Is Poptropica too un-American?

We all know Poptropica is a game played world-wide. The leader of the PHB is from East Asia, after all. Even so, there are Poptropicans in America as well, and the creators sure know this. Or do they? Is Poptropica too un-American?

You may not agree with this, but let’s look at all the evidence…

  • Poptropica is working on making itself available in languages other than English.
  • Over half of the events in Time Tangled don’t take place in America.
  • Arabian Knights, period. Oh, and Nabooti Island, period.
  • Sure, it may seem like a ton of islands are based off of places in America, and that is true. But look closer…



(Pictures from the Poptropica Help Blog)

  • The whole beachwear advertisement on the home page: what about the people who live in the Northern hemisphere? It’s winter for them…
  • The Poptropica flag in Lunar Colony sort of references the European flag, with the stars representing the islands/countries.
  • In Reality TV, it claims that Bucky Lucas solves Global Warming. What about American Warming?
  • Astro-Knights takes place in medieval Europe. What about medieval America?
  • Some of the more recent contests have been available to people not in the US!
  • On the World Champions map for SUIs, they have a map for the entire rest of the world, not just the US!
  • Etc, etc, etc…

As you can see, Pop could possibly be just a little too global, and I seriously hope that Pop Worlds is a more American game. Will that actually happen? I have no clue.

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy late Valentine’s Day! ❤


(P.S. This is a joke post, if you can’t tell.)


Author: Ylimegirl

Heyo, I'm Ylime/Emily, a wiki-editor and ex-author for the PHB. I enjoy watching cartoons and editing wikis, among other things. How to pronounce Ylime: • /i.laɪm/ (ee-lime): My preference • /waɪ.laɪm/ (why-lime): UiPE's, SF, and PC's preference • /i.lɪm.i/ (ee-lim-ee): BT's preference • /jʌ.laɪm/ (yuh-lime): Andrew's preference • /jʌ.laɪm.i/ (yuh-lime-ee): Lucky Joker's preference • /i.lɪm.ɛ/ (ee-lim-eh): True backwards™ • /waɪ ɛl aɪ ɛm i/ (why el aye em ee): True pronounciation™ • /jaɪ (yime-lee): Someone on the PHC's preference • /jɒr.laɪm/ (your-lime): TylerMaster's preference • /jɑː.laɪm/(ya-lime): Ashtonirwin's preference • /laɪm/ (lime): Red Burger's preference; TTS generated • /i.lim/ (ee-leem): Perfect Sky's preference; TTS generated • /aɪ.lɪm/ (aye-lim): TTS generated • /i.lɪm/ (ee-lim): TTS generated • /ɛ.laɪm/ (eh-lime): TTS generated (Maybe more!) I might be a robot. My profile picture is by Noveen!

3 thoughts on “Is Poptropica too un-American?”

    1. I suppose it could be making fun of politics. But really I’m making satire of a recent blog post complaining that the American game made by American developers in America was too American.


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