Seasonal Review: Spring 2020 (Part 1)

So, last time my seasonal review got delayed simply because of procrastination. This time, it was because OUR FUCKING INTERNET WAS BROKEN FROM MARCH 29TH TO APRIL 9TH. Very LOVELY timing especially since I WENT BACK* TO SCHOOL ON MARCH 30TH (*”back” meaning “oh hey its time for online classes and pacing yourself good luck”). This among, uh (gestures widely), meant that I was a little bit slower on the watching uptake than usual. I was able to watch SOME anime on my phone using our temporarily boosted cellular plan, but it’s not my favorite way to watch it. Just above watching on one of those in-seat screens on an airplane, I think.

Anyways, while I’d actually uh, finished watching all of the anime covered in this post for a whiiile now, I didn’t get around to banging out my thoughts until now, so. This post covers anime that initially aired from April 1st through April 4th.

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