Seasonal Review: Winter 2020 (Part 2)

Alright, we’re on a roll now! Let’s get right into it. This Seasonal Review entry covers anime released from January 9th to January 13th.

Nekopara (ネコぱら)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

If you watch this you better like catgirls. Because that’s all this anime is. Catgirls. A bunch of girls who work at a cafe and hijinks ensue. Not my kind of thing.

Infinite Dendrogram (インフィニット・デンドログラム)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

Another VR isekai anime thing. Nothing super grabbing me about this one, though it looks like it could be fun if that’s something you like.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard (宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定)

Personal Rating: Everyone

An anime about the titular jeweler Richard and college student Seigi who get into a lot of investigations about jewels that involve people’s psyches and such. Not interesting enough for me to want to continue.

Hatena Illusion (はてな☆イリュージョン)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Y’all ever watch Magic Kaito 1412? This is kinda like that, in that Hatena’s mom is a master thief and that her family apparently has like, legit magic powers. But they also do stage magic just for fun. Anyways, Makoto comes to Hatena’s house to study under her father and gets roped into working there as a butler and also Hatena is embarrassed because she thought Makoto was a girl and that she’s realized he’s a boy Uh Oh! It has some light ecchi elements but nothing too severe thus far. Gonna give it a shot.

Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama? (うちタマ?!〜うちのタマ知りませんか?〜)

Funimation Rating: TV-PG | Personal Rating: Everyone

So this anime is kind of bizarre. It’s basically an anime about this character franchise of dogs and cats named Tama and Friends and in this anime they’re still cats and dogs except sometimes they’re drawn as animalistic humans. It’s strange to say the least. It’s weird, but it’s a little fun if you like that sort of thing. It doesn’t look like it has much of a plot, just a bunch of slice of life vignettes. Not my thing though.

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die (推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

Eripyo is a super fan of a less popular member of a smaller idol group, and does whatever she can to support Maina Ichii. The anime appears to just be Eripyo and her other idol-fan friends going to great lengths to support their favorite of the group and Maina’s embarrassment and hesitation to tell Eripyo how much she appreciates her. I’m invested in where this one will go, so I’m gonna give it a few episodes to see if it gains its footing.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun (地縛少年花子くん)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Teen

Nene Yashiro summons the ghost Hanako-kun in the hopes of having her crush like her back. Hijinks ensue and she ends up in a contract with him as his helper. The art style for this is really unique and I like it a lot! Not sure where this is gonna go but I’m excited~

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me (ぼくのとなりに暗黒破壊神がいます。)

Personal Rating: Everyone

Seri Koyuki sits next to Kabuto Hanadori, a high school chuunibyou who believes he’s a destructive god. Seri involuntarily gets roped into Kabuto’s antics and hijinks ensue. Looks like a cute little slice of life, but not quite interesting enough for me to want to continue watching as it airs. Might be one of those I go back and revisit in the future.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It (理系が恋に落ちたので証明してみた。)

Personal Rating: Teen

Scientist Ayame Himuro confesses her love to her fellow scientist Shinya Yukimura, and they begin to try and scientifically analyze their feelings. A comedic low-key ecchi slice of life ensues. It’s funny but not interesting enough for me personally to want to continue.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga (織田シナモン信長)

Personal Rating: Everyone

Oda Nobunaga reincarnates into a shiba inu named Cinnamon. Yep. Oda “Cinnamon” Nobunaga also ends up meeting other dogs who are reincarnations of other Japanese historical figures. Again I feel like this anime doesn’t translate well unless you know a lot about Japanese history and historical figures. The show is a series of humorous vignettes involving Cinnamon and his acquaintances. There’s also a lot of shots of things that are a little less commonly shown in American shows, such as a lot of doggy butts and dogs urinating on telephone poles. Again it’s not really my thing because I don’t know much about anything regarding Japanese history, so I won’t be continuing with it.

Smile Down the Runway (ランウェイで笑って)

Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

High school senior Chiyuki Fujito wanted to be a runway model ever since she was young, but isn’t tall enough at only 158cm (about 5’2″). She learns that her classmate Ikuta Tsumura likes to design clothes, but is unable to become a fashion designer because of financial costs. Chiyuki convinces Ikuta to help her and the two both get hired at Chiyuki’s dad’s company and begin to pursue their dreams. Very excited to see how this one will turn out.


Funimation Rating: TV-14 | Personal Rating: Everyone

22/7 is a virtual idol group and this is an anime about the group’s fictional backstory. Basically 8 girls are suddenly chosen to become a new idol unit for the company GIP on the orders of some sorta, “wall” that spits out orders that must be followed. Basically our focal character Miu has a not great life and joins the group out of financial necessity. I’m sure if you are invested in the group proper this anime is probably more interesting but in all honesty I just don’t care.

In/Spectre (虚構推理)

Personal Rating: Teen

This anime has got some violence and disturbing imagery in it! Not a lot, just a bit near the end, but I don’t know how much it might increase with time. 17 year old Kotoko Iwanaga approaches 22 year old university student Kuro Sakuragawa who had recently encountered a kappa. Kotoko then explains that all sorts of yokai exist in this world and that she became their goddess of wisdom at 11 in exchange for an eye and a leg. She then confides that she has a crush on Kuro and that there’s something about him that is scaring the yokai, which he is also able to see. She then brings him along in solving a supernatural case, where he is able to heal himself from dismemberment and reveals that he ate yokai when he was young. This anime leaves you on one hell of a cliffhanger at the end of the episode! I’m very curious to see where this supernatural mystery takes us.

Dorohedoro (ドロヘドロ)

Netflix Rating: Unknown | Personal Rating: Adult

netflix (01/19)

This anime is. Very violent. Lotsa gory imagery. I really like the main lady because she’s very buff and that’s awesome. From what I can gather the plot is like, lizard man with another man inside his mouth lost his memories and is working alongside main buff lady to try and find out his past and what happened. The animation is a nice blend of traditional and CGI, although I don’t think I can continue due to all the goriness of it. Gonna keep swooning over the buff lady though.

ARP Backstage Pass

Personal Rating: Everyone

ARP is a virtual idol project where the main concept is that the voice providers and dancers behind the four are secret. The anime’s concept is that the anime is based upon interviews with the four idols about their past. The 2D animation is obviously fairly cheap, but the limited 3D motion capture portions are excellent. Basically if you’re watching this anime you’re not really here for animation quality, but for the music and pretty boys. Which I might in fact be here for…?

A3! Season Spring & Summer (A3! SEASON SPRING & SUMMER)

Funimation Rating: TV-PG | Personal Rating: Everyone

Izumi Tachibana ends up helping out the struggling Mankai Theater troupe that her father used to direct. She is tasked with making sure the troupe becomes successful or else the theater will be demolished. I have the mobile game this show is based on my phone but haven’t had time to really get into it, and I’m excited to see where this cute little story heads.

Well there we go, finally, all done! Time to celebrate with some popped corn. See you in three months probably unless I finally start reviewing something other than seasonal anime.

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