Disneyland 2k17 Day 2: I lied yesterday, I’m not fine, please let this fever pass quickly

So today’s post is going to be shorter than yesterday’s because my time in the park today was shorter than yesterday’s because I woke up with a fever I thought I was developing last night, which apparently I was.

So I woke up at around eight and then stayed in bed for another few hours, told my mom that I probably had a fever and then dinked around while trying to keep cool (I was fluctuating between being too cold and too hot, at this point I was too hot). After a little bit of time of trying to keep cool by simply taking off my pajama top, I decided the next obvious step was to take a nice cold shower. It was better than sex. (note: this claim comes from the fact that it was better than using the foot massager, which my sister said was better than Hyperspace Mountain, which someone commented somewhere was better than sex.) I then figured out how to turn on the room fan, had a banana, and lay around the room for a while.

I started feeling a little bit better, so I decided to head into the park. After having to double-back to grab my lunch, I arrived in DCA at around 12:30 and went on Mike & Sully to the Rescue!

Not only is it one of the two attractions in Hollywood Land untainted by Frozen, it’s really fun. It’s just a little meandering trip through Monstropolis with some of my personal favorite Hidden Mickeys.

Afterwards I decided to try to go to Toy Story Midway Mania, with the ride line allegedly being only 30 minutes (usually it’s around an hour). After waiting for a little bit, I ended up at the front of the line and was next to board – only to have the ride breakdown. They gave us a universal fastpass as compensation though.

That was around the time I realized I wasn’t as park-ready as I thought.

So I just sat like a idiot outside Midway Mania until I went to meet up with my mom by Ariel, where we double-checked that the universal fastpass was good for tomorrow, since I was going back to the hotel at this point. My mom picked up some apple juice from a Starbucks and I hung out around the room for the rest of the day, watching some anime and chilling.

Well since this post is pretty short, I suppose I should talk about the Attractions We’ve Lost due to Commercialization over in Hollywood Land:

  • MuppetVision 3D – replaced by an Anna & Elsa sing-along, since we definitely needed more of that. My mom tried to watch it but after about 15 minutes of the princesses being MIA she came to her senses and abandoned the idea.
  • Empty building by MuppetVision – filled up with an Olaf snow play area. I met Olaf. Wasn’t too great.
  • Aladdin Musical – replaced by the Frozen musical. I have no intention of ever watching it.
  • Ursula’s Sea Grotto / Toy Story Zoetrope (in the Animation Building) – latter replaced with area to meet Anna & Elsa, former became their changing room. It really sucks since now the Lotus Casino Animation Building is full of bratty kids.
  • Tower of Terror – going to be replaced with some dumb Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Alright time for me to yell about the last bullet point. I only went on Tower of Terror once as part of a deal with my brother (I got him on Gadget’s Go Coaster in return, heh). It wasn’t my idea of a favorite ride but was perfectly themed, from the queue to the pre-show to the ride itself. And Disney, being the brilliant company they are, decide that they’re going to replace this perfectly-themed icon of California Adventure with some Marvel-themed ride. Don’t get me wrong, I think Guardians of the Galaxy was a great film, but it’s going to fade into obscurity with time. The Twilight Zone, on the other hand, is iconic – it was a wonderfully creepy TV show (that I only ever saw one episode of) that has become a classic with time. Look, Disney, you’re already doing the cash-grab with Space Nazi Land Star Wars Land, so why would you do this? Terrible idea 0/10.

Alright that’s enough of that, I’m still sicko so I need to go to bed, hopefully I’ll get into the park and get to hit the one other big thing I want to do, which is meet Moana. Fingers crossed!