Disney Magical World 2 Review, Part Two: I cannot properly do a jackknife and I’m sorry for disappointing you artificial Wii Fit Plus trainer whose mouth doesn’t move

Today I started doing Wii Fit Plus, after 800+ days of not doing it (that’s like 2 years). I’m… I’m still a little tired from the whole 50 min ordeal. Whoof. Anyways, what are my reasons for doing this? Basically I tend to live a sedentary life of me sitting on my butt and never leaving the house. So I’m trying to get myself fit again!

I feel like now is an important time to discuss something about body weight: Being plus-size is a symptom of a poor lifestyle, but losing weight isn’t a cure. Anyways, to clarify that, it’s not so much that “overweight” people need to lose weight, there’s simply a possibility that they aren’t being as active as they should. Losing weight alone doesn’t cure poor nutrition or sedentary lifestyles – sure, some things done to lose weight certainly help fix those other problems, but it isn’t the weight alone that was the problem in the first place! So tl;dr the problem isn’t body weight but lifestyle, and I’m exercising not to lose weight but to be more active in general.

Okay that was kind of preachy, sorry ’bout that. Anyways, Wii Fit Plus! Did some rhythm kung fu, rhythm boxing, and rhythm parade (I like rhythm games, can you tell), along with a 30-minute free-step (while watching LazyTown, of course) and the workout designed to lose weight around the tummy, allegedly. (I’m not very good at jackknives, it seems.)

So it was tiring but this is what I plan to be my plan for the rest of break every day, and then whenever I have time during the school year? We’ll see. Don’t think I’ll be able to do it at Disneyland in January (Oh BTW I’m going to Disneyland in like a week), but I think walking all around the park will make up for it. I mean, if my feet are sore by the end of the day, I’m probably walking a fair amount, right?

Anyways, I said yesterday that today was going to be part 2 of that review I started yesterday, so here we go. Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m a liar and a failure. Uh, I claimed that Daisy had a house. She does not. Whoops. Also I realized I completely failed at explaining a fair amount of the core mechanics of the game! So I’m going to see and go through those really quick. Also I discovered another mechanic that takes place in Castleton (the hub) yesterday after the post, so I’m going to touch on that yesterday. And after all that maybe we’ll get to discussing each of the worlds. Maybe.

To make sure I cover all of the core game mechanics I’ll go through the tutorials to double-check. Let’s go!

Oh gosh there’s. There’s a lot of tutorials. Why are there so many tutorials

Okay, let’s go in order. By pressing the L and R buttons at the same time, you can take a screenshot of the top screen at any point in time. At the top of the bottom screen there’s a little hint/walkthrough thingy to help you figure out what to do next. I already explained about Happy Stickers in the last post… Greetings can be obtained by talking to the King, they’re just little actions you can do by pressing the arrows on the arrow pad thingy. You can use them to collect puzzle pieces from characters by greeting them. There’s a star pin put on the map to show you where to go next based on the hint, I already explained about gathering, you can put furniture in your room if you want (I haven’t decorated it at all), and of course you can change your clothes.

Nice points! Better talk about those now. You earn Nice! points by wearing Ace Ensembles, which is bascially a collection of clothes that all match. When you go near characters while wearing one, they’ll give you Nice! points. Nice! points can be redeemed at the Shop of Wonder for recipes, fishing rods, puzzle pieces, and good luck charms.

Clothing and furniture is made by collecting the necessary materials along with a certain amount of money, which are then used to make clothing at Daisy’s boutique or furniture at Chip and Dale’s. Unlike the last game, all pieces of an Ace Ensemble are made at once now rather than one at a time, thank goodness.

I think I covered most of the battle mechanics last post? Eh, not too important. Onwards!

Food at the café is made like furniture or clothing, but you only have to pay coins the first time you make an item. After that, all you need are the ingredients!

Think I covered almost everything else about the café and magical dreams… Ah yes, the Notice Board! A useful thing to help you organize your things. Thing. Has six subsections. The Castleton Chronicle tells you basic things like when the next seasonal holidays start, if there’s seasonal goods at McDuck’s, and how many new greetings from the King are available. There’s also Target Stickers, which shows what stickers are easy to obtain next. Unlocked is a section showing you what was recently unlocked by collecting Happy Stickers. News Flashes tell you when the café sells out and when new pickaxes are ready (for Snow White’s world I’ll talk about it later probably). The last two are Café Requests and Favors, which show which of each are available at the moment. It’s a good edition to the menu.

Okay, time to talk about the new mechanic I discovered later than I was intended to and kind of accidentally. So after inviting Cinderella to a party at the café I got an invitation from Letita (Letta) to go to a ball. So that’s how I discovered that you can go to balls at the castle! Who knew? I didn’t. There was literally no way for me to discern how to unlock going to balls. That’s some kind of bullcrap honestly. Every other big event in-game was signaled to you on how to unlock it. Here I just stumbled upon it!

So anyways, unlock balls by inviting Cinderella to the café. Then you can unlock character-specific balls by inviting certain characters to the café. Not sure which ones, but I’ve gotten ones for Cinderella, Tangled, and Frozen at the moment.

Balls were a mechanic in the last game just for Cinderella’s world, but they’ve certainly improved it. It’s a rhythm game where you press buttons in time as the pointer rotates around a circle. When it hits the point on the circle, ya gotta press the right buttons. Sometimes you have to hold it down for a while. It’s all in rhythm with the music so that makes it easier. Also at some points you have to just push a bunch of specific buttons in order in a certain amount of time.

The balls are pretty fun, but a little challenging for me personally because that aforementioned crack on the upper screen just blocks out some of the cues, so I have to tilt the 3DS away from me at the right angle to be able to discern what I’m supposed to do for that sector. Despite that, I’m able to get a gold rating on my balls so there.

Well I’m at about 1k words so let’s take a little breather before I get into each of the individual worlds. So let’s talk about how I cried last night over an anime finale!

So the anime is rated PG-13 according to MyAnimeList.net and is called Charlotte. It’s basically about people who get superpowers when they’re teenagers and lose them when they become adults. It gets kind of messed up at times, but boy howdy did I cry like a baby at the ending. I historically don’t cry at a lot of things so it was kind of strange, but it’s probably due to one or more of the following factors: it was late at night, I was sick, and my hormones were out of whack because of, well, I’m a cisgendered woman take a guess. At any rate, it’s a good anime and that’s why I started watching LazyTown last night since I needed a joyous pick-me-up afterwards. And, of course, to balance out this depressing anime, I have started watching another PG-13 anime, K, which also seems to be start getting into some crazy things goshdarnit why do I keep doing this to myself.

Uh, okay, that’s enough of an interlude. Time to talk about each of the worlds!

So after you complete the tutorial you encounter the first world, which is Hawaii / Lilo and Stitch. I. I freaking love Lilo and Stitch. It’s a very good movie, everyone should watch it, please watch it. So I guess I’m going to talk about what makes each region unique? In Hawaii you can go surfing out in the ocean, which can be a little hard to get the hang of at first but is pretty fun, and also earns you Nice! points. There’s also two missions so far that require you to hula dance, which is pretty much identical to ballroom dancing. The character models all look pretty nice, though Lilo’s a little freaky at times. They kept Pleakley in a dress, which makes me pretty happy. Let him wear what he wants yo!

The missions for this region all connect for this final battle/idea involving you competing in a hula contest, which seems to work pretty well for a connected story. The one thing I hate is that this world has the ghost called the Buzza-Bozz, which can duplicate and make more of itself. That’s just obnoxious.

Next world is… Arendelle / Frozen. As mentioned in the disclaimers for the last post, I dislike Frozen. A lot. Boy do I hate Frozen. So… Arendelle’s story is based around Anna trying to throw a snowman festival or something for Elsa since Elsa’s all broody or whatever because of queenly duties. I groan inwardly for each of the mission setups because I find it boring since as mentioned I hate Frozen, but really the area’s probably not that bad? I dunno.

Next we go back to the 100 Acre Wood from the first game. It’s got a bit of an upgrade – a bit bigger, a bit more spaced out. Still the same basic buildings and stuff around the wood though. The missions here all revolve around trying to make a hunny party to celebrate the arrival of Kanga and Roo, who they remembered to put in the wood this time. Good job! 100 Acre Wood’s changes certainly improve it from the last game. I haven’t completed the main mission storyline yet, but it seems mostly good. It also has no ghost-hunting missions, but it does allow you to grow food in a garden instead.

Next up would be Snow White’s World / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which has a mine where you can mine for Twinkle Stones or whatever which can be used to buy puzzle pieces. Pickaxes can be used to mine and are generated every 30 minutes for a maximum of 3 pickaxes. Mining is a rhythm game where you press A in time. Not too hard. Snow White’s world doesn’t seem to have a storyline yet as far as I know, but each of the dwarves live up to their personality and are fun to mine with. My one complaint is that true to his name, Sleepy’s mining minigame is much slower than the rest, which trips me up a bit. Not to mention none of the other dwarves’ mining game speeds are affected by their personality. All I’m asking for is a little bit of consistency! Just a little! There are also no ghost-hunting missions in this world.

Then we get to Atlantica / The Little Mermaid, which has you become a mermaid and dive under the sea. I’m not so far in this one either, but the plot seems to revolve around you trying to collect performers for an upcoming musical performance thingamadoohicker. Swimming around as a mermaid is pretty cool! That’s… that’s pretty much all I have to say here.

Last is Wonderland / Alice In Wonderland. This one also got updated a bunch from the last game and is honestly much better than the first version, heh. In the first game, it’s just an area where you’re small, the hedge maze, and the mad tea party. Not too exciting. This one takes you into Tulgey Wood, which is delightfully weird like the spirit of Alice in Wonderland is. They still kept around the hedge maze, but that area’s a little bigger and a little less mediocre than the last one was. I haven’t gotten far… at all… in this one’s storyline, so I can’t really say anything about it.

So I’m at 2000 words again for this post! Yeehaw! So tomorrow’s post will be about some miscellaneous comments/complaints, and my overall view of the game. Thanks for sticking around on this crazy adventure of me attempting to review a video game.



We Are Post Number One: A rambling post that has something to do with Ghost Story Island in the end

You might be saying it’s the wrong time of year to make this kind of post. You might think I wish it was Halloween for making this post. Joke’s on you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I’m happy with what time of year it is, and I saw A Christmas Carol twice in the last two days, so I’m in the spooky spirit anyways. And hey, it was released in four days five years ago today to Poptropica members, so it’s actually kind of appropriate!

I played this island when it first came out years ago. Pretty sure I couldn’t quite figure it out and I’m impatient, so I went to my only source of Poptropica help at the time, Poptropica Secrets with Fierce Moon. Of course I read a little ahead in that walkthrough, so I knew about the Fiona jumpscare, but since I always had my computer muted… I just kind of saw my Poptropican randomly jump backwards at one point. Anyways, I digress.

I’m looking at the Poptropica Wikia Wiki right now since I don’t really want to touch the Poptropica Gamepedia Wiki for various reasons, but wow look at that trivia! I love me some redundant counting trivia. Anyways I’m getting off-track again! Wait, what is the point of this post? I’m not sure what I wanted to say, but I asked a group of people about what to post here and somebody suggested that my first post be about Ghost Story Island, so here we are.

(And if you’re wondering, I saw A Christmas Carol twice because I was supporting my brother, who was playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in the 40 minute production. He was very good. Of course, now he’s getting the post-show blues, but he’ll be fine. He’s got another show coming up at the high school.)

This island was really fun when I played it the first time and when I played it again, with the hardest part probably being going up the lighthouse stairs. Why do you have to do this to me, jumping is hard! Looking back on it now, of course, the island had a really good (if somewhat dark) plot. Five people who all died as a result of one man’s jealousy over another woman. I always think the way different people are connected is fascinating, and the mystery behind makes a very good story. You know what I’m very bad at critiquing things and expressing my feelings on things I think are good, it seems. But anyways I like this island’s story a lot!

What really trips me up is when the island is supposed to take place. At first glance it’s got to be in the 20th century (1900’s), but what really confuses me is the cameo by Abe. When you go into the bakery, there’s a group of pictures of people talking about their love for Jane the Baker’s sweets. Among them is the late warden, two random characters (who apparently deserve their own wiki pages), and Abe the Gamer Guy from Zomberry Island. And Zomberry Island clearly takes place in modern times, with smartphones and modern cameras and video games. So either Hemlock Harbor likes being retro and old-timey (like that city near me that doesn’t have sidewalks or street lights), Abe has a case of Identical Grandson syndrome with his family, or I’m thinking too hard about the anachronisms of a children’s game.

That’s all I’ve got to say about Ghost Story Island. You know why today’s an important day though? Today Stefan, the actor for Robbie Rotten, will perform We Are Number One LIVE with the other Robbie Rotten doppelgangers. I know I’ll be watching, so I’d suggest tuning in.

You may also notice that this blog is kind of bare-bones. This is because I don’t have a lot of graphics and I’m very lazy at making them. If any of you feel like helping me out in that matter, I certainly won’t object.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got to say. Cheers! (Looks like I’m still stuck in Victorian England thanks to A Christmas Carol, heh.)