Poptropica, Sameface Syndrome, and Gray Ethics: I don’t think these posts will ever get any shorter for a long time

Art is hard. Anybody who does art is sure to tell you this. Honestly, I’m still having trouble with drawing and art-style. Anyways, today I’m going to be talking about my entries into the Poptropica Costume Contest, why Adobe Illustrator is hard to use, and why I have trouble with “Sameface Syndrome”. We’ll see if I actually cover all of these topics or not, I tend to lose track of my posts easily. 😛

First off, #MyPoptropicaCostume contest entries! I decided to base them all off of my own characters, since I think outfits for most of them are cool. I started off with 22(!) ideas for the contest, but ended up whittling it down to drawing only 10, and I’m going to have to enter only three. Welp.


First off is my entry “Future Soldier”. It’s a gender-neutral costume that has the most parts out of all of these costumes: it has separate parts for the bangs, the ponytails, the backpack, the black shirt, the gray armor plate, the white battle skirt, the gray belt and blue decoration, and the three scars on the face. The mouth would just default to whatever the Poptropican’s wearing. It’s based off of my character Liam Koshe with part of the hair coming from Anna Johnson – suffice to say they live in something that’s roughly equivalent to the bad future of Time Tangled Island.


Next is my entry “Futuristic Alien”. It’s a female costume that consists of a fair amount of parts: there’s the ponytail, the swept-over bangs, the ears with earrings, the tube top, the skirt, and the silver hoop belt. The lips is just the basic mouth with lipstick option. It’s based off of my Poptropican OC Urodets, who almost definitely has some alien DNA in there.


The next is costume “Modern Chill”. It’s a female costume that has the hair (which is white, no matter what), the bangs (which is the Poptropican’s hair color), mouth with blue lipstick, the silver looped choker, the shirt and overshirt, the black skirt (which can just be one of those default skirts), and the silver loop belt. It’s based off of another Poptropica OC, Sylvia, who covers up that eye for a very specific reason.


“Scheming Gambler” is my next entry. It’s a female costume that has the parts of the hair, the shirt and tie, the green jacket the goes on top, black shorts (that again can be one of those default parts), and a green cape that serves as the coattails of the jacket and is not supposed to resemble a mustache but does anyways. The mouth can again be one of those basic mouths. This costume is based off of my character Lydia Strong, who’s certainly got Lady Luck on her side.


Halfway there! Next is “Feisty Woman”, which is kind of a vague name, but I never said I was good at naming things, heh. It’s a female costume that consists of the ponytail, the bangs (with the tips always being blue), the blue shirt with lighter blue undershirt, the short light blue skirt, and a frown with blue lipstick on it. In hindsight, this costume might have gotten a nicer effect if I’d changed the eyes to lidded – she looks more concerned than apathetic/bored in this. Oh well. This costume is based off of my character Sasha Small, who certainly doesn’t like the cards she’s been dealt in life.


This one seems to have been a favorite based on the comments it’s gotten, heh. This one is “Modern Look”, which is probably the most unique of all of the costumes. It’s a female costume with hair which is supposed to look like it’s partially shaved, a black tank top, the red-orange overshirt with star, a pair of blue jeans (again, can be a basic piece already in the database), and a smile with orange lipstick. This one is based off of my Poptropica OC Ariel, who isn’t a little mermaid but is probably one of my favorite in terms of appearance.


I like the way this one looks, in general I like this character’s design. This is “Steampunk Woman”, which is a female costume inspired by, well, steampunk. It consists of a long ponytail, bangs with the silver clips, a green pendant, a brown and gold corset, a silver belt, a brown layered skirt, and a smile with golden lipstick. This one is based off of another Poptropica OC, Eleonora. You can probably guess where she fits into the story, but she proves more important than you’d expect. At any rate, this is the last costume based off of any Poptropica OCs.


“Modern Flame” came out a little differently than I planned simply due to the fact that I’m very bad at using Illustrator properly, I think. This is a gender-neutral costume with flamey hair, black crop-top, an orange overshirt, and jean shorts. The mouth can be the basic smile seen in lots of places. The hair was originally going to be a mohawk, then I realized I had no idea how to do that, so I didn’t. It’s based off of my character Yoshi Nix, who has nothing to do with the green dinosaur (I think).


Penultimate costume, let’s go! “Retro Dress” is a female costume that consists of the hair, the top part of the dress, the bottom part of the dress, the belt, and a mouth with pink lipstick. It’s based off of my character Abigail deBois, whom in hindsight kind of resembles Daphne from Scooby Doo. Let’s just say Abigail has some regrets about her physiology.


Final costume I made, and the most simple. “Simple Elegance” consists of a ponytail, a black top, a white skirt, and a smile with pale pink lipstick. That’s it. I mean, I could have added the wings present in the original character’s design, but the fact of the matter is wings are hard and I barely understand Adobe Illustrator as it is. Based off of my character Ella Sus, a shy girl with no legs but has wings.

Whoof, finished with that. Just lied to my teacher and said I was studying for the final. Sorry, I’m a disappointment, but I’m sure I’ll pass the final. ANYWAYS, study for your final and possibly answer this survey to help me pick which outfits to submit? Thanks!

What else was I going to talk about today? Man, this is already a pretty long post. Can’t wait until the inevitable future when I run out of ideas and my posts will just be like five words that mostly consist of “I feel like dabbing today”.

Ah yes, complaining about Adobe Illustrator! Basically, Adobe Illustrator can be a pain. Moving the endpoints of lines around 3/10 would recommend, it’s very hard and annoying. Basically I spend far too much time making sure the curves look good. Mostly it just takes a long time to do, hah. But hey, since Poptropica use vector graphics, better work with a vector program to make the costumes, right? Also these costumes are all very simplistic because holy carp I’m lazy, so so lazy, also as previously mentioned Adobe Illustrator is a little hard to use.

Alright, let’s talk about “Sameface Syndrome”. Known on TV Tropes as Only Six Faces, it’s when the faces of characters tend to look… exactly… the same. This tends to be a large critique against many artists, and I’m certainly not immune from this. But in my defense, when I look at people, I see the same basic features: two eyes, two ears, two eyebrows, a nose, and a mouth, all located in the same order atop a face. Sure, there are differences, but ones I don’t know how to translate to paper/screen when drawing. It probably doesn’t hurt that so much media that I’ve been exposed to has this same sort of idea. I mean, for starters, let’s look at Poptropica, for starters. I know it’s a video game, but if you’re trying to emulate styles, not much to go off on here. Basically, when I design characters, I focus a whole lot more and the colors, hair style, and clothing in my mind rather than the shape of the face. This is because I see most faces as the same – oval. And at the end of the day, I’m not trying to be the next Michelangelo, I’m just trying to express all of these crazy character ideas and stories to the world. I forget where I’m going with this.

Anyways: Yes, I suffer from “Sameface Syndrome”; I don’t know how to fix it without changing my style like crazy; and I’m not trying to be the next great artist. On a somewhat related note, I’m happy with my body and don’t feel the need to lose any weight, so your words mean nothing to me.

I think that’s it for today. Wish me luck getting up earlier tomorrow for finals, ha.

– Ylimegirl


Author: Ylimegirl

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