Hello, welcome to my blog! Originally created as a space for me to talk about basically anything, I rebranded it in June 2019 to serve as a place for me to put my reviews about things I like and things I hate. So basically still just a place for me to talk about whatever I want.

When reviewing media, I’ll give an official rating, if applicable, as well as my personal rating. I split my personal ratings into three categories:

Everyone means that the media is for, well, everyone. Nothing in said media should contain anything inappropriate for children to see. Although it might not be targeted towards children, you can probably read or view it with your parents or grandparents without any awkward moments.

Teen means that the media has some heavier themes or crass language thrown in throughout it. It may also feature some more physically intimate scenes, though nothing truly explicit. Go in with caution, and I wouldn’t recommend checking it out until you’ve hit your teen years (13+).

Adult means that the media is dark, features a lot of swears, sex scenes, gore and violence, or basically anything that I think anyone should approach with caution due to its content. Very little of the media I review will fall into this category simply because I’m not a huge fan of content that would contain the things that would make me place it under this rating.

For a better idea of what these ratings mean, I would recommend checking out my interests page, which gives each media listed one of these personal ratings. I utilize these ratings instead of traditional ones because I think some things, like the difference between PG and G, to be fairly silly and inconsistent.

Clearly based on these ratings I won’t be keeping this blog kid-friendly anymore in terms of the content of what I’m reviewing, but I’ll try and keep everything fairly light here.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

–Emily “Ylimegirl” Coolkid Lrig

(P.S. I recommend checking out my sister’s blog! She’s got more formal and analytical takes than I do on things, and she has good opinions on things even if I don’t agree with them 100% of the time. Be warned: She doesn’t watch anime.)

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