We Are Post Number One: A rambling post that has something to do with Ghost Story Island in the end

You might be saying it’s the wrong time of year to make this kind of post. You might think I wish it was Halloween for making this post. Joke’s on you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I’m happy with what time of year it is, and I saw A Christmas Carol twice in the last two days, so I’m in the spooky spirit anyways. And hey, it was released in four days five years ago today to Poptropica members, so it’s actually kind of appropriate!

I played this island when it first came out years ago. Pretty sure I couldn’t quite figure it out and I’m impatient, so I went to my only source of Poptropica help at the time, Poptropica Secrets with Fierce Moon. Of course I read a little ahead in that walkthrough, so I knew about the Fiona jumpscare, but since I always had my computer muted… I just kind of saw my Poptropican randomly jump backwards at one point. Anyways, I digress.

I’m looking at the Poptropica Wikia Wiki right now since I don’t really want to touch the Poptropica Gamepedia Wiki for various reasons, but wow look at that trivia! I love me some redundant counting trivia. Anyways I’m getting off-track again! Wait, what is the point of this post? I’m not sure what I wanted to say, but I asked a group of people about what to post here and somebody suggested that my first post be about Ghost Story Island, so here we are.

(And if you’re wondering, I saw A Christmas Carol twice because I was supporting my brother, who was playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in the 40 minute production. He was very good. Of course, now he’s getting the post-show blues, but he’ll be fine. He’s got another show coming up at the high school.)

This island was really fun when I played it the first time and when I played it again, with the hardest part probably being going up the lighthouse stairs. Why do you have to do this to me, jumping is hard! Looking back on it now, of course, the island had a really good (if somewhat dark) plot. Five people who all died as a result of one man’s jealousy over another woman. I always think the way different people are connected is fascinating, and the mystery behind makes a very good story. You know what I’m very bad at critiquing things and expressing my feelings on things I think are good, it seems. But anyways I like this island’s story a lot!

What really trips me up is when the island is supposed to take place. At first glance it’s got to be in the 20th century (1900’s), but what really confuses me is the cameo by Abe. When you go into the bakery, there’s a group of pictures of people talking about their love for Jane the Baker’s sweets. Among them is the late warden, two random characters (who apparently deserve their own wiki pages), and Abe the Gamer Guy from Zomberry Island. And Zomberry Island clearly takes place in modern times, with smartphones and modern cameras and video games. So either Hemlock Harbor likes being retro and old-timey (like that city near me that doesn’t have sidewalks or street lights), Abe has a case of Identical Grandson syndrome with his family, or I’m thinking too hard about the anachronisms of a children’s game.

That’s all I’ve got to say about Ghost Story Island. You know why today’s an important day though? Today Stefan, the actor for Robbie Rotten, will perform We Are Number One LIVE with the other Robbie Rotten doppelgangers. I know I’ll be watching, so I’d suggest tuning in.

You may also notice that this blog is kind of bare-bones. This is because I don’t have a lot of graphics and I’m very lazy at making them. If any of you feel like helping me out in that matter, I certainly won’t object.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got to say. Cheers! (Looks like I’m still stuck in Victorian England thanks to A Christmas Carol, heh.)