Periods, Presidents, and Dreams, Oh My!: A big long rant post about various topics

So, I was writing a post, it was totally awesome and wowing everyone, I was so glad I was finally getting my shiznit together and actually making another post, and then I realized I dreamed the whole thing up. Pbbbt.

Which leads me to the topic of today’s post: why I fricking hate dreams. Also various rants about other things happening in my life right now, like politics and menstruation, which will be put below a “read more” so that little kids don’t get scarred by opinions on the Head Cheeto and the completely natural thing about 50% of the population goes through at least once in their life.

So, dreams. For most of my young life, I didn’t experience dreams so much. And by this I mean I didn’t remember my dreams. Everybody dreams, I just don’t like remembering them. Why? For me, they’re too realistic. Now, of course, I don’t mean they make sense, really – once I wake up I often look back and kind of wonder how I could’ve possibly thought it was real. Regardless of the content, the scenarios I find myself in are just realistic enough to confuse me – for example, as in the recent dream I had, I was writing a blog post for this very blog.

I think now is a fine time to note that I am able to read in my dreams. The first time I observed this phenomenon personally was a few years ago when I was in middle school, but in the dream I was at the elementary school with a DS that had a sticker that said “This is the property of Emily and Adam”. Now, it didn’t actually say “Adam” – it had a different name – but that’s not important here. I have talked to my family members about this, and they say they cannot read in their dreams no matter how hard they try. Meanwhile, I dream and find myself browsing the Internet, using Discord, and watching Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. (Look, I told you they were realistic, right?) I also saw an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where he (Batman) figured out he was in a dream because he couldn’t read in it. My casual Google searching on the matter has yielded no results, so I’m curious: can you read in your dreams? Or am I just a Special Snowflake?

Anyways, back to why I hate dreams. The thing is, once I wake up, I’m not sure what actually happened and what was in my weird dreamscape, like say, the blog post I wrote in the dream. (I have absolutely no idea what I was writing it about, but I definitely wrote it.) Of course, details may be tweaked in a dream – like the layout of Disneyland when I dream I’m there and trying to help two lovely tourists find a ride only to find I don’t know where the ride is even though I’ve been going to the park for 15 years and should definitely know this by now.

Quite possibly the worst instance of this was a few years ago. Remember how I mentioned the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse episode? At this point in time, BLITD was kind of… sporadic with when the episodes were released, and we hadn’t had one in months. I was also the only active admin on the wiki. Thus when I dreamed there was a new episode, I recall getting excited in the dream about having to update the wiki. A little while later while I was conscious I realized it was a dream and instantly became depressed that there wasn’t a new episode.

So while my brother is trying to get lucid dreams (he got really close the other day, apparently – he became aware he was in a dream seconds before he woke up), I’m trying to get my dreams to go away. Maybe if I had a better sleep schedule that would help? Or would that be detrimental? Hmm…

Alright, that’s enough of that. Time for me to rant about periods and politics after the read-more.

Hey! If I directly linked this and you’re not comfortable with me hating Drumpf or me talking about periods, you should probably stop reading!

So, two days ago I woke up to find my uterus had finally decided to start shedding the lining for the baby I never intend to have in my life, ever. So I put on a pad (I don’t like tampons, they hurt for me but that might because I’m putting them in wrong? Maybe not far up enough? IDK) and headed downstairs to chill. And that’s when the worst part of this bloody (hee) mess began: the cramps.

Like, thank goodness we have IbuProfen around the house. I don’t know how I’d survive without it! Menstrual cramps are the worst. Take my word for it, people who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing them: you’ll find yourself curled up in the fetal position wanting to stab your uterus due to all of the pain you’re in. (As a sidenote, I often confuse menstrual cramps with indigestion, which usually means I end up spending a fair amount of time on the toilet before remembering I should probably take some meds instead.)

Listen, people with penises, you can argue all you want about which hurts more, a kick in the testicles or a period cramp, but in the end people get period cramps simply because of their anatomy and you got kicked in the testicles probably because you were asking for it. So, I think period cramps win.

I’ve also started keeping a tracker for periods – this was definitely the longest I went between cycles since I started (36 days!) (Yup, I got my last period on Christmas, happy freaking holidays). Don’t know when it will become useful, but I am tracking it!

Also, you know the whole thing about dismissing people’s feelings on something because it’s “that time of month”? Here’s a protip: don’t freaking do that. Look, our opinions and feelings on things are still true, they’re just accentuated due to our hormones being super out of whack. So, give us a freaking break, and instead of dismissing our problems, give us a hug and take care of us as we are in pain from cramps and extra emotional due to hormones.

Honestly? People with vaginas deserve a heck of a lot more credit than they’re given. As we’re stuck with our uterus forcing out cups of blood for a week and having to deal with cramps and whacked out emotions, we’re just expected to continue on like nothing’s wrong. That’s just crazy! And yet, here we are, doing that. So basically the moral of the story is just be nice to people when they’re on their period – not because their emotions are out of whack, but because it’s nice to be nice and also they’re probably dealing with some hecka bad cramps right now.

Also, you might have noticed I never referred to women or men in the above paragraphs! This is because not everyone with a vagina is a girl and not everyone with a penis is a boy. So please, don’t be transphobic like that. Thanks!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got to say about periods. So you know what that means! Time for me to yell about Trump!

Okay, so basically… Trump’s been screwing everyone over. Hard. It’s been what, a week and a half now? And he’s been undermining everything ever. Let’s take a brief look at the things he’s done, in no particular order! (Some of them might be done by his administration, but to me they’re the same thing.)

  • Stopped investigations on Flint water crisis. You know, the town that has no clean water since some politicans wanted to save a few bucks? Even more of a mess considering Flint is mostly comprised of minority demographics, making it seem like a race issue (which it probably is.)
  • Opened up construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline again. You know, that pipe that brings oil that was moved downstream of the big city so there wouldn’t be any leaks, but kept it upstream of the Native American reservation without even considering how they might be affected by leaks? Again, almost definitely a race thing.
  • Got rid of all of our foreign ambassadors. Every last one. Good job team, 10/10, this is definitely going to help us with foreign relations!
  • Had the presidential twitter (@POTUS) account linked to a Gmail for quite a few days. (Might still be, I don’t know.) Wasn’t there something about not using private emails in the campaign? Not to mention that’s one heck of a security risk.
  • Okay so this is something that he’s been talking about since before the election, but the fact that he’s still planning on building that freaking wall astounds me. It costs about 25 billion dollars and the Mexican president has repeatedly stated that he’s not going to pay for it. Ever.
  • There was a mysterious transfer of about 19.5% of a Russian oil company to… somewhere else. (Unclear where, went through a ton of shell companies). Earlier on, Putin said that he would give 19% of the Russian oil assets to Trump if he removed sanctions. Hmm…
  • The Muslim ban. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a whole big slew of a mess. He stopped letting any refugees in, banned immigrants from seven countries (notably missing three his company has done business in), and destroyed the entire Visa / Green Card program FOR EVERYONE. The ACLU sued and won, but airport officials continue to uphold his executive order. He also signed this on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Frick you Trump.
  • He fired the acting attorney general for saying she wouldn’t support the Muslim ban in court. Trump. My dude. That’s her job, to question the laws.
  • He sabotaged ACA enrollment before the deadline (yesterday), by halting advertisements and emails letting people know about the deadline. And if you didn’t know, ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. If you thought the ACA was made to replace Obamacare, great! You fell for Republican propaganda.
  • He photoshopped his hand bigger for a picture hanging in the White House. That’s fricking hilarious.
  • He stopped many government science groups from posting on Twitter. At all. Luckily we’ve now got a bunch of rogue accounts, so I hope they stick around. Also, fun fact: if you have to deny facts and statistics for your position, that’s not a political platform. That’s straight up censorship.
  • He shut off “arts-funding programs”, including NPR and PBS.
  • He told many federal workers to stop external communication.
  • At least twice now, he managed to make it look like people were in support of him during speeches (in front of the CIA, at a press conference in January) by having his people cheer and clap for him. It’s the real-life equivalent of those sitcom laugh tracks, and it may seem pathetic but it’s also terrifying, as it makes many believe government people actually agree with him.
  • He used the attack in Quebec as justification for the Muslim ban. The attack by a conservative white Republican on Muslims was his justification for keeping Muslims out of America. So many things wrong here. Not to mention the attacker wasn’t even an immigrant! Also he was a Trump supporter.
  • Our Secretary of Education. I think this should say enough, but she has also stated that she thinks a federal fund should be managed on the state-level, won’t enforce existing educational policies since she doesn’t know what those policies are, doesn’t know the difference between proficiency and growth, and won’t enforce the current law on campus sexual assault.
  • He lied about the size of his inauguration crowd, and said any news source that accurately reported it are liars.
  • He plagiarized cake.
  • He used the phrase “America First”, which is overt KKK signalling.

Alright that’s enough of that mess. It’s time to Trump Donald! Please go to that site, it’s pretty great.

That’s all for today folks! I’m probably already on an NSA watchlist by now, so if you don’t hear from me in a while… I guess you know what happened.



Author: Ylimegirl

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7 thoughts on “Periods, Presidents, and Dreams, Oh My!: A big long rant post about various topics”



  1. Hi!
    Just wanna say I’ve been stalking your blog for a few weeks, lol. I agree with loads of the stuff you say!
    And I’m pretty certain that I can read in my dreams too. Sometimes I dream that I’m reading a book or writing stuff down. So yeah, you’re not the only one!


    1. Glad to hear you enjoy my content! I should probably post more often, heh.
      I talked to my dad about it after talking about the post – says he can read in his dreams too! Maybe it’s genetic, like how some people can put their tongue into a taco and others can’t? (My mom and I can, nobody else in our family can.)


      1. Yeah it would be cool if you posted more often, but hey, I blog as well and I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you can’t be bothered to come up with a post 🙂
        It might be genetic, that’s a good theory. I guess different people just dream in different ways? Like some people have very vivid, realistic dreams and others’ dreams are blurry and confusing.
        Dreams are an interesting subject!


      2. I’m personally surprised there aren’t more studies into this phenomenon! But that’s just me, heh. Maybe if my brother does better on getting lucid dreams I can ask him to try and read in them? I dunno.

        I do have an idea for an upcoming post, I just have to get around to typing it. It’s just going to be a series of silly little anecdotes from my life – nothing of too much substance. Let’s see if I can get it out soon!


  2. I find the idea of lucid dreams pretty cool, I wish I could have those! Sometimes in dreams I suddenly think “oh hey, this is a dream!” a second before I wake up. But I can’t control what I do in them.
    Yeah sometimes you just don’t have time to post even if you want to, there’s so much stuff to do 🙂


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