Welcome back.

So… this blog has just been sitting here for like, two years now, unused. I’m honestly surprised if any of you got this in your subscription email box or whatever. I doubt I have any non-spam subscribers here.

Anyways, I got this idea to start trying a review blog of some sort, as my brother does informally on rollercoaster reddit for rollercoasters and my sister does for novels and movies privately and publicly. So I decided to repurpose this old thing. And then didn’t get around to doing it for six months.

But here we are now. I will try to get posts out well, as often as I see fit. I do have an actual job this summer that leaves me fairly busy throughout the week, but maybe I’ll get a post out once a week? We’ll see. Also I used to bill this as a PG blog, but that probably won’t remain the case since I um, enjoy things that are not PG. Sometimes even R! I’ll make sure to put any official ratings (if available) and my personal rating for any media I’ll review.

As it’s been two years, a lot has happened. I went to a specialized track at my high school. I graduated high school. I got a twitter. I made new friends. I lost friends. I started college. I made a bunch of more story concepts. I got YouTube subscribers somehow. And I absorbed a lot more media content all the while.

I’m not sure what I’ll review first, but it’s probably going to be something fairly dumb. Maybe the latest LEGO video game. Probably The Evillious Chronicles. Eventually the summer anime season when it rolls around. Get hype?

See you um, eventually, but hopefully fairly soon.

Author: Ylimegirl

Heyo, I'm Ylime/Emily, a wiki-editor and internet person. I enjoy watching cartoons and editing wikis, among other things. How to pronounce Ylime: • /i.laɪm/ (ee-laim) • /waɪ.laɪm/ (wai-laim) • /i.lɪm.i/ (ee-lim-ee) • /jʌ.laɪm/ (yuh-laim) • /jʌ.laɪm.i/ (yuh-laim-ee) • /i.lɪm.ɛ/ (ee-lim-eh) • /waɪ ɛl aɪ ɛm i/ (wai el ai em ee) • /jaɪm.li/ (yaim-lee) • /jɒr.laɪm/ (yor-laim) • /jɑː.laɪm/ (ya-laim) • /laɪm/ (laim) • /i.lim/ (ee-leem) • /aɪ.lɪm/ (ai-lim) • /i.lɪm/ (ee-lim) • /ɛ.laɪm/ (eh-laim) (Maybe more!) I might be a robot. My profile picture is by Noveen!

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