Witty Title: Vague description of things that might be in the post

So, today I tried streaming Barbie in A Christmas Carol over on my Rabb.it. It was a bit of a mess to say the least.

First of all I started it almost an hour late because I decided to embody the white girl *comes in five minutes late with Starbucks* stereotype and go out to have Starbucks with my brother and mom at the local Starbucks. That is entirely my fault and why you shouldn’t trust me to do things.

When we did start, my computer crashed shortly after starting, causing the stream to stop and most of the people who joined to leave since I couldn’t boot it back up for another 5 minutes. Throughout the rest of the stream I never had more than 2 people watching with me and I had to reboot my computer about every 5 minutes to stop it from freezing, but at least I figured out how to keep the stream going.

So basically what I learned is to never stream on my Chromebook ever again. Hope my other laptop is a little less bad at it, maybe. Ah well. Maybe next time will be better?

Uh, what else to talk about. Well, it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and also Hanukkah Eve I think? Hanukkah starts tomorrow, right? Let me check yes I’m right. So that’s cool, I’m wearing a Santa hat right now and slightly panicking since I still need to wrap my siblings’ gifts. Very bad job me, very bad job.

Still don’t know what I’m doing, still don’t know why I made this blog, maybe I’ll talk about more interesting things tomorrow, my mom’s making zucchini loaf and it smells good, bye


P.S. This blog has a server on Discord now, like all the cool kids are doing! Check it out over here: https://discord.gg/wfrEudE


Author: Ylimegirl

Heyo, I'm Ylime/Emily, a wiki-editor and ex-author for the PHB. I enjoy watching cartoons and playing Pokéfarm Q, among other things. How to pronounce Ylime: • /i.laɪm/ (ee-lime): My preference • /waɪ.laɪm/ (why-lime): UiPE's, SF, and PC's preference • /i.lɪm.i/ (ee-lim-ee): BT's preference • /jʌ.laɪm/ (yuh-lime): Andrew's preference • /jʌ.laɪm.i/ (yuh-lime-ee): Lucky Joker's preference • /i.lɪm.ɛ/ (ee-lim-eh): True backwards™ • /waɪ ɛl aɪ ɛm i/ (why el aye em ee): True pronounciation™ • /jaɪm.li/ (yime-lee): Someone on the PHC's preference • /jɒr.laɪm/ (your-lime): TylerMaster's preference • /jɑː.laɪm/(ya-lime): Ashtonirwin's preference • /laɪm/ (lime): Red Burger's preference; TTS generated • /i.lim/ (ee-leem): Perfect Sky's preference; TTS generated • /aɪ.lɪm/ (aye-lim): TTS generated • /i.lɪm/ (ee-lim): TTS generated • /ɛ.laɪm/ (eh-lime): TTS generated (Maybe more!) I might be a robot. My profile picture is by the lovely Noveen!

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