Pokémon and Bowling: I forgot I was supposed to post today

I realized at one minute ago that the day’s almost over and I haven’t written a blog post yet. Sugar honey iced tea.

Uh, I didn’t really have anything planned for today. But, uh, I made a logo up there. It’s certainly, something. I won’t stop you if you want to make me something better. Please make me something better.

I feel like I should mention this at some point, the fact that I have a Pokéfarm Q account? It’s pretty cool and I could always use extra clicks.

Hmm. Oh! Story time! Yesterday at the cookie party, I ended up playing Wii Bowling since I didn’t want to play cards anymore. After a bajillion rounds of it, I got kind of bored of constantly swinging my arm the same way. So I lined up the shot, but instead of swinging towards the TV, I turned around and did the motion while facing backwards. And I got a strike. So, I repeated it. And I got another strike. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. I got a “seven-pack” (7 strikes in a row), and scored 252. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that again. Good thing my grandma took a picture of my awesome l33t gamer skillz!

Mii featured made years ago, which is why it has long hair and glasses, which are two traits I no longer have.

After that I wasn’t able to get a strike by doing the same method, but by golly that was pretty cool.

Uh. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow, so maybe I’ll post a pic of that or something? I dunno what to talk about today, didn’t plan anything.

Uh, read my poetry, like comment and subscribe, and see you in the next post?



Author: Ylimegirl

Heyo, I'm Ylime/Emily, a wiki-editor and ex-author for the PHB. I enjoy watching cartoons and playing Pokéfarm Q, among other things. How to pronounce Ylime: • /i.laɪm/ (ee-lime): My preference • /waɪ.laɪm/ (why-lime): UiPE's, SF, and PC's preference • /i.lɪm.i/ (ee-lim-ee): BT's preference • /jʌ.laɪm/ (yuh-lime): Andrew's preference • /jʌ.laɪm.i/ (yuh-lime-ee): Lucky Joker's preference • /i.lɪm.ɛ/ (ee-lim-eh): True backwards™ • /waɪ ɛl aɪ ɛm i/ (why el aye em ee): True pronounciation™ • /jaɪm.li/ (yime-lee): Someone on the PHC's preference • /jɒr.laɪm/ (your-lime): TylerMaster's preference • /jɑː.laɪm/(ya-lime): Ashtonirwin's preference • /laɪm/ (lime): Red Burger's preference; TTS generated • /i.lim/ (ee-leem): Perfect Sky's preference; TTS generated • /aɪ.lɪm/ (aye-lim): TTS generated • /i.lɪm/ (ee-lim): TTS generated • /ɛ.laɪm/ (eh-lime): TTS generated (Maybe more!) I might be a robot. My profile picture is by the lovely Noveen!

6 thoughts on “Pokémon and Bowling: I forgot I was supposed to post today”

    1. Well on that particular Wii, I managed to reach up to pro thanks to that. Then I kept bowling and lost that status, probably because it bases it on improvement and I couldn’t really top that.

      On my own Wii, I’ve reached pro status. I think last time I was actively playing Wii Sports I was trying to become a pro in boxing? Got around 500 there I think.


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