Maturity, Communication, and “Fake Fans”: What do you mean this is a fandom blog?

Second day of vacation, I’m almost done with 4th grade on Khan Academy, and I’m going to my grandmother’s house later today. Let’s talk about absolutely none of that.

So, I sit with my younger brother at lunch since I’m bad at socializing. He sits with a bunch of other freshman, one of them – let’s call him Tyrone – he’s a real Debbie Downer. I donated blood for the first time? He replies with “You know that’s a scam, right?” I get myself an ice cream cup from the cafeteria? “You know ice cream’s bad for you, right?” I play Poptropica on the computer while sitting near him? “Isn’t that game for kids, why are you playing it?” Tyrone’s just… Boy do I hate Tyrone. Don’t know why my brother’s friends with him. Go away Tyrone

But there’s something here to be said about people’s obsession with maturity. Why is it such a big deal if somebody enjoys something aimed at a younger demographic? It’s not like it’s hurting you. Personally, I tend to enjoy entertainment for a younger demographic because they’re a heck of a lot more lighthearted than what’s aimed for my age group, and I could stand to have a little bit of cheerfulness in these times, heh. Also, it’s because I like to play games that aren’t too hard to figure out or again, too dark. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not play any video game that mostly revolves around killing people. Not my jam.

Basically, there’s a few reasons I’ll dislike a show. Either it’s a) not engaging enough, b) too gory/violent, or c) insulting to me on a personal level. Believe it or not, I’ve used the last reason with both shows aimed at children and shows aimed at teenagers. Basically, if a show’s trying too hard to be all “hip” and “cool”, or if a show’s clearly created to help children learn simple morals and lessons, or if a show’s focusing more on fanservice then plot, they all go into this last category. I never judge a show based solely on the target demographic, just on it’s content. If it sounds interesting, I’ll give it a shot! Then I’ll decide whether or not to continue based on the first episode. So many people seem to think that the older the demographic, the better a show will be. That is almost definitely not going to be the case, ever. Also the rating system is terrible and makes no sense but that’s for another post/day/whatever.

Basically, shut up Tyrone for thinking you’re so much better than me for playing games with a “T” rating on them. Never liked him anyways, always knew he was bad news, especially when I saw him ring the doorbell like 10 billion times when someone wasn’t coming to the door “quickly enough” for him on Halloween. Jerkface.

Segway into next topic! Communication. It’s important. And it’s something I’ve seen people complain about a lot when it comes to corporations. Let’s see… YouTube, Poptropica, NSA, and What Pumpkin, to name a few off of the top of my head. Well, one of those isn’t like the others. (No Such Agency, please don’t put me on your watchlist. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.) Basically, when you don’t explain what you’re doing, it can get aggravating to people to understand what’s going on! Ordinary consumers are completely at your mercy, wondering when you’re going to let them know about the next update of whatever you’re working on. It might even be worse if it’s a platform one actively uses that suddenly changes how it works without any kind of notice. It’s basically just a terrible way to deal with things. I’ve experienced this sort of things on both sides, honestly. I’ve watched as Andrew Hussie explains nothing about whatever’s going on with his website (warning: MSPA isn’t safe for kids, as in it contains things like memes and swears), and what’s especially aggravating is when MSPA Forums just. Died a few months ago, and he never made a public statement about it. It just died. Completely. It’s been “Offline for Maintenance” for months now. He just stranded an entire userbase because he didn’t feel like explaining what happened, leaving us to just speculate about this mess. And then there’s Poptropica, which has been allegedly been working on Poptropica 2.0 for a while now, but has given us nothing but bits and scraps of what they’re doing. Would it hurt that much just to give us a progress report or an update or something? I also feel like a recent fangame could fall into this category when it comes to lack of communication, but I think I’ve talked enough about this. Basically, just explain what’s happening so the fanbase doesn’t go completely crazy and eventually disenfranchised because nothing new is happening.

Oh wow that was a long paragraph. Huh. Anyways, onto another topic, this idea of “Fake Fans”. Of pretty much anything. First off, shows. You clearly don’t really enjoy it if you watch the dub, or don’t have the merchandise, or don’t keep up with the latest news on everything. And you clearly don’t really like a video game if you only play it casually from time to time and aren’t a completionist or are a girl, because come on girls only play video games to pick up dudes. And you don’t really like this book series if you haven’t read all of the side stories and author’s commentary and have all 3 boxed sets.

Basically: who cares? If they think it’s fun to enjoy, who cares how much they’re into it? It’s fun for them, isn’t it? Why do we have to quantify how much they love something? That’s really weird and messed up. And on the whole “dubbed vs. subbed” thing? Yell at me all you want, but I tend to watch dubs if they’re available. Simply because I enjoy doing other things while watching shows, and it’s easier for me to listen than read dialogue. And unless a dub has a bunch of weird censoring (looking @ you Yu-Gi-Oh and Sailor Moon), there usually isn’t too much lost. Call me a fake fan all you want, but it won’t stop me from enjoying the things I like.

Think I hit everything I planned to talk about today, ha. Better get ready to go to my grandmother’s house for our pre-holiday casual holiday-ish meetup!



Author: Ylimegirl

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11 thoughts on “Maturity, Communication, and “Fake Fans”: What do you mean this is a fandom blog?”

    1. He probably thinks he’s a successful businessman who has lawyers and you used to run a toy “company” with him and thinks he’s smarter, mature and more superior than you despite being 13. God, I hate Tyrone.


  1. Pop helps me cope with my gender dysphoria.It’s the only place where I can be a boy and nobody’ll scream their heads off.The f*** if it’s a ‘children’s game’.Tyrone sounds like the gifted kids at my school.


  2. Yeah, I meant he sounds like the gifted kids.They’re pretty much all stuck-up buttholes. Sorry if that sounded confusing 😛


    1. Fun fact, I was sorted into the “gifted and talented” program since I scored higher on the STAR test in 3rd grade or whatever. Didn’t really do anything other than let me into some fun afterschool programs and make me feel super embarrassed & self conscious when we were all put in a special room on college awareness day and told we were gifted & talented & special & going to do Great Things, no pressure or anything


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