Seasonal Review: Spring 2020 (Part 1)

So, last time my seasonal review got delayed simply because of procrastination. This time, it was because OUR FUCKING INTERNET WAS BROKEN FROM MARCH 29TH TO APRIL 9TH. Very LOVELY timing especially since I WENT BACK* TO SCHOOL ON MARCH 30TH (*”back” meaning “oh hey its time for online classes and pacing yourself good luck”). This among, uh (gestures widely), meant that I was a little bit slower on the watching uptake than usual. I was able to watch SOME anime on my phone using our temporarily boosted cellular plan, but it’s not my favorite way to watch it. Just above watching on one of those in-seat screens on an airplane, I think.

Anyways, while I’d actually uh, finished watching all of the anime covered in this post for a whiiile now, I didn’t get around to banging out my thoughts until now, so. This post covers anime that initially aired from April 1st through April 4th.

TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls (球詠)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Sports anime is the same. I don’t know shit about baseball. Mild sapphic undertones in this one which I can also find in just about anything starring a bunch of ladies because I am desperate. Currently continuing to watch but I’ll probably eventually end up dropping it like I tend to do every sports anime.

Tower of God (神之塔)

Personal Rating: Teen

WEBTOON and Crunchyroll teamed up to produce an anime. Tada. Dark fantasy, not completely sure what’s happening yet, I haven’t read any of the webtoons im subscribed to in over a year and at this point im too scared to try and catch up

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? (八男って、それはないでしょう!)

Personal Rating: Teen

Isekai #582432 trying to distinguish itself from the other 582431 already in existence, this time by making our protag, well, the 8th son of a poor noble family living out in the sticks. Luckily he’s one of the 0.1% of the population that has magickal abilities. Funniest part about this one to me is how unexciting his isekai’ing is. 20 year old dude literally just closed his eyes for half a second before eating dinner and then suddenly he’s an five year old boy in a magic fantasy world. Sometimes life is just like that.

Kakushigoto (かくしごと)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

Wordplay in this show is bonkers. Dad is named Kakushi Goto (Goto Kakushi in Japanese order), he has a secret (kakushigoto), which is that his job is drawing (kaku shigoto). Basically dad doesn’t want his daughter to know that he draws a manga chock-full of dirty jokes and also just trying to watch over his daughter as a single dad. Didn’t quite grab me though.

Wave, Listen to Me! (波よ聞いてくれ)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

Lady goes on a drunken rant about her shitty ex boyfriend. Drunken rant ends up on the radio. Lady is coerced into becoming a radio host. Tada!

Sakura Wars the Animation (新サクラ大戦 the Animation)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen??

Apparently this is based on an existing games franchise, but at any rate I could not begin to tell you what the fuck is happening in this one. It’s like… these girls are a theatre troupe, but the theatre troupe is ALSO a group of mecha fighters?? And people know this I think??? It’s just common knowledge that these ladies who perform whatever the fuck that was also fight off evil monsters in giant mechas??? Notably uses stylized CGI animation, though I never consider that alone to be an indicator of the anime’s quality. Anyways. What.

Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement- (文豪とアルケミスト〜審判ノ歯車〜)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Back at it again with the bishounen ikemening of historical figures, this time famous literary authors!! Evil people want to destroy stories somehow so now these uh, conceptualized ideals(??) of historical authors go in to the story and stop it from getting fucked up. It’s basically an excuse for pretty boys to pretty boy. Also I have no clue why “bungo” in the title isn’t translated ’cause that just means “author(s)”??

Listeners (LISTENERS)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Uhhh evil sound monsters special semi-robot people can utilize machinery to pilot mechas that fight them off using good sound magic shit. Dude living in trash world making a living by scrounging thru it and selling what is useful discovers one of those semi-robot people (i think they’re called listeners frankly i cant remember) and the plot ensues.

Arte (アルテ)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Noble girl living in renaissance-era France wants to become a painter, but too bad sexism is a thing!!! But she’ll make it through anyhow!!!! Even if she gets rejected by almost every artist to apprentice under and the one who does let her be an apprentice has her live in a dilapidated roof shack!!

Gal & Dino (ギャルと恐竜)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

This is by the same animation company that did Pop Team Epic. If you guys know anything about Pop Team Epic you basically know what you’re in for when watching this anime. Skits throughout the episode with some semblance of plot utilizing a variety of animation styles, and while the first half is relatively normal the second half somewhat repeats the first half but more bonkers.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった⋯)

Personal Rating: Everyone

After falling on her head a young (5ish?) noble girl suddenly remembers she’s been isekai’d from Japan into an otome game, as the rival!! Who in the game doesn’t have good endings in store for her!! So now she’s trying to do her damndest to make sure she doesn’t die or get exiled and then die of poverty.

SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME (イエスタデイをうたって)

Personal Rating: Teen

College graduate doesn’t have aspirations in life and is just stuck working at a convenience store indefinitely. Ends up meeting both his ex-girlfriend and a mysterious girl who likes to interact with crows. This anime has fucking gorgeous animation by the way. If nothing else give it a shot for that, I feel like it’s almost all animated on 1s and they put a lot of detail into the little casual movements people make during conversations and such! Seriously. Amazing animation. Watch it.

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