Hair, Lego, and Pins: I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

Aight, six days until Christmas, figured out presents for my brother and sister, I’m feeling aight.

So the other day the replacements for Andrew and I were revealed on the PHB: Perfect Sky and Happy Lobster. I wish the best of luck to you two, don’t screw up this chance you’ve been given, and don’t do anything stupid.

In other news, there was a leak in our house and the ceiling in the room I’m in right now is gouged open as a result of the plumbers checking it out. Also there’s plaster dust everywhere, that’s kind of annoying.

Wonder how much duct tape this will take to fix?

Anyways, I don’t really have a ton to say today, other than I got my hair dyed today, and it came out pink instead of orange like last time!


It took a total of 3 hours with all the bleaching and dying and cutting, but I liked the way it turned out.

Um. What else do I talk about today? I’ll probably talk about Christmas specials tomorrow

Oh right! I took a picture of all of the pins from Disneyland we’ve gotten over the years!


Suffice to say we enjoy a lot of Disney things up there. A lot. I’m going again in a few week what nowww

Also I took a picture of the LEGO village my brother and I made a while back. There’s a bunch of LED lights on it that we can turn on if we like, and most of it comes from the various winter sets they’ve released over the years.


My brother spent a lot of time on that snowdrift. APPRECIATE IT

Also you can see the stepstool used to access the ceiling to gouge it as pictured earlier, lel.

That’s about it for today methinks, mostly because I waited too late to start typing because I wanted that picture of my gnu hair and that wasn’t happening until at least after 5 but then it took 3 hours to do and here we are at 8:30



Author: Ylimegirl

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