Quick Picks: So You’re Stuck In Quarantine With More Free Time Than You Know What To Do With And Want Some Anime Recommendations

world’s on fire I’m a relatively unaffected privileged middle class white asshole the US government is a joke etc etc fuck it anime time

picked some of my favorite anime that are 5+ years old and/or relatively overlooked that i haven’t covered on this blog. i tried to stick with what i actually think is worthy enough to casually recommend to other people but if u just need to watch something mindless and/or trashy feel free to hmu i;ve watched so much shit send help

Buddy Complex (バディ・コンプレックス)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

this is definitely the cheesiest one on this list please dont click away just based on this first entry the list gets better i promise

contemporary-times mc gets transported into the future where he has just the rightest brainwaves to be able to pilot a mecha pilots the mecha against the enemy tho hadnt he seen that one girl on the enemy side at school before?? 13 episodes plus a 2 part special finishes telling this stereotypical mecha anime ft. a few bootstrap time paradoxes for good measure; not too much brainpower to follow the plot of this one and was a good pick for when i was like “eh need something relatively brainless after the emotional roller coasters of hamatora and [see entry 3]”

oh and the blond boy’s name is dio



Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

ok this ones premise is both bonkers and a little too on the nose somehow simultaneously? mc gets himself caught up in this secret world of high stakes magic fights gambling your future where ludicrous amounts of (literally) black money can be won. losing however means your future is taken away from you by affecting events in your present. every single country has a weird supernatural place like this and some countries get completely destroyed by it as in. they no longer exist on the planet? theres these fun bits where you see like, an illustration of an island that doesnt exist irl to the southeast of north america that just whoops there it goes this game sure is dangerous !! a relatively short 11 episode romp that i just learned 5 seconds ago was inspired by the events leading to the financial crash of ’08 which yknow what that scans

this anime has been localized under like 3 different titles uhh wikipedia says there’s the original japanese title, just “[C] Control” or “[C] – Control” with the subtitle “The Money and Soul of Possibility”, and “C for Control” whatever you’ll figure it out


Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

this anime made me cry which is basically the main reason i recommend it i mean the crying was probably influenced by my cycle and also being sleepy but whatever still makes me feel things!!

mc learns he has the power to control other people for five seconds at a time once per person and uses it to cheat on tests until he gets caught by another girl with powers. she coerces him into transferring to her school for kids with abilities like theirs attend to protect them from big bad shitty people who do creepy experiments. she also makes him join the student council which tracks down adolescents abusing his powers like he used to then all sorts of emotional roller coasters get to happen including a few deaths and depression over the course of 12 episodes yaaaaay

think some ppl who watched it said it was too similar to angel beats but jokes on them ive never watched angel beats so i have no idea if thats true there are definitely some pacing problems in the show unfortunately

Code:Breaker (CØDE:BREAKER)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

i dont think akamine kamijyo knows how ø is actually used or pronounced

mc one day notices a boy using blue fire to burn some people alive when she returns to the scene the next day no evidence beyond the fire haha whaaaaat and then that boy transfers to her school. he ends up telling her that he’s a code:breaker “a person who does not exist” and does assassinations for his bosses however mc is like “dude thats wrong” and spends her time trying to get him to not do murder which leads to her getting involved with the other code:breakers and their drama. fun 13 episode time

kariginai dark shame hanate

Digimon: Digital Monsters (デジモンアドベンチャー)

Official Rating: TV-Y7 | Personal Rating: Everyone

“emily who hasnt heard of digimon everyones watched digimon” shut up it first aired when i was 0 and also we didnt actually have any real tv stations because mom + dad didnt and still dont feel like paying for cable or satellite. roof antenna (and my dad’s  bittorrent) is where its at babey

anyways its the franchise everybody calls like offbrand pokemon i think because oh jeez they both have “mon” in the title obviously the same except yknow one started as a full console game the other as a virtual pet toy and one has had an anime consistently airing for 20+ years now and the other has had anime released sporadically after the conclusion of the first two series, not even to mention the wildly different concepts and plotlines. tl;dr no its not

want a show about a bunch of literal children being tasked with the fate of the god damn world on their shoulders and having to risk actual death in their battles here ya go. want to deal with kids getting fuckin ptsd and depression once you get to the second series there ya go. want to watch one of the early things to get dubbed into english in an almost not terrible way here ya go. (nobody fucking gets to complain about the worstest dubs unless they’ve seen how utena’s dub job went in the late 90s.)

anyways the path of how i ended up watching this series is a long rollercoaster of a story that started in 10th grade chemistry class and ended in a friends rp server the end. digimon’s the one with the longest episode count on this list (54 in season 1 + 50 in season 2) but its worth it imo

IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン)

Personal Rating: Teen

ok please fuckin hear me out this anime is very good even if youre not really into idols

mc daughter of company president brought in to produce for a new seven member idol group blah blah blah really thats just a backdrop for interpersonal character drama such as the center of IDOLiSH7 secretly being the estranged twin brother of the center for the latest sensational idol group TRIGGER one of them entering the industry in an attempt to find the sister he lost contact with after their parents divorce another one entering for some unspecific revenge the two brothers of the group where the older one only has a mild complex about being the shortest of the group and the half-I-Can’t-Believe-Its-Not-Sweden! man whose just a huge fuckin weeb

managed to binge the entire first 17 episode season in less than 24 hours however i think im probably an outlier in that regard. season 2 started in april but has been on hiatus since episode 4 for reasons you can probably deduce

i also enjoy it in principle for having the majority of the cast be young adults instead of teenagers with the two youngest kids being 17. congrats u did better than all the other idol anime that made the active choice to have their cast be teenagers and then proceed to sexualize them. you know the animes im talking about. why do you keep doing this

Fastest Finger First (ナナマル サンバツ)

Personal Rating: Everyone

i always wonder how they come up with localization titles like these that are nowhere close to the original title, which in this case translates to “seven right three wrong” i mean obviously this one’s got more kick but just howd they make those choices got a mild fascination with that

its a sports anime about a not sport in this case is quiz bowls. guy gets convinced to join the club along with his classmate and then all the classic tropes of sports anime start to ensue but with quiz bowls. main thing is timing when to hit the buzzer to understand enough of the question before its finished being said to beat your opponent with goddamn milliseconds making a significant difference. hooray for 12 episodes of sports anime but for nerds

this might be the closest ill ever get to having a rubiks cube sports animanga which is part of why im so biased towards it lol

Jyu-Oh-Sei (獣王星)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

welcome to “thor has a really bad day” the anime

thor and his twin rai grew up in a space colony in space until one day they come home to find their parents have been murdered and the two are shuttled off to a secret penal colony planet that is very good at being fairly uninhabitable – days and nights last 181 times longer compared to earth’s and every single plant is out for blood the two end up learning about the one way to leave death planet–defeat the tops/leaders (lol) of the planet’s four circles/groups and become the beast king which thor then resolves to carry out

this anime’s got it all death some questionable choices on identifying groups by skin tone a timeskip partway through the series mysteries about the past and more death all jam packed into just 11 episodes! with a bunch of mythological names thrown in just ’cause i guess anyways this one is a bit of a ride and not so much of a casual watch as compared to say buddy complex so buckle up

Magic Kaito 1412 (まじっく快斗1412)

Personal Rating: Everyone

lbr you’ve probably heard of detective conan slash case closed since the anime’s been releasing new episodes for what 25 years now jesus its got 975 episodes now?????? haha holy shit no way im ever going to get around to watching that however the author has this like uhh au of the case closed universe that features the phantom thief character that appears in case closed called magic kaito that actually came first but didnt gain as much popularity slash was put on the backburner considering it has 5 manga volumes compared to detective conan’s 98

main difference between the two universes is that magic is fucking real in one and probably? not? in the other other than that its basically the same poor jimmy-shinichi still gets de-aged in magic kaito and kaito is still maybe looking for that gem in case closed except the gem’s not magic probably it makes just as much sense as the way my stories work across timelines

anyways phantom thief aesthetic cool kaito’s a phantom thief who uses the same fucking name in his thief persona as his real name rookie move dude tho i guess thats his dads fault lol he doesn’t use any real magic in his stunts but the stone he’s trying to prevent evil mcbad people from getting grants immortality nbd anyways its just about 24 episodic adventures of phantom thievery and how that always plays out and i enjoy it because as previously mentioned i like the phantom thief aesthetic

(also does anybody know any other good phantom thief media hmu)

Romeo × Juliet (ロミオ×ジュリエット)

Funimation Rating: TV-PG | Personal Rating: Everyone

willy shakes probably didnt ever think this would be a thing much less that uh. he would be in it. thats right willy shakes himself is in romeo × juliet where he puts on some of his other plays. lots of characters from his other plays cameo too. show’s wild

anyways premise is neo verona floating island in the sky the ruling family was the capulets but they were overthrown and killed in a coup by the montagues with only their daughter juliet secretly surviving flash forward 14 years 15 year old juliet doesnt know about her heritage and lives her life masquerading as the boy odin and also masquerading again as a vigilante who one day gets cornered by the soldiers only to be rescued by the noblemen romeo and benvolio. juliet is frustrated by her constant crossdressing though is promised everything will be explained on her upcoming birthday. she then accepts an invitation from one of her friends to go to the palace’s ball as herself where she starts having flashbacks of her life in the palace and meets romeo for a second time a few days later juliet’s heritage is revealed and the family’s former retainers swear their allegiance to her and begin an uprising in earnest

plot ensues romeo and juliet both learn more about how shitty romeo’s dad is and the other’s familial ties and work on trying to save neo verona and of course by the end of the 24 episodes the foregone conclusion is reached essentially its just a real fun real unique real emotionally distressing reimagining of Romeo and Juliet ft willy shakes’ animesona


Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

was looking for a decent vampire romance anime (shut UP i KNOW) and stumbled upon servamp which ended up not being a romance anime but it did turn out to be like one of the 2 good vampire anime that exist (the other one’s karin)

mc walking home from school picks up a stray cat whoops stray cat is actually a hikomori vampire and accidentally ends up in a contract with him making him into a servant vampire or servamp if you will. mc is then caught up in the current politics ocurring with the vampires which uhhh operate under some good ol’ Our Vampires Are Different rules; the initial seven vampires were made ages ago with each one representing one of the seven deadly sins (the one mc gets stuck with is sloth) with those servamps then able to make uhh “subclass” vampires which mostly operate under regular vampire rules iirc? but they have to remain loyal to the servamp and by extension the servamp’s master and the servamps can only drink the blood of their masters yeah i think i hit most of it

anyways the conflict is that another vampire shows up claiming to be the long-lost 8th brother of the initial servamps and started wreaking havoc which now the other vampires get to deal with fun times. 12 episode anime with lots of fun personalities and abilities and a good pinch or two of emotional moments. also the op and ed slap

Snow White with the Red Hair (赤髪の白雪姫)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

snow white’s always been special to me b/c that was the disney princess i most resembled as a youth and who i said was my favorite even though i dont think i ever actually watched the film all the way through?? because its actually fairly scary?? my sister hates the hag with a passion anyways one time the evil queen approached me at disneyland to photobomb the pic my dad was taking of me thats a highlight of my park going experiences for sure on a related note my mom and sister once got to walk around as gaston’s arm candy for a solid ten minutes there can be some real magical moments at disneyland raise the cast members fucking wages disney stop not paying your fucking taxes disney release your fucking grip on the ever increasing duration of copyright law disney kiss my fucking ass disney

anyways this anime starts off with an adaption of the original fairytale; the redheaded herbalist shirayuki (japanese for snow white) is picked out by the kingdom’s prince to be his concubine for her beautiful hair with the threat of him coming to pick her up the next day she cuts her hair off and leaves it behind for him with a snarky note before she runs away to a neighboring kingdom. she finds an abandoned house near the border where she meets zen who proceeds to injure himself and as such she treats his wounds with her herbalist knowledge. next day whoops hello gift of apples from the scorned prince whoops turns out that other guy ate it instead of her whoops turns out the only way to get the antidote is to become the prince’s concubine she begrudgingly returns to the kingdom and is about to sacrifice herself when shia surprise zen busts in turns out he’s resistant to poison and also he’s the second prince of that neighboring kingdom prince is like fuck if it gets out i tried to poison the neighboring kingdom’s prince im gonna get so shunned so he lets her go and she decides to follow zen back to his kingdom

whew ok after all that happens in just the first fucking episode she passes an exam and begins her work as a court herbalist and the two begin a clumsy courtship while Shit predictably Happens cuz he’s a prince and its just!! such a god damn gentle and sweet romance to follow over the 24 episodes its a fluffy story its a good story once described by someone at the anime club i once attended as the one thing he would never want to see lewded i didnt like that guy much

Tsuritama (つり球)

Personal Rating: Everyone

tsuritama gets to hold a special place as the second anime i ever watched and the first one i completed to my knowledge i guess technically my first anime was the two episodes of dubbed speed racer i watched that one time as a kid??? who knows (not me) but definitely the first anime i finished at the start of my descent into animation hell in 2013

the first anime i watched was madoka thanks percy for recommending that dark shit to me as my first go-around with anime and leading to me putting off watching the last four episodes for a solid year which of course made me go “this isnt gonna be madoka again right” when he then recommended this one honestly i dont rly know if percy watches anime any more theyre on tumblr but fairly inactive and i dont tend to frequent any of the other social media he uses whrops wait shit i havent even talked about the anime yet

tsuritama is a quote unquote sports anime that doesnt actually have any of those typical sports anime plot beats it does however have a story about fishing anxiety aliens and managing to save the world by reelin in a big one im not sure how much more i can say you kind of have to feel it out! but at least it was nowhere near as dark as madoka for 13 y/o me 12 episode whimsical romp into learnin how to fish thats not nearly as explicit in all the details as afterschool enbankment journal appeared to be based on the one episode i watched

Wolf Girl & Black Prince (オオカミ少女と黒王子)

Personal Rating: Teen

yeah yeah i like romance anime i like the fuckin somewhat antagonistic dude slowly thaws out over time trope i like the whoops fake dating became real dating trope i like blond anime boys send me anon hate

mc makes a desperate effort to try and find a clique to fit in to at the start of high school and ends up lying about having a boyfriend to befriend two other girls with boyfriends. after a while they start to suspect her ruse so she goes and snaps a photo of a random boy on the street to use as her fake boyfriend. however whoops turns out that was the most popular boy in school so she asks him to play along with the ruse but turns out he’s not quite as charming as he puts on and only agrees to helping her if she in return acts as his “wolf girl” or basically a gofer. and well i guess point back to the previous paragraph to see how that ends up developing over the 12 episodes of the series its basically just your basic drama-comedy-romance and enough of a guilty pleasure for me to watch it 3 fuckin times whoops

Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王)

Personal Rating: Teen

ta-daaaaah it’s the oldest anime on this list. now u may be thinking this is the one from 2000 Wrong it aired 2 years earlier and was based on the fucked up horror gambling version of the manga before they sanitized it to sell card games to children. and its quite a ride

commonly referred to as season 0 by the fandom the original yu-gi-oh features episodic adventures of yugi or his friends getting into tough shit yami comes out challenges the originator of the problem to a “dark game” wins because he’s the best at games there is and then the loser gets a supernatural punishment. definitely made my subsequent attempt to watch duel monsters bit of a letdown

anyways youre gonna have to be a pirate if u wanna watch this because they dont licensed it probably because they want you to not really know about the time yami made a guy think he was transformed into a human being made of clocks for all eternity? when i first watched it there were bootlegs on youtube but who knows if those are still up. but you guys are clever i know youll find a way

hope you enjoyed a look into my bizarre taste in media. kind of hits just about every genre im into plus a few outliers because sometimes i just do that. for those who are being held hostage by a shitty minimum wage job struggling financially in a region where the govt cares more about the imaginary numbers of rich people staying big over their citizens lives i send the good vibes. to all the shitty politicians and capitalists who have enabled late stage capitalism to get this shitty point thats been exacerbated by the pandemic i am sending the bad vibes. my conservative grandpa gave me a ridiculously large monetary check when i graduated high school ive still barely made a dent in if u have a paypal ill b happy to send some money ur way if u need it just dont doxx me thx

oh yeah also i have strep throat and the first antibiotic wasnt working so here we go again. hopefully it clears up by my birthday lol

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