Disney Magical World 2 Review, Part One: My brother made me sick, happy holidays to me

Uh, you may have noticed I schedule slipped. I… I don’t really have an excuse. Other than I didn’t really get to enjoy my Christmas Swag on Boxing Day since I was mostly stuck in a car or awkwardly talking with my grandfather, and that I got a sore throat / cold from my brother due to us being cramped in a Nissan Leaf while going to and from our grandparents’ house, and that it was my Lazy Day™ and I didn’t even get dressed since I didn’t feel like Doing Things.

Uh, at any rate, I got to play through more of Disney Magical World 2, so hopefully this will be a more complete review! Though as I’m typing this, I only have 60 Happy Stickers (out of 100, I think) and only have 12.56% of my Collection complete, so I’m clearly not that far done with it but I think I have a basic idea of how things work.

Okay, so first off, this game is a sequel, so I’m going to be discussing things from the first game a little bit here. This would probably be where I’d direct you to my review of the original, but the thing is that doesn’t exist anywhere, so I’ll just have to explain it best I can.

Alright, brief list of DISCLAIMERS about things that might influence my review in a way that isn’t ideal for non-biased point of view or whatever:

  • My screen has that big ugly crack in it that takes up a large portion of the left side of the screen. Can make it hard to play at times.
  • My 3DS isn’t the NEW! Nintendo 3DS, but the first edition of the Nintendo 3DS. Dunno if that affects processing speed or whatever, but that’s the case.
  • I don’t like Frozen, so pretty much everything involving Arendelle quests is going to be super biased. I’d explain why I don’t like it but that’s pretty long, would take up another post, and I’d have to dig through my email to find that article my sister sent me on it.

Alright, so let’s try to keep this organized best I can. Here we go!

Game starts off rather simply, Letita (or “Letta”), a flying letter, comes in and invites you to the town of Castleton. It’s pretty much the same setup as last game. You set up your character, enter a name, and enter the magical world! The first thing I noticed was that Castleton got quite an upgrade from the last game. While in the first game Castleton was kind of a small sprawling town which happened to have a giant castle over across the river, this one is far more of a city with a main street, a residential sector, and then a separate region for the castle. I think it’s quite an improvement.

The tutorial is easy to follow and go through, it’s very much a hand-holding experience but hey this game is aimed at like, six-year-olds, I’m not expecting that much. You get to meet the main Disney gang, learn about basic game mechanics like gathering and fishing, and get some free swag.

I suppose I should explain some of the core game mechanics at this point, heh. So it’s kind of similar to Animal Crossing but waay simplified. Basically there’s certain areas where items will spawn, and when an item is there, there’s blue-purple sparkles there. You just have to walk over and press “A” to pick up an item and put it in your inventory, which has no space limit. The items can be used for Important Things™ I’ll get into later. Fishing can be done once you obtain a rod from resident fishing expert Donald Duck. There are certain areas where you can cast your rod by going near the water and pressing “A” again, which allows you to aim your bobber and put it in the water. Then you sit and wait for a fish to come over and nibble at it.

I was going to make a point here but then I think my brain’s getting confused with Animal Crossing mechanics, so take this with a grain of salt. In the first game, I think the fish made little noises whenever it nibbled the bobber and then made a louder noise when it bit. This made it easier to fish. Here, no noise is made and you just have to. Stare at the bobber until the little speech bubble pops up telling you it bit. Basically this just makes fishing for me about 2000% more stressful. So that’s something that’s a little bit worse. On the improvement side, in the first game you were forced to sit atop a stump thingy in order to fish; here you just have to be near the water and hit “A”. I think that’s a bit better.

Most of the shops and utilities from the last game are carried over, just put in swankier buildings. Chip and Dale’s… furniture making… thing is now indoors and has a weird steam machine, but other than that it’s the same functionality. McDuck’s sells the same things, but it’s all on one floor now and you can buy entire outfits instead of just one piece at a time. Also some things have to be bought with medals instead of coins. I think you get medals from visiting other players using the Internets or something? I dunno, I haven’t done it.

As a side-note, they now also have items you can hold in your hand and moved many of the table decorations from the first game into this category. They can also be used to decorate the café.

Oh wow I am so sorry to anyone who hasn’t played the first game this must be super confusing to you. It’ll make sense in the end probably I promise.

Daisy’s boutique is also pretty much the same, but eventually you get a female chipmunk working another counter in there. I forget her name, it’s not important. What she does is she can make an alternately colored version of an outfit by using Sparkle (or was it Shimmer?) Stones from the Dwarf mine. Uh, I’ll get back to that later, but it’s a pretty cool feature and makes it easier for me to decide on clothing, since I used to have to decide which color scheme I wanted more. Now I don’t have to choose!

Minnie also has a shop now! At her place you can get yourself all changed up appearance-wise. You can change everything you customized about yourself at the beginning (for a fee, of course), along with some things that weren’t originally available, like certain hair colors and styles. So right now Ylime is going around with a short bright pink pixie cut, which is awesome.

Café! Like in the original, the King gives you the café to take care of. The manager is such a sweetheart, we get a tiny bit of backstory for her, and she’s much cuter than the dude we got in the last game. (If you were wondering, we learn his name is “Duke” and he now runs the surf shop in Hawaii (I’ll get to Hawaii eventually).) The café is mostly the same but now we also get a group of three dancers to dance around on stage, which is… kind of weird, but I get to customize their appearance. Kind of. For one reason or another, I can only change the appearance of the center dancer. Oh well. He looks very pretty while dancing.

I feel like this is a fine time to mention that this game features zero gendered clothing items! Zero! All of the clothing items can be worn by either gender, be it a suit or a ballgown! Long story short I’ve had my dancers on stage dancing in a tankini and sarong and they looked fabulous.

The way the café works is a lot more straightforward – you accumulate theme points based on the decorations, outfits, and food, and you can see how many theme points you need to invite certain guests. It’s much better than the original game setup for sure.

Before we dive into each of the worlds, there’s some other Important Things that got changed around between games, so here’s a short list:

  • Your house is separate from the café but can be decorated with the same materials
  • One outfit can be used to dress all five employees of the café and you! Same idea with furniture. Basically you only ever need to make one of anything, which is awesome.
  • Floors & walls are made together in the shop and must be placed together in the café, in your house not so much.
  • Points aren’t given based off of quantity but rather unique items in the café. Also table decorations don’t count for anything.
  • You know how I mentioned the dancers on stage? You can dance with whoever you invite to the party, granted you host a silver-level party or higher. (Different amounts of points allow you to host different parties.)
  • Cards are gone. Not anywhere in the game. Bye! So basically all the castle has going for it is teaching you greetings.
  • Instead of cards, you have to collect puzzle pieces. It’s kind of… strange? If you have the puzzle frame (which can be obtained by snapping a photo with a character for the first time) and all of the pieces, when you go to sleep in your bed you can have a Magical Dream™ where you do a bunch of weird activities and rack up a bunch of Nice! points. It’s… it’s weird and I haven’t done too much with it.
  • You’re not the only one with a house – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy all get a house too! Nothing too exciting about them though, other than you can fish from atop of Donald’s house, which is a boat.

I realize I’ve never talked about what Happy Stickers are! Happy Stickers are this game’s version of achievements. As you gain Happy Stickers new things become unlocked within the game, such as certain areas or episodes.

I realize this post is at least 1.5k words long by now and I should probably start wrapping it up, so I’ll just talk about the basic mission setup. I suppose tomorrow I’ll talk about each of the individual worlds.

During the tutorial you get summoned by the wizard Yen Sid (who clearly stole the name trick from me) who grants you a wand and tells you that you’re destined to fight off ghosts because you’re pure ‘n stuff. So you head down to the dungeon in the castle (which is no longer a post-game thing, it’s there from the start for a total of 3 missions and I haven’t needed to use it since) and learn how to fight off ghosts using your magic wand. So the battle mechanics in this game are similar to last time, it’s more the level layout that’s changed. Instead of you going through a large sprawling area and navigating via the tiny minimap at the bottom of the screen, you go through one room at a time and the map not only shows locked off areas and treasure chests, but also the little things you can pick up off the ground! Sweet.

It’s pretty much the same as last time: pound A a bunch of times and destroy ghosts. When you clear all of the ghosts in a room, you get a bonus Magic Stone. Magic Stones can no longer be used at will and instead are solely used at the end for the final treasure chest, unless you run out of life points mid-level at which point you can use one to revive yourself.

Just like last time, there’s always one Boss Ghost at the end of each level, it’s pretty much the same. The other big thing that changed is that there’s now the inclusion of Challenges in some rooms, which asks you to defeat a bunch of ghosts or destroy all the barrels or hit all of the switches or what-not in a certain amount of time. Doing it quicklier gets you more magic stones, failing it gets you no magic stones.

And in case you were wondering how one does revive life points when the magic stones aren’t used for that, much like magic points from the previous game they can be picked up from destroyed ghosts or barrels or whatever.

That’s it for today, I think 2k words is more than enough of a post to make up for yesterday’s failure. See you tomorrow (probably) for part II, where I talk about each of the individual worlds and their quirks!



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