawaii you can go surfing out in the ocean, which can be a little hard to get the hang of at first but is pretty fun, and also earns you Nice! points. There’s also two missions so far that require you to hula dance, which is pretty much identical to ballroom dancing. The character models all look pretty nice, though Lilo’s a little freaky at times. They kept Pleakley in a dress, which makes me pretty happy. Let him wear what he wants yo!

The missions for this region all connect for this final battle/idea involving you competing in a hula contest, which seems to work pretty well for a connected story. The one thing I hate is that this world has the ghost called the Buzza-Bozz, which can duplicate and make more of itself. That’s just obnoxious.

Next world is… Arendelle / Frozen. As mentioned in the disclaimers for the last post, I dislike Frozen. A lot. Boy do I hate Frozen. So… Arendelle’s story is based around Anna trying to throw a snowman festival or something for Elsa since Elsa’s all broody or whatever because of queenly duties. I groan inwardly for each of the mission setups because I find it boring since as mentioned I hate Frozen, but really the area’s probably not that bad? I dunno.

Next we go back to the 100 Acre Wood from the first game. It’s got a bit of an upgrade – a bit bigger, a bit more spaced out. Still the same basic buildings and stuff around the wood though. The missions here all revolve around trying to make a hunny party to celebrate the arrival of Kanga and Roo, who they remembered to put in the wood this time. Good job! 100 Acre Wood’s changes certainly improve it from the last game. I haven’t completed the main mission storyline yet, but it seems mostly good. It also has no ghost-hunting missions, but it does allow you to grow food in a garden instead.

Next up would be Snow White’s World / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which has a mine where you can mine for Twinkle Stones or whatever which can be used to buy puzzle pieces. Pickaxes can be used to mine and are generated every 30 minutes for a maximum of 3 pickaxes. Mining is a rhythm game where you press A in time. Not too hard. Snow White’s world doesn’t seem to have a storyline yet as far as I know, but each of the dwarves live up to their personality and are fun to mine with. My one complaint is that true to his name, Sleepy’s mining minigame is much slower than the rest, which trips me up a bit. Not to mention none of the other dwarves’ mining game speeds are affected by their personality. All I’m asking for is a little bit of consistency! Just a little! There are also no ghost-hunting missions in this world.

Then we get to Atlantica / The Little Mermaid, which has you become a mermaid and dive under the sea. I’m not so far in this one either, but the plot seems to revolve around you trying to collect performers for an upcoming musical performance thingamadoohicker. Swimming around as a mermaid is pretty cool! That’s… that’s pretty much all I have to say here.

Last is Wonderland / Alice In Wonderland. This one also got updated a bunch from the last game and is honestly much better than the first version, heh. In the first game, it’s just an area where you’re small, the hedge maze, and the mad tea party. Not too exciting. This one takes you into Tulgey Wood, which is delightfully weird like the spirit of Alice in Wonderland is. They still kept around the hedge maze, but that area’s a little bigger and a little less mediocre than the last one was. I haven’t gotten far… at all… in this one’s storyline, so I can’t really say anything about it.

So I’m at 2000 words again for this post! Yeehaw! So tomorrow’s post will be about some miscellaneous comments/complaints, and my overall view of the game. Thanks for sticking around on this crazy adventure of me attempting to review a video game.