Seasonal Review: Fall 2019 (Part 2)

Hello and welcome back! Not much to say here, let’s get right into it. This Seasonal Review entry covers anime released from October 6th to October 13th.

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Seasonal Review: Fall 2019 (Part 1)

No, that Lego video game review hasn’t come out. Oops.

Here we go, the beginning of a new anime season and the beginning of my career as a college sophomore! Hopefully this time I won’t fail half my classes. Well, I definitely won’t, because I’m taking an odd number, so failing half would be impossible. Yes, I’m safe! I’ll be doing something a little bit different this time–instead of forcing myself to watch an entire episode if I’m not enjoying it, I’ll stop and I will, of course, make a note of such in the review. I’ll also be splitting the season up a little differently, due to the heavy skew of anime released during the first week of the month compared to the second week.

This Seasonal Review entry will cover anime released from October 2nd to October 5th, as well as Cannon Busters, which was released in its entirety on August 15th.

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Review: Staying in bed for 16 hours like an idiot reading comics and then being shaky and then having to have your bff come over to make you eat a pasta so you don’t die and then watch Shazam together


Anyways um not sure when the LEGO viddy game review will come out because I killed all my free time with that genius move. Peace out

Seasonal Review: Summer 2019 (Part 2)

Welcome back to the seasonal review! This entry covers anime released from July 8th to July 14th. I’ll also mention other anime that will start airing sometime before the season ends, but can’t review yet because, well, they’re not out.

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Seasonal Review: Summer 2019 (Part 1)

Well, here we go, the main event, the thing I really wanted to do with this dang blog. The seasonal review, where I watch the new anime of the season and give ’em my opinions based on the first episode. This entry will cover anime released from July 1st to July 7th, along with the Netflix anime 7 Seeds that was released in its entirety on June 28th. I will be skipping over shorter comedic anime (that tend to be more difficult to find subtitled releases for), as well as additional seasons of anime I haven’t watched.

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Quick Picks: Pride!

Okay so pride month ended yesterday. Whatever. I’m doing this now anyways. This is another thing I’m going to try and do alongside reviews and my inevitable “anime season review” thing that will come out at the end of this week, after the season kicks off in earnest. Just a list of things I like based around a specific theme, specifically in this case, media with canon LGBT+ rep, and not just things I like to pretend has LGBT+ rep, which is… basically everything (oops). I’m also not listing anything that is um, not good with it’s rep, or media you’ve probably already heard of, like say Sailor Moon or The Legend of Korra. Here we go.

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Review: The Evillious Chronicles – Come, Kneel to Me!

Hatsune Miku, and by extension VOCALOID, is a cultural phenomenon. Almost everyone has seen or heard the twin-tailed virtual diva, whether its in concert, in anime, or in poorly translated YouTube music videos. While many consider her the first VOCALOID, this is false, and while I could go into the expansive history of the VOCALOID product, I’ll spare you the trouble. What’s important for this interview is that one man saw this wave of hype when the product was first released over a decade ago in 2007, and chose to buy the succeeding VOCALOID product released by Crypton Future Media, Kagamine Rin & Len, and start using them for vocals, leading to his two most famous works being released in April 2008: “The Daughter of Evil” and “The Servant of Evil”, becoming the keystone for his expansive multimedia series entitled The Evillious Chronicles.

The Evillious Chronicles (エヴィリオス年代記) by mothy_Akuno-P

Personal Rating: Teen

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Welcome back.

So… this blog has just been sitting here for like, two years now, unused. I’m honestly surprised if any of you got this in your subscription email box or whatever. I doubt I have any non-spam subscribers here.

Anyways, I got this idea to start trying a review blog of some sort, as my brother does informally on rollercoaster reddit for rollercoasters and my sister does for novels and movies privately and publicly. So I decided to repurpose this old thing. And then didn’t get around to doing it for six months.

But here we are now. I will try to get posts out well, as often as I see fit. I do have an actual job this summer that leaves me fairly busy throughout the week, but maybe I’ll get a post out once a week? We’ll see. Also I used to bill this as a PG blog, but that probably won’t remain the case since I um, enjoy things that are not PG. Sometimes even R! I’ll make sure to put any official ratings (if available) and my personal rating for any media I’ll review.

As it’s been two years, a lot has happened. I went to a specialized track at my high school. I graduated high school. I got a twitter. I made new friends. I lost friends. I started college. I made a bunch of more story concepts. I got YouTube subscribers somehow. And I absorbed a lot more media content all the while.

I’m not sure what I’ll review first, but it’s probably going to be something fairly dumb. Maybe the latest LEGO video game. Probably The Evillious Chronicles. Eventually the summer anime season when it rolls around. Get hype?

See you um, eventually, but hopefully fairly soon.

Pokémon Moon Review: I’m seeing Hamilton today so uhhh yeah that’s a thing

Hey guys!

It’s been over a month, but it’s finally time! Time for me to review Pokémon Moon! Huzzah!

Usually I’d make some sort of personal update here, but that’s for scrubs. If you really wanna know what’s going on in my day to day life, check out my Discord! Unshameful plugs are for the real winners.

At any rate, let’s go! Review is after the break.

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The Lego Batman Movie Review: I am slightly less bad at MarioKart then my parents (look, guys, I love you, but you’re really bad, we both know that, we played it today)

I am. Extremely bad at keeping a blog. I am extremely bad at a lot of things. I’m just really goshdarn lazy.

Uhhhh so what on EARTH have I been up to since my last (serious) blog post?? Well, I had to work for a big exhibition my school had. That was cool. And now my professionally-printed art is hanging in my house! Baller. I also continued rehearsals for a little 45 minute play and performed that four times in two days. I like to believe I did an excellent job. Oh, and I got my hair cut. And I saw Rent. Then we went up to Oregon to meet my sister at college, then we went up to Seattle to tour two colleges before flying back home. Then I saw The Lego Batman Movie, which was so amazing oh my gosh??? So if you couldn’t tell this is going to be a review of The Lego Batman Movie.

So first off, backstory of me going to the movie. So basically if you didn’t know I’m kind of bad at making friends, so I’ve been trying harder this calendar year. Which meant that I invited a friend I made to come to the movie with me! First time in a long time I’ve invited a person to do something, hah. After a bit of scheduling mishaps we managed to decide on Thursday in the afternoon. We met up at the theatre, got snacks, sat down and watched this masterpiece of a movie, then hung out afterwards to finish off the free refill we got on popcorn. And we’re probably going to do this again in September when The Lego Ninjago Movie comes out! Oh, and I put on a special outfit for this momentous occasion.

So first off: spoiler-free review. If you’ve seen The Lego Movie, it’s pretty much as good as that one! And if you haven’t seen The Lego Movie, you’re fine. There isn’t anything in there you can’t understand – there are like 2 references to it in there, tops. There are definitely some jokes that are specific to Batman lore, but I think you can enjoy it without extensive knowledge of Batman’s history – I mean, as long as you understand Batman’s basic premise (guy dresses up as bat and fights crime along with various youngsters in halloween costumes) you can certainly get most of them!

Honestly? This movie was a breath of fresh air when it came to superhero flicks. I’m sure everyone and their mother has told you by now that superhero movies have been ridiculously serious and gritty recently, and boy howdy that is true. I mean we don’t need it to be ridiculously campy like the Batman 60’s show, but we can have a serious movie without making everything boring grays! And this certainly shows it. There is a serious conflict and sense of urgency in this film, but it still manages to be light-hearted and funny.

I just realized last time I tried to divide this review up into categories or something?? LOL that’s for scrubs, real reviewers just barf out their feelings without any sense of structure.

Alright let’s go into the SPOILER ZONE!! Below the cut.

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