Poptropica Worlds Leaks: TFW you try to take a shower but the hot water’s not working, rip in pieces

Alright gang, it’s been a few days, but hey if the Head Cheeto can take the weekend off then SO CAN I.

(Look I don’t want this to be a politics blog but if you didn’t know I’m very anti-Trump. So… if you don’t want that hit the “unsubscribe” button.)

Alright so not a ton has been happening on my end, other than a whole lot of rain and playing Disney Magical World 2 / Pokémon Moon / watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. So pretty much the usual.

What IS exciting is that there have just been some leaks for Poptropica Worlds! Yowza!

Shaky Skunk posted it first on the Poptropica Skunk blog, but let’s do a quick recap over here.

We’ve got a remastered Binary Bard, a crazy-looking drill (Crisis Caverns anyone?), and Challenges of the Day! Wow!

Well this is certainly making me excited for Poptropica Worlds. Remastering of old islands, Crisis Caverns coming back, and an incentive to come back to Poptropica daily to do things other than spin a wheel! I’m certainly looking forward to Poptropica Worlds. Now if only I could get a Unity-compatible browser on my Chromebook…

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Back to more DUEL MONSTERS ON D-WHEELS!



Author: Ylimegirl

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4 thoughts on “Poptropica Worlds Leaks: TFW you try to take a shower but the hot water’s not working, rip in pieces”

    1. Well it IS pretty big news, considering how little we get from Poptropica. And it gave me an excuse to make a post since I’ve been pretty bad at that lately.


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